It lasted 10 months...1/22/2021 10:42:47 PM

Pros: -High refresh rate to aid in quicker information gathering and (potential) response in reaction-based games and application. -Size is perfect for standard desk gaming and demanding graphical application work. -Stand and angle adjustments are actually fantastic (though I would personally wish for another ~2 inches height adjustment).

Cons: -Early on, there were strange flicker issues with highly-contrasted picture artifacts while in. -After ~4 months of operation, began having strange refresh rate and frame rate inconsistencies with normal use. Switched from (included) Display Port cable to HDMI cable, which appeared to alleviate this somewhat. -9 months of operation, picture began dying out to a black screen for 3-5 second intervals unpredictably; once every half hour or so, sometimes every hour or two. Became to inconsistent to be usable. -Annoying to have OSD controls EXTREMELY limited while in any "high performance" modes.

Overall Review: From the start, I was concerned due to some strange flickering issues while utilizing 144hz. But this was the first high-refresh rate monitor I'd bought, and wanted to give it the benefit of the doubt. The capabilities are there, and when it works, it works pretty well. But I'm dang salty I couldn't even get a year out of the monitor.

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Saitek Eclipse8/8/2009 3:07:52 AM

Pros: -Excellent bright, soft blue back-lighting color makes it easy to type in darker-light situations. -Good tactile response from keys. -Volume/key brightness controls are a plus. -The *bright* status lights for the 'Caps', 'Num Lock', & 'Scroll Lock' keys are in the center of the keyboard, forward of the function keys, a good position. -Volume controls also a plus.

Cons: -The coating on the keys wears off after extensive use, but that happened (albeit, inversely) with my old standard "computer gray" keyboards. -Unusual font is a bit disorienting at first, which also lends to keys with compacted words being slightly illegible (e.g. "Back Space", "Insert", "Page Up/Down", etc.), but it's not any big minus to the product.

Overall Review: I was looking for a good backlit keyboard, and remembered the one my friend had once owned a couple years back: the Saitek Eclipse. I remembered liking it from the time spent with it, so I looked it up, saw the price, and took a shot with it. I am not disappointed. It's very simple, the lighting I have no use for the wrist comforter, so I don't know how helpful it'd be. It's also very stiff, I'm not sure it would be. The design is hit-and-miss for some observers, if you care about design at all, I particularly don't. I know that back when I played PlanetSide on my old buddy's computer, the keyboard would conflict with the game, so if you happen to play that particular MMO, do a little research to see if there's still a workaround. Overall, a solid, well-rounded budget back-lit keyboard, I'm very happy with this purchase.

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Proud Owner!8/8/2009 2:49:30 AM

Pros: -The 50k:1 contrast is absolutely beautiful, deep blacks in games & movies. -1080 is certainly something to see on your favorite old games. -The 2ms response time is excellent, no noticeable ghosting, playing Counter-Strike/Battlefield 2/Call of Duty 4 competitively.

Cons: -The stand IS a bit flimsy, but it's certainly not top-heavy. I have even angled the monitor down (due to my desk, but this also brings me to my next con...) -The stand doesn't allow for great down-angling for those who have high monitor positions. - The viewing angle is great, I just don't sit less than 3 feet away from this monster. It won't kill your eyes, but it is HUGE. Bleeding from deep blacks is only noticeable if you're sitting closer than that.

Overall Review: I waited 8 years before I finally upgraded from my old 17" CRT monitors; I had to wait for the perfect one. Three years ago, I set my sights specifically: My next monitor had to support full 1080 HD res natively, have at least a 2ms (gtg+) response at LEAST, had to be 16:9 ws, and had to be affordable. Size didn't matter. It was a tall order, particularly back then...I waited, and I finally found *IT*. I do a lot of competitive gaming, graphic design, as well as audio production, and this monitor suits all my needs beautifully. This baby is a GIGANTIC step up for me, and I held fast for the right monitor. This monitor, for me, is simply perfect.

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