WINNER. And here's a value-added review...4/13/2019 12:26:33 AM

Pros: -Set up was easy and straight forward. -Everything solid since latest firmware update. -Asus will support this router for years to come. -Latest technology with the hardware to support high demands. -8 Ports unique to this model -Alexa/IFTT built in. When enabled, you can control router using Alexa... for example, turn on/off guest network. -So far all my adapters have been able to connect wirelessly, even my old devices. -AiMesh setup looks pretty easy to manage. You could potentially use your old Asus modem as a bridge.

Cons: -Trend Micro security; must allow sharing of various system data in order to enable this feature. -Pricey. But chose over the AX11000 due to the 8 ports and that I had years of great success with a AC87U.

Overall Review: Key things you need to know: -Must update your Intel Wireless Network adapter drivers directly from manufacturer site in order to locate wireless network (due to 802.11ax). You'll need driver version or above. My Non-Intel adapters had no problems (Marvel, Broadcom). -Ability for WAN Aggregation using port 4 on router. *Recommend: Arris SB8200 SURFboard Cable Modem (Item#: N82E16825694020). Log into modem settings screen, Advanced, Enable LAG. Use matching high-quality Cat6/7 cables from dual cable modem outputs into WAN and Port 4 or router, enable router setting and reset both. You will now have 2 Gps WAN Aggregation. Instructions on this will be included on your router WAN settings screen. But check your internet provider's approved modem list before buying. -Pretty standard Asus settings screen we're all use to. I'm sure they'll be a lot of future firmware updates. -Use the Asus app on your smartphone to control network. Though wish it notified me of firmware updates when they become available. -May want to ignore the bad reviews like I did. One could assume you'd need a newer modem to match the latest tech of this router, know how to make adjustments to make your network stable, and update device drivers. Also, DOAs happen man... no need to rate 1 egg because you got one - contributing absolutely nothing to the community - get over it and try again using Newegg's outstanding customer service for a replacement; then give us a review we could actually use. -But all-in-all, I've been very happy with the setup and use on my network: Arris SB8200, RT-AX88U, with xFin*** service using around 20 connected devices. Go for it.

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Unbelievable. Far exceeded expectations.3/1/2017 4:39:21 PM

Pros: Don't let the flashy language of how your MOBO on-board audio trick you into thinking you don't need a sound card. I've been missing out for years. This thing is awesome and pushes my music and game play to a whole new level. I paired it with the Corsair SP2500 that enables dedicated L and R audio rather than a Y cable. The result truly unlocked these speaker's potential and they can be pushed to amazing levels. For gaming I went with a Razer Kracken Pro V2 into my front panel since the audio card has a connection for your front panel inputs. For serious audiophile(ing), I went with the Senheiser HD8. I am now in audio bliss. You will LOVE this audio card.

Cons: - Asus Audio Driver has been the same original since September 2015... - Price is a gouge but hey, after a few weeks of listening to your audio library and hearing new sounds you've never noticed before, you forget about it.

Overall Review: This card has so much power - it will push your headphones and speakers as far as they can go. Disable that on-board audio trash in the BIOS settings and get this beast. The Asus audio control panel is LITE and SIMPLE. Pssh, seriously, don't give one egg for your failure to ensure MOBO compatibility... ignore review that serves us no purpose. Don't forget it needs additional power from a 4-pin power line (old skool) off your PSU. BUY THIS NOW and thank me with your own review later.

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What? I Can't Hear You.6/18/2016 5:10:09 PM

Pros: - Price - Corsair Name - Solid materials

Cons: - LOUD. - I can here this thing whine throughout my house... no matter what setting I put it to on Corsair Link. - Pre-applied thermal paste

Overall Review: - If you don't care about a loud sound, give it a shot. Otherwise PASS. I literally threw this in the trash and went with a Coolermaster Nepton 120XL from Newegg Marketplace- save yourself the time, pay a little extra and be happy. At least keep your packaging (unlike me) and prepare to return when you see for yourself.

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This IS the One.6/18/2016 5:02:40 PM


Cons: - Not available in the USA, but able to get it through the Newegg Marketplace. - Install was a little frustrating, but the end result was worth it. Simple pictures don't cut it.

Overall Review: - Comes with thermal grease you put on yourself. - Had the Corsair H80i V2 and could hear the thing running throughout my house. Ridiculous loud. Almost threw it in the trash and went back to a standard fan. Decided to give this one ago and couldn't be happier.

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BOOYA! WOW! A+5/23/2016 9:54:56 AM

Pros: -AWESOME Mid-Tower Case - best ever made to date by mankind. -FAN/LED Controller: Skeptical? NO reason to be. NOT proprietary (like Corsair) – uses the industry standard 3-pin fan connectors. The included 140mm fans (3) meet this standard. Same goes for LED lights. Has separate light and fan speed buttons on front panel. Not in instructions: powered by SATA cable, be sure to connect one to the controller before putting all your panels back on. -Comes with a magnetized red led tube light, nice to get you started with, really bright, and breathing effect is cool. -Routing was clean and a breeze. -Everything was thought of in this design, magnetized front and top panel covers-great for normal operating times. I call it going into stealth mode. -Design separates PSU and my HD Drive from main components -Front Panel comes off and on easily. Also, simply tilts forward to quickly access the two front drive spaces (CD) if installed. -Exceptional Quality.

Cons: -ZERO. -NONE. -NADA. -Doesn’t randomly transform itself into an Autobot like in those movies.

Overall Review: Pro tip: Go CPU Water Cooler as well. I used the back fan mount for a single radiator, then you could use that stock rear140mm fan to mount on one of the top optional fan locations. This equals 2 air intake fans at the front, CPU cooler pulls in from the rear, 140mm fan (or 2 if you buy another) pulls out the top. Building a new gaming rig, I originally went with the Corsair 500R, an OK case, but once finished I had a lot of negative feelings towards it as seen in my review there. With this new case from Cooler Master, all my expectations were exceeded. This case tops all Mid-towers - #1 hands-down. I have never fallen in love with a computer case before - this one stole my heart. Cheers!

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Great Potential, Falls Short of Awesome5/12/2016 4:33:10 PM

Pros: - Solid - Cable Management - Weight

Cons: Read this before buying: Corsair cases and PSUs have come a long way and are solid. I chose this case since I wanted to go down from a Full Tower... this is currently their best Mid-ATX. With that being said, use my experience before making a decision. 1. Only comes with 2-120mm front and 1 120mm back case fans. These fans will not plug into your MOBO, must use cable coming from front panel... I guess so you can use the switch, separate panel power from PSU. What's interesting is that it's only made for the 4 fans (1 200mm side too). So if I added fans to the empty slots, I couldn't use the case's proprietary system. 2. Must buy top two 120 or 140mm fans. Might as well go 140mm. And the back 120mm case fan (plain black/no LED) is set up to also hold a 140mm. So I'll buy 3 and replace that one too. 3. Well, might as well buy the 2-fan case pack and replace the front two 120mm as well. This way I can plug all fans into my MOBO and use the temperature monitoring tool to get readings. 4. So, Corsair case fans purchased: 1-2-pack 120mm, 3-140mm. I would replace the 200mm side fan, but corsair doesn't sell one! Guess I must use their system to keep that one plugged in to the front panel for now. I will buy a 200mm case fan if/when corsair sells one separately. 5. But with all these case fans, check to see if your MOBO even has the connections for them. My ASUS MAXIMUS VIII HERO ALPHA does; 4 case fan connectors, and I used the two "water cpu cooler" connections for the top two. This equals 6 connections avail and all will be used once I replace the 200mm fan... rendering front panel fan controls completely useless. 6. Front panel 1394 connection. MOBO doesn't even have a connector for this, so that's useless. Even though the cable matches up with a USB 2.0 connection, DO NOT insert 1394 cable into a USB 2.0 connection on MOBO - you will short it out, guaranteed. 7. So, now with around $60 in case fans added, I could have gotten a different case for the price point. 8. One could put 2 more fans at the bottom, internal PSU and HD cage will not allow this. But the bottom fans (if existed) are THE ONLY ONES with a removable filter screen. Seriously? Yes.

Overall Review: Could be something great here Corsair; include all case fans with standard connectors, air filters, and make the front-panel interchangeable.

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