Lasted 6-Weeks- Purchased Aug 8, 2016 - Broke September 22, 20169/26/2016 9:07:41 AM

Pros: Good sound, good price, good fit. (marked down to $29 from $149!)

Cons: Lasted 6-weeks. Left speaker mounting screw stripped, and the speaker fell off. Now non-repairable. You'd think for $29 it would last at least one -year? Comes with protective case, but apparently folding them up and putting them in the case might have been the cause of failure.

Overall Review: Sound is good. But hardware is total junk!

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Great price. Great sound. Clear at high volumes - But there is an annoying minor issue9/19/2016 11:44:25 AM

Pros: Works great! USB connection no problem. In-line vol/mic control works well. Fits my head. Easy to adjust. Switched from Ste*l*eries Siberia V2 headsets after the quality seriously declined, especially for the price.

Cons: Ear pads pop off occasionally. I don't really know of anything I am doing wrong or improperly at the time that would cause this. Just putting them on, or taking them off. Not a big deal, but just seems to happen when you're in a hurry, and now you have to stop and deal with it. Otherwise, 5-stars.

Overall Review: As a side note, I tried the J*B*L Synchros S300a headset when marked down to $29 (from $149), and $29 is too much. Broke (left ear piece adjuster stripped; now dangles loosely, but still usable) in less than 2-months of light use.

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First and LAST time for me and ADATA3/21/2015 1:41:19 PM

Pros: Bought two. One works, the other doesn't.

Cons: Can't complain about the price. But the usual 'waste-your-time-pretend-process' to get replaced under warranty. Gave me this download memtest URL: Hope it works for you. Didn't for me. Called and got recording. Oh well...

Overall Review: Too many competitors to try and use again; first and last time using ADATA; they waste your time; lifetime warranty but apparently you will spend a lifetime trying to get the warranty honored. In the trash and no more ADATA for me.

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I bought 3 of these and they have all failed6/19/2013 5:03:04 AM

Pros: At least 2 out of three worked for a while at USB 3.0 speed

Cons: 14-months later, only two still work, but Silverstone #3 is now recognized as only USB 2.0 (not 3.0). Be very careful when considering any external USB hard drive enclosure. Best advice is to seek external enclosure alternative.

Overall Review: I've had (1) NexStar, (2) Masscool, and (3) Silverstone. They all had problems except NexStar. The Masscool was 1-of-2 DOA; Silverstone 1-DOA, 1-USB 2.0 ONLY, and 3- failed about a week ago. What's with these guys? Maybe the cloud storage option is putting these guys out of business? Maybe they're just doing it themselves? Find an alternative. Probably just lucky with the NexStar...

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Thank you very much for purchasing SilverStone. We would like to help you find out what may have gone wrong with your TS07 and offer solutions. Please get in contact with our support at the following address: