Best Value for a gaming style Mech Keyboard!1/19/2016 9:08:13 PM

Pros: This is my first mechanical keyboard. I was using a Saitek Eclipse II before this. The Saitek was a good board but due to heavy gaming over the years the G and F key stopped working. On to the review.... This thing has style, the lights look great and brushed aluminum front panel look nice. Typing on it....What can I say? Its dreamy. The keys feel great and the brown switches are perfect for typing and gaming. I can honestly say I don't want to go back to another old keyboard. How is it for gaming? It takes some getting used too....Why? Well the keys feel a bit hyper responsive at first due to the fact that mechanical keyswitches don't have to be bottomed out to register a keypress. But once you get used to it its way better.

Cons: The keyboard sit high up in the air. Definitely could use a wrist rest. But I'm the type who like my keybaord flat on the table not angled. Only one Windows key and its on the right side....I use WIN + R(shortcut) to load run a lot so its messed me up a bit not to have Win key on the left side. I'm just being nitpicky I guess.

Overall Review: For the price you can't go wrong. The other mechanical keyboards were either too pricey for what you get or....just well... too pricey. For 90$ you get a solid Keyboard with great looks.

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Dead after 6 months of light use12/16/2015 7:34:01 PM

Pros: Was fast when it worked, ran on a Windows 10 machine without any issues.

Cons: Dead now, I will be contacting OCZ to see how the next one does. I used it on a very basic web browser only PC. The most strenuous the PC did was stream Video and download windows updates(lol). The case was large, had airflow out the wazzoo, no reason the drive should have died.

Overall Review: Don't know if its just me but I have had way more SSD failures than HDD failures. I don't know the reason. The give no warning then they just die. I've bad luck with OCZ and terrible luck with Mushkin. I ordered 3 Mushkin drives and 2 out of 3 were DOA. Another died in a year. Quality control is definitely an issue. Its easy to get an RMA though....its just inconvenient for something rated at so many hours to die in half a year. :P The best drives are the Intel ones(I'm not even an Intel guy either), followed by HyperX and Crucial.

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Mediocre7/20/2013 8:50:49 AM

Pros: Roomy and sturdy enough but their are better cases in this class. Good looks, not overly flashy and not dull.

Cons: Comes with one fan, mine doesn't work. Tool less drive mounts only work on one side so its not fully secure. You have to remove screws to take off the front panel. Overall its not bad, but its really not as great as the reviews on here say.

Overall Review: Go with the Cooler Master Elite 430 if you want a cheap case with a bottom mounted PSU. Its much better.

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Don't dis it cause its different.3/29/2013 8:03:46 AM

Pros: Its pretty much like Windows 7, only perhaps a bit more stable. The new interface is interesting, but I dunno if its any more efficient than the old one. It sure boots up fast compared to Win 7 though. Its different but its not a bad different. You can use to it for everyday use and actually like it. It might take you 15 minutes to figure out what the heck is going on when you first boot it up but the interface works well. Windows OS has been the same since 1995, you can see why they are trying to change some things. Don't hate just because its different, the OS actually works very well.

Cons: They have moved a lot of things around, it will take some getting used to. It would be nice if they at least had a native way to restore the start button.

Overall Review: Just remember as with any OS you will have to track down drivers on the internet. I just bought a new motherboard and it did not include Win 8 drivers.

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A few things you should know.12/6/2012 1:14:03 PM

Pros: Good laptop, nice screen, performance and its cheaper and better than getting a netbook.

Cons: Drivers were not loaded, Windows was not activated and it includes a third party generic Chinese power adapter. What you need to know is Newegg does not really provide support on these laptops. These Laptops are provided through a third-party vendor.

Overall Review: This deal isn't for the technically faint of heart. The Laptop I received was loaded with Windows 7, the Video drivers were NOT installed, and no Windows product key was registered with the system. These things may confuse the heck out of your grandmother. However I called the support number for the vendor that shipped these units, and they were very helpful in getting my computer activated. So everything turned out well in the end, but it was slightly inconvenient.

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Meh Sister loves it5/26/2012 10:21:06 AM

Pros: I bought this for my sister and she seems to like it. Great price, runs cool and boots up in 45 seconds! Better quality than the new Dells or HPs.

Cons: None that I can see.

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Good to go.3/3/2012 2:24:38 PM

Pros: I recently had a massive surge. 3 outlets burned up and we lost a few things around the house. Everything plugged into these puppies made it through just fine. I was playing the TV and Xbox 360 when it hit and my PC was on.

Cons: None, Nice investment!

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Works good when it works.6/15/2011 7:21:43 PM

Pros: Fast, great price! 250GB isn't bad at all for a regular PC.

Cons: I ordered 3 of these, 2 for me and 1 for a friend. 2 of them work and the other was a DOA(Click of death). You have been warned, but take heart in that Neweggs return policy is very good.

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Good cooler, Horrible AM2 mounting bracket.5/5/2011 2:46:28 PM

Pros: Excellent cheap cooler, that naturally keeps things cool. :) Has brackets for Intel and AM2. Quiet, 4 pin controllable. Reminds me of the classic AC64 a bit.

Cons: Horrible mounting AM2 bracket! Wobbles all over the joint, you have stick it in these two notches on the underside of the cooler(between the heatpipes and the cooling fins). It does not stick right unless pressure is applied to the mounting bracket. So what you have to do is use one hand to hold the bracket to underside on the heatsink, and then use another hand to adjust it so it fits on motherboard. Once you get it on its good, but its dang near impossible to do without taking out your motherboard.

Overall Review: It on and its working! Unless your motherboard is outside the case, don't look forward to an easy installation.

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Eh...Works...Bad temp monitors.5/4/2011 12:29:12 PM

Pros: Works ok, has overclocking settings, small.

Cons: VGA only output? What is this 1998? Can we get some DVI love please? The BIOS CPU temp monitor is whack. The CPU temp flys up and down to 35C, 48C, and 65C within seconds. So naturally the CPU fan acts erratically. Oddly enough when I stress test the CPU it sticks at 32C. The DVD supplied does not install the drivers correctly, you have to go in and install all the drivers manually.(on XP at least)

Overall Review: I bought this Motherboard to run a sound production rig I built. So the fan control thing is really annoying.

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These Deviled eggs!4/1/2011 7:53:42 PM

Pros: The sunny side I guess was its was a good price. HDMI with Toast adapter. PCI eggpress 16x 2.0.

Cons: I bought 2 of these to put in SLI(Skillet link Interface) and have had nothing but problems. Not only was my image scrambled, but performance was less than what I had with the ATI Baconon HD 4870! Heat problems, not good for Overboiling at all! Once I finally got it work one of the yokes broke and shorted out my pancake.

Overall Review: Destroyed my computer....stay clear. Neweggs service was great as always they gave me a RMA and replacement for the bad part.

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Not Bad2/22/2011 9:38:37 AM

Pros: Great performance, it seems to have cut down internet latency. I'm on Hughesnet(Satellite), which works well for web browsing and video streaming but stinks for online gaming because of high latency times. Since I replaced my crazy wired underneath the basement network with this and a wireless router...I can play a few games online and things are more responsive now.

Cons: Big antenna but I find that a pro more than a con. Reception is good.

Overall Review: I love burritos.....

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Works Well!2/22/2011 9:26:31 AM

Pros: Works, I installed an OkiData OkiPage 16n laser printer on Vista 64. Was cheap, they were selling basically selling the same product locally for 40$. This gets the job done cheaply.

Cons: None, Newegg rocks.

Overall Review: Technically The OkiPage 16n is not supported by Vista 64-bit, but if you manually select the Okipage 6c driver it works great.

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Best motherboard for under 50$12/28/2010 1:19:11 PM

Pros: I bought this for a friend for an ultra budget build. I popped it in this old Dell case and put in a Sempron and HD4650 and he is loving it. It also has great Ocing, UCC, and voltage controls.

Cons: It unlocked the Sempron to an athlon X2. It wasn't stable though, not the boards fault though! Not enough PCI slots.

Overall Review: Good stuff man. My friend has been gaming on it in his cold basement all day. XD Best board for your money!

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Dead after 6 months.12/28/2010 1:08:50 PM

Pros: Worked great for awhile, running GTX 260 and Athlon X2 5000+. 3 year warranty.

Cons: Its dead. Everything was stock no OC or nothing. The OCing features on this board are lacking by the way. Very meager BIOS.

Overall Review: Go for something else. I bought a friend an ASRock board that is cheaper and has much better BIOS options that this board. Just hope gigabyte RMA service is good! :)

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Great!11/27/2010 12:57:52 PM

Pros: Its Running a 4870 and a AMD Athlon 64 5000. I sometimes run the PC 24/7 for GPU F@H home. No problems at all. Seems efficient, it runs cool to the touch. Quiet too.

Cons: Would be great if it was 19.95$.

Overall Review: Buy it. Its good, great for a midrange gaming PC, or low-end HTPC.

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Flimsy, but its cool11/27/2010 12:42:59 PM

Pros: It cools well, the stock TIM isnt bad, but I used Tuniq TX-2 anyway. Using it on an older Athlon X2 5000. It runs at about 28C idle 34C-ish loads, in cold room. I'd feel comfortable OCing with it, with some small voltage bumps.

Cons: The piece that holds the cooler on the bracket is iffy at best, you can twist the cooler all over the place. When you attach at CPU it should stay firmly attached to the shouldn't wiggle at all. This one wiggles all over the joint. The fan is loud too.

Overall Review: Really not a bad cooler at all, the price is right, but if you can find an old Arctic Cooling 64 its much better heavier and cooler.

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Good stuff11/11/2010 1:40:33 PM

Pros: Popped it in, booted right up, more memory = Faster computer Win7 Memory score went up from 3.4 to 4.9.....

Cons: NONE

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Pretty Darn good so far8/28/2010 2:32:57 AM

Pros: AMD! Way better than the Intel Atoms, even if they do chew the battery a bit more. This is a powerful little machine(thanks to the 4000 series GPU), you can play quite a few older titles and a few new ones. Just remember it is a netbook, so don't have too high expectations, but it should keep up(or Exceed) with most full-sized laptops in terms of gaming. With the HDMI output it looks like the bomb on a TV! I was also impressed by how serviceable this unit is, just unscrew the back panel and you have access to all the upgradable components(RAM, HDD, WLAN card). I'm glad I returned my Eee I originally bought for this! Price is great, don't look any further! BUY it!

Cons: Windows 7 Starter, is Bad. You might want to ditch it, I bought a 20$ key on the internet and upgraded it to home Premium. Its worth it.

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Worked8/26/2010 1:53:43 AM

Pros: Popped in a Sempron build, no issues, not as fast as my Mushkin set...but for the price I'm not complaining.

Cons: Sucks at overclocking...But meh.

Overall Review: Passed memtest!

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Fantastic card8/26/2010 1:51:21 AM

Pros: Decent amount of power in the little baby. Can play Crysis on low settings, overclocks nicely. Has a quiet fan. I can't think of a better card for an HTPC or an ultra-light gaming PC.

Cons: None.

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2 Years, still going strong.8/24/2010 10:49:08 PM

Pros: I have had this cheap supply for 2 years now. In its life it has powered my first build with a 5000+ and 4650, it then powered and old Dell Celly for a couple of months, and now its in my secondary rig running an AMD 5000+, and a GTX 260. Voltages still look steady and its quiet. Nothing but awesomeness for 2 years.

Cons: Not modular. Needs more SATA power connectors....but what PSU doesn't?

Overall Review: Just remember this is good for a single GPU system, but dual GPUs is pushing your luck. You want 650W for crossfire or SLI.

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Read this.8/24/2010 12:38:41 AM

Pros: About the DRM: Yes the game installs are limited. But if you need to reformat your PC all you must do is un-activate the game and re-install it(right click on the game in the windows "Games" folder and click de-authorize). Your install goes back the EA servers and you can re-use the same install. This works with all SecureROM games. I'm not a huge fan of the DRM either, but Its really not as bad as Ubisofts new always online DRM.

Cons: Hope this helps.

Overall Review: Hope this helps.

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Good8/21/2010 9:08:00 PM

Pros: Think of it as battlefront in the LOTR universe. Single player isnt so good, multiplayer on LAN is fun. Those rating this game badly because of SecureROM, and ranting need to be quiet. Much better this than steam, I have few games that have Secur-ROM its not that bad at all. Really.

Cons: Hmm None really.

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Okay I guess.8/21/2010 8:57:53 PM

Pros: Nice clear screen, Lightweight virtually no bloatware, comes with good antivirus. Great for Internet, Great price. Re-certified items, look almost like new BTW. Don't let that keep your from buying. Webcam is a plus.

Cons: Well for starters, right from the get go the default driver set is whack. The default video driver, has something messed up with the OpenGL. You have to download the driver off the Intel website to be able to utilize OpenGL. The Windows rating goes from 2.0 to 2.1 after the drivers are installed. To me, the integrated graphics were disappointing. 3D-wise, they don't preform better than my old ATI 8MB Rage mobility from 10 years ago. I thought at the very least I could play a Quake 2 engine game. I was wrong. Among other things Windows 7 STARTER is really fascist(You can't change your wallpaper even!). But almost all netbooks feature that so, yeah.

Overall Review: Its not a bad netbook just not for my uses. I'm returning this for a higher-end netbook. If you spend just 130$ more you can get a nicer system that can play games. Its your choice, if you just use your netbook for internet and word processing this is an awesome choice and a great deal. For any gaming whatsoever though, its bad.

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