Great product but NOISY fan doesn't stop running!12/20/2015 6:42:02 AM

Pros: I bought this for my teenage son. It's a great starter laptop and has everything he needs for high school. He loves the screen size and the fact that it is a touchscreen.

Cons: After about a week the fan started to run a lot and it's not just a quiet fan but LOUD. It would go on and off sporadically and for LONG lengths of time, even when the computer was ice cold with no programs running. I called the manufacturer, Lenovo, and they said that there is something definitely wrong with the fan regulator. I then called New Egg and am in the process of doing an even exchange. They have awesome customer service by the way. I'm hoping that we just got a "dud" and the next laptop won't have any problems. This one also came with a paper in the box that said WINDOWS 10 is already installed even though that wasn't stated on the invoice when I bought it. I would prefer to have WINDOWS 8.1 as advertised and have less bloatware and junk pre-installed when receiving it.

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