Good Upgrade for PS33/30/2013 11:44:30 PM

Pros: + Increased storage Capacity and speed vs. Stock HDDs + Seems more stable vs Toshiba HDD (OEM ps3 HDD) + Quiet compared to original HDD! + Doesn't get any hotter than the OEM drive so far at full load.. + works out of the box (ps3 can format the drive)! + Great solution for PS+ Membership...

Cons: None so far... I'll update this review regularly.

Overall Review: - not 1tb/+ - not full SSD, but fast still. - .... Pretty sure there'd be more performance increases if used in pc... But works great. Just get it, upgrade your ps3 and don't look back! (unless you can afford a 1tb SSD HDD..)

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BEST BANG FOR MY BUCK!8/3/2010 1:16:12 AM

Pros: Core i5 2.4gh CPU= WOW 4gb ddr3 1066 = Fast Dual VGA! Power Switch function is really cool! nVidia 1gb 330m= Excellent for Gaming, Video, Design, etc. LED Display = Bright, Full HD, WideScreen, Keyboard+NumPad = Very Nice, Comfy, Responsive Audio = Sound is amazing. You would never believe there are just two small speakers. Plenty of input ports Very Little Bloatware The Pics don't do it justice... Beautiful PC, Nice Layout, comfortable, Balls-Fast, It will run just about any game efficiently! Perfect for school, gaming, work...You Name It!

Cons: NONE

Overall Review: Windows 7 Home Premium??? A Notebook PC of this calibre should be loaded with Windows 7 Ultimate x64! I refuse to list any cons or annoyances, since you won't find a better deal on such a nice lapotop. I'm completely happy with this purchase, and I advise you to look no further.. that is, if NewEgg restocks these, since they sold out just hours after I bought mine! Thanks NewEGG!!!...... I've been ordering from NewEgg for years, and have yet to rma ANY hardware at all......I always read reviews and follow my own personal faith in brands. INTEL for cpu, NVIDIA for vga, ACER for display (and from the last two purchases, it seems they make the best laptops overall too! I have been building Desktop PCs for about 15 years or more, and always kept away from laptops because although they are portable, they aren't as powerful as their desktop counterparts, but times 'r a changin'!!! Don't think about it, Just get one before they stop making them!

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NICE11/13/2009 7:31:17 PM

Pros: Red Backlit Keys w/ 2 intensity levels (control Brightness) Plus a 3rd setting to allow you to turn the backlighting OFF!.......extends Life of the keyboard. Solid Construction Responsive, No Lag So Far. Keystroke is good. The shape is cool. It's Lightweight and fairly Compact

Cons: None Whatsoever.

Overall Review: I wanted a Wireless 2.4gh Red-Backlit keyboard....... Not sure one exists that's worth the money as of yet.. so I settled for this! I could list a couple features that'd make this keyboard a lil better, but for the money vs features vs the fact that this keyboard was mf'd in '05, It's Awesome. Overall, it's a decent keyboard. It looks Awesome w/ my Soprano RS Piano Black Mid ATX Tower Case (W/ all red LEDs as well).. so my entire system looks kinda evil....... I gave my monitor to a friend and got a 40" Bravia HDTV to replace it..........All Black Components now w/ RED Lights!.......... So this keyboard completes the look! Buy This one!'s a very nice keyboard......prob not the best for gaming, but you can pair it with a gaming mouse to make up for that!........ just assign more of the functionality to the mouse!

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Just ordered10/21/2009 10:44:15 PM

Pros: Overall...... Awesome... I'd recommend this at this price range... Since the Laptop I want is over $1400! Windows 7 (not ultimate, but it's for a friend who will not use this PC to it's full capacity, So he doesn't need the ultimate version, but if he does, he can upgrade)...

Cons: I Didn't order it for myself! It won't cook or clean....(talk about bleeding edge technology, hehehe...)

Overall Review: 800mh fs bus, max memory supported = 4gh? (Cons) But when you consider the Intel core 2 duo Plus 1gb DEDICATED nVidia Graphics, High Res, Sound, etc... It's a Kick-A&& Deal! ..I'll write a full review after Testing This PC.

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