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RM-20 Another button issue10/16/2014 2:37:32 PM

Pros: Comfortable Solid feel Tracks nicely

Cons: Funny lights on side, while they may serve a purpose, they can be a distraction. Side buttons a little too far back for my grip style Didn't last very long - left button still actuates but has lost all tactile feel to it, it's very hard to use like that.

Overall Review: I was happy with it while it operated properly. I've a few spare mouse parts about and I'll just repair it myself rather than deal with RMA

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SeaSonic Platinum5/4/2014 7:52:45 AM

Pros: Tight voltage regulation Low Ripple/Noise values Very tight fitting connections which gives me confidence in the connections but see cons

Cons: unintuitive modular cable system very tight connectors sometimes makes connecting/disconnecting cables a bit of a pain tricky to do an individual sleeving job (tight connectors don't help there)

Overall Review: Don't look here for legitimate reviews, you won't find them. Instead, check out sites like JonnyGuru, HardwareSecrets, HardOCP for full assessments of this PSU's capabilities/specs

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Dremel Coupling part5/4/2014 7:25:14 AM

Pros: Dremel replacement part - proper size and material Fits some Dremel clones - see other thoughts

Cons: Doesn't install itself

Overall Review: I bought this to fix a 25+ year old Craftsman Variable Speed Rotary Tool (Dremel clone) that had stopped working. I'm very happy my tool has a new life. This was a very easy and straight forward repair. If your rotary tool's motor runs but the bit doesn't spin, this is the part you need

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O2 Special Edition2/11/2014 1:28:04 PM

Pros: Works well Rechargeable Portable Accessories fit quite snugly

Cons: Not cheap (if it lasts it'll save me $$ in the long run) No instructions (not that they're needed) or documentation The flip side of the pro: "Accessories fit quite snugly" - some are hard to attach at first, almost too snug

Overall Review: There are times you might still want the initial pressure of canned air but since that fades quickly and this stays constant and lasts many times longer it's a handy item. For cleaning computers at my home, I have compressors but when I'm out in the field cleaning, I can go through 2 cans of compressed air for a single computer (it adds up quick) - a single charge on this and I'm set for a few units

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Vantec SATA/IDE to USB 2.0 adapter1/31/2014 5:48:21 PM

Pros: Works with every functional drive I've attached it to

Cons: very short cables Not real high quality 'feel' power adapter cord very loose

Overall Review: Newegg may not verify my ownership, I purchased it in 2003, and still use it. I've had to make a few changes over the years (although for some unfathomable reason I'm still using the short SATA cable - I'll change that also now that I'm considering it) The Molex to SATA power adapter is pitiful and I swapped that out in the first two or three years of ownership. I use a large rubber band to hold the loose power cable into the power adapter. I've no intention of getting a new one until they come out with a USB 3.0 version, why should I, it's still working (last used, Jan 2014) I couldn't begin to count the recommendations for this product that I have made over the years, I have relied on it's function a great deal on many occasions

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CM HAF 935 Stacker1/4/2014 11:27:00 AM

Pros: Near perfect case (okay, that's subjective but I'm leaving it) Modular Can contain two systems if one is mini-ITX

Cons: Bottom of case is too open - I'd like some kind of insert (I put one in from old parts I had) to act as a solid floor Haven't been able to get front panel off while the side panels are on (either one) - could be me Only comes with two fans and one is an 92mm, for a case of this size I'd expect three 120's at a minimum - no eggs off, it's in the description

Overall Review: First thought, if this case cannot handle your hardware needs, you should be looking at server racks. I've been modding cases for a while and this case is literally one I've been working on only to find it in finished version (okay, my version would've been smaller). It incorporates all the design features I had but then adds detail that I hadn't considered. The modularity is a huge plus in my book. I had to buy it since mine wouldn't have been nearly as nice or modular This now houses my gaming rig: 2500k|Maximus IV|16GB GSkill 1600MHz|XFX HD7950|SeaSonic X650|Swiftech 360 35X/XL/EK full coverage graphics custom loop

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SIII case cover bundle10/15/2013 1:40:19 PM

Pros: The case cover is very nice construction Stand built in to case cover Helps phone withstand drops

Cons: Sometimes hard to remove from pocket Very cheap cords - wore out quickly

Overall Review: I bought this for the case (I like it still) and the chargers, the AC charger is still functional but I had to replace the cable

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Not for being moved10/9/2013 12:22:53 AM

Pros: It's a house for computer parts and works in that role It's fairly easy to build in

Cons: Thin steel Flimsy

Overall Review: This works great for a budget build that will not be moved often. If you're looking for a case for a LAN machine, I can't recommend this as it's liable to get damaged if moved often.

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Best laptop cooler I've found10/9/2013 12:15:25 AM

Pros: Movable fans to place directly under vents laptop can tuck into it for storage/mobility

Cons: rubber feet keep slipping off when pulling out my laptop tucked into it in my backpack - it's a tight fit. I don't have that issue when using my briefcase style bag but the feet go back on easily enough

Overall Review: Since purchasing this I've recommended it to a few others and will continue to do so. I only have two intake vents on my laptop so the U2 was my choice, if you have more than two intake vents, check out the Notepal U3

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CM Xornet10/8/2013 12:06:10 PM

Pros: Good product, comfortable grip, accurate pointing, adjustable resolution

Cons: none

Overall Review: I was thinking I was still under warranty when it died but it turns out I've been using it almost two years now, I'm buying another, I had thought about getting a better model mouse but this works just admirably for my needs

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My Raspberry Pi's best friend2/13/2013 4:48:48 PM

Pros: Perfect for Raspberry Pi IMO 2 usable USB 3.0 ports, 4 usable USB 2.0 ports and one power-only charging port, no data can go through the port with the battery label which makes it perfect for powering the Pi

Cons: Costs almost as much as a Raspberry Pi.

Overall Review: I purchased this to use with my Raspberry Pi, the charging port makes an excellent power port for the Pi and the power button gives the Pi an on/off switch, no more unplugging USB to power it off. If you own a Pi, I can't recommend anything better for power and USB. Strange ball looking USB 2.0 port that I just can't help trying to spin or rotate somehow but it doesn't seem to do that. It looks like it should.

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Still Love it5/25/2012 1:54:03 PM

Pros: All of the below, still using it on a different rig than below.

Cons: See "Other Thoughts"

Overall Review: not Active PFC compatible, if you have an Active PFC PSU, look into the Pure Sine Wave or Pure Sine Wave compatible models (per correspondance with Cyberpower Customer Service)

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I like it5/25/2012 1:41:54 PM

Pros: Nice looking - relatively small size (tall but not a large footprint) - works with active PFC PSU - good value and features - functional software package

Cons: Plugs are in the back which can be slightly inconvenient.

Overall Review: I recently upgraded my PSU to an active PFC model. I found then that the UPS I had (Cyberpower CP600LCD which worked properly with the first PSU) was not compatible with active PFC PSU's. Found that out through cyberpower's customer service (who were great BTW) after a few power issues. Since I was happy with my former (I still have/use it) UPS from Cyberpower, I decided to give this one a shot... time will tell

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true blue4/23/2012 9:46:11 PM

Pros: Blue led not purple like others which claim to be blue. Good air flow/ low noise.

Cons: None

Overall Review: Bought these because I needed case panel fans that had a molex connector

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Not too loud4/23/2012 9:36:18 PM

Pros: Strong static pressure, perfect for water cooling rads. High airflow. Not that loud

Cons: Doesn't come with screws, had to buy 6/32 2" screws and cut them

Overall Review: I sleep in the same room as my computers - I've fallen asleep easy enough with these running full speed (but then again, I've fallen asleep during artillery fire). Because of the width, you might be hard pressed to find a good place in your case for internal mounting - Mine (3) are mounted on my external 3x120 rad - I figure to get two more for backups (and I already have about 8 spare 120mm fans - none with this pressure) Two water cooled mid-towers (one AMD, One Intel), both overclocked running 100% 24/7/365

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Functional Bling (for the back)4/5/2012 8:57:33 PM

Pros: Allows air to flow through unused PCI slots Looks really nice

Cons: No dust filters included - where am I gonna find little tiny dust filters? Kidding... but in my area that would be a plus

Overall Review: These are cool, by placing one next to a low-end graphics card, it instantly looks as though you have a high-end dual slot card. Of course the likelihood of anyone seeing them...

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Windows3/21/2012 4:00:51 PM

Pros: Disc is flat and round and works in an optical drive No bloatware!

Cons: Comes with twenty bazillion drivers I'll never need or use Doesn't come with the drivers I use or need - those always seem to be missing (hope you have the hardware's original disc)

Overall Review: It's Windows 7, seriously are you reading reviews here for that? I'm not a tech person, I could be writing anything... why am I writing something here? Why are you reading this?

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Air can do better3/21/2012 3:37:27 PM

Pros: Looks awesome! Keeps my overclocked Core i5 2500k which runs all cores 100%, 24/7 (BOINC projects) at 60C

Cons: Air coolers are cheaper and more effecive

Overall Review: This was my first step to water cooling, Ive since 'taken the plunge' into full-blown water systems. If your smart(er than me) and you want to try water, spend some time researching - water cooling is not as expensive or as scary as I had thought

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Good value3/21/2012 3:21:58 PM

Pros: Cost/value

Cons: Backplate! Super thin piece of something conductive, really easy to bend - absolutely scary thing to put beside a mobo - that is worth at least one egg loss to me

Overall Review: If Asus were to improve the backplate or at least make it out of something non-conductive (thin, cheap plastic that breaks would be an improvement!) I would rate this as 5 eggs - I was real close to taking another egg off for that one.

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Runs perfectly (as 3 core)3/21/2012 3:11:06 PM

Pros: 1) Processes 2) Is stable at full loads and runs real cool with the stock fans (no overclock)

Cons: none

Overall Review: My 4th core couldn't be unlocked (temps went up 45C at idle!). If you buy this to play with it (ie. unlock the 4th core or overclock) make sure you have monitoring software running (Core Temp, CPU-Z etc..) and super cooling

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2nd Rosewill Case3/19/2012 5:44:03 PM

Pros: Lightweight - really light - see cons. Open cell foam filters on front panel. No sharp edges even on the punch outs (I ran my fingers around all edges and the punch outs to check). Fully painted interior. Huge motherboard CPU backplate cut-out area you could probably lose a mini-ITX board in. Has vent on bottom for PSU and (optional) 120mm fan with removable filter of thin nylon mesh. Door panels are raised for that extra bit of cable management room (why don't all manufacturers offer that, at least as an option? - My #1 draw to this case). Real metal thumbscrews for doors. Water cooling ready.

Cons: Very thin, light metal which will bend easily if the case is dropped or kicked or... Punch-outs for bays and PCI slots - what do you want for the price? Very short feet that are hard plastic and just pop on - which seem too short to allow good airflow underneath (I will be raising my case since I am mounting my PSU inverted). Door has mounts for 2 optional 140mm fans (not mentioned anywhere - this is a con because I only have spare 120's). Only 7 nickel standoffs (fortunately I only need 6) but most mATX boards use more

Overall Review: I bought this case with the full intention of modding it... hence no egg loses - it was exactly what I was expecting. Now, after beginning my install, I realize I can live with it as is... for now. If you are looking for a cheap lightweight case that is real easy to mod - here it is

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Thrilled3/1/2012 5:30:21 AM

Pros: Stays cool, the double dissipation thing works real well, stable high clocks and haven't exceeded 62C on Furmark. High frame rates on all but the most intensive simulators which are run under conditions most will not experience - and still experience quasi-acceptable (>35fps) frame rates there. All games/simulators are played on the highest possible settings!

Cons: 1)Fans seem unbalanced - If the fans ever exceed 85% for any length of time, I think the unit would vibrate apart. Except for the one time I played with the fans manually, I haven't seen them above 60%. 2)Autorun installation did not take, had to manually install drivers

Overall Review: I love this card, I like playing with it and through it - I was considering water cooling my GPU but with the heat sink on this unit, there doesn't seem to be a need... Can't wait to see this in X-fire configuration... okay, I can wait - it's working fine solo right now

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Nice panel2/17/2012 7:09:37 PM

Pros: memory card readers - USB ports - comes with all needed cables including 180 degree sata data cables and molex to sata power (or sata to molex? - didn't need it, I don't know) cables - everything works

Cons: Very bright blue LED's when the hard drive bays are occupied - might not be able to sleep if it's in your bedroom - not really a con unless it's in your bedroom. Drive bays do not seem to be hot-swappable, I've had to shut down my computer to have it acknowledge the hard drives - again, not really a con, just expecting more I guess.

Overall Review: I gave it 5 eggs mainly because I intend to get another for my next build

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Works2/14/2012 10:15:17 PM

Pros: It's a Solid State Drive - it's SATA III. Price per Mb is good. Restart to log-in time is less than 14sec.

Cons: I was sceptical about using an SSD as my primary drive but so far it's working

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Looks nice2/14/2012 9:14:06 PM

Pros: Looks good - blows air - fits over my G.Skill Ripjaws - Good value for RAM cooling

Cons: Unisulated metal frame - Fits right against my Radeon HD7950 on a mATX board - had to apply electrical tape to frame before installing

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