Link to Y Cable3/29/2010 9:50:47 AM

Pros: Seems to work as it should.

Cons: None.

Overall Review: This seems to be the "Y cable" that others are referencing: It looks like it works the same way except that it includes the power from the P4 cable. It may work better, I'm not sure.

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Review Summary of Next 250+ Reviews12/13/2009 1:43:23 PM

Pros: This review includes a summary of the next 250+ reviews: First off, the reason why this case is so popular is because of its looks and its superb cooling. Between it's three 120mm fans, its 200mm fan up top and its PSU on the bottom, it keeps things frosty. It is also very configurable with HD mounting brackets, fan speed switches, liquid cooling gromets in the back, and spacious case depth for large heatsinks. Though some do not appreciate the design, the power and reset buttons and the front audio and USB/Firewire are conveiniently located on the top of the case and are accompanied by a rubber-padded cubbie on the top for an mp3 player, cell phone, flash drive or whatever. Overall an excellent case. Antec is a great brand. Every Antec case I have ordered has exceeded my expectations.

Cons: To sum up the cons from several reviews: -Some have noted that there are not enough motherboard standoffs for some motherboards (the little brass risers that go between your mobo and your case). Most system builders have these sitting around. if you don't, part of your mobo might not be elevated properly but it's not the end of the world. -Not enough space for 11" graphics card AND optional 4th 120mm fan. -Switches for fan speed are on the fans themselves, on the inside of the case. (Be happy that you HAVE switches. Set them and forget them.) Missing features: -Fan filters in the front (keeps case clean and airways free) -Rubber cushions for HD mounts -Fans do not connect to the motherboard, they just plug into the 4 pin molexes from the Power Supply (mobo can't manually control fan speed).

Overall Review: Also: -Some have suggested that the front-top usb ports would gather dust or dirt. I think most would find that they are convieniently angled when the case is on the ground beside you. -There seems to be some cases that have shipped with either dead fans or loud fans. I would recommend that you try your luck as this does not seem to be a common problem. My case arrived with 4 fully functioning fans. -Some have noted problems with the front audio panel. One user said that they contacted Antec directly and they sent them out a replacement front panel for free. -Also note that the 120mm fans are a little loud when set on "high". "Medium" did not bother me at all and they seem nearly silent on "low".

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Great combo for the price11/8/2009 5:22:52 AM

Pros: Multiple configurations of ergonomic wrist pad and height adjusters leave you with many options for comfort. Extra keys (like Calculatior and Volume) are a plus, especially at max range across the room. I find the mouse comfortable, responsive and very configurable. Shop around. You'll see that this is a very good bundle for the price.

Cons: Wireless devices will eat your batteries, though these two seem to be pretty good on battery life. I bought a BRICK of batteries from Costco for cheap. Problem solved.

Overall Review: Use the CD that came with the bundle to set up your keyboard and mouse. I found the default configuration for the mouse to be a poor use of the 5 buttons (magnifying for one of the buttons). The laser mouse is nice but consider a corded laser mouse for zero lag gaming, not a wireless one. For people experiencing range or connectivity problems, you most likely have interference between devices. I saw one user who had his high power amp and speakers next to his wireless receiver. Needless to say, his range was an issue. I tested the range of my mouse to be over 10 feet, though it is probably best kept within 6 feet. Just keep it away from other wireless devices and high power electronics. The wireless receiver has a long cord. Use it.

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The stand is fine.5/22/2009 2:10:30 PM

Pros: 50,000:1, 2ms (for gaming), True 1080p, HDMI, LG 3 year warranty.

Cons: None.

Overall Review: The included stand is just fine. It is not as good as Dell and others who have VERY sturdy stands. This is a large monitor which requires a sturdy desk. Someone describing themselves as a "hard typer" should probably invest in a new desk. Putting this beauty on a card table would be a very bad idea. Keep in mind, you can get a different monitor with half the features/quality for 30-50 bucks less. Remember that you can bring this monitor from one build to the next. Spend the extra money to get a quality product from a trustworthy brand. If you are not sure about the size, 23 inch is a good size. It's big but not too big. I would recommend a trip to an electronics store that has high quality monitors. Eyeball the models they have there to gauge what size is right for you, but don't buy it anywhere but newegg unless you want to be out 100 bucks or more.

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Nice USB adapter5/12/2009 3:54:37 PM

Pros: The adapter kit gives you multiple ways to transfer data. Kingston quality.

Cons: None.

Overall Review: The USB adapter could actually make a nice pocket flash drive. It's about the size of the bone on the tip of my pinkie finger. It comes with a retractable sleeve to protect it and a key chain string.

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Rosewill brand redeems itself7/8/2008 1:57:49 PM

Pros: Simple design. Slim and light weight. Large indicator light. Comes with quality pleather carrying sleeve/belt loop for quick access.

Cons: Software is for Win 98 only but is only used for formatting your drive which can be done in other ways (namely right clicking on your drive in My Computer and clicking Format). You must connect both USB heads on the included Y USB cable to get the drive to function properly. This means you must have 2 unused USB 2.0 ports near enough to each other to plug both heads in. Luckily, USB ports usually come in pairs.

Overall Review: For 2.5 sized hard drives only (laptop drives). I tend to steer clear of Rosewill products as I've had 3 very bad experiences with their computer cases, but I am finding out that their other products are pretty good for the price and at times, as in the case of this enclosure, very well made.

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SD slot not all that great5/4/2008 6:53:28 PM

Pros: Good interface. Very compact and light. Bright clear screen. Durable (flash memory). Creative is a good brand.

Cons: I bought the 2GB model for the "virtually unlimited" storage capacity due to the SD slot. However, the player does not allow you to easily access and manipulate your files from the SD slot. You can only play them one folder at a time. You can not make playlists for them or shuffle them. In order to do so, you must download your files from the SD card onto your built-in memory and if you only have 2GB of built-in memory, you can run out of space very quickly.

Overall Review: The solution is to spend more money on a player with a larger capacity. Don't try to save money, like i did, by buying a big SD card and a small 2GB Zen. Also, the SD slot is still good for pictures and movies.

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