Pretty much what I wanted4/30/2021 2:26:47 PM

Pros: Runs any game on Ultra settings, 1080p at least. Isn't louder than the rest of my PC. Software to change clock speed and settings seems nice (haven't messed with it just yet).

Cons: Shadows and lighting, when on Ultra or high settings, start making this card chug. A very minimal amount of RGB, for those who appreciate a lot of it.

Overall Review: If you're like me and ready to upgrade from a lower end GPU, then this card works. I would definitely go with a 3070 or 3080 if you can get it at a good price, as they'll run better and the slight price difference is negligible. I got this card really because I was tired of waiting months to buy any new GPU to replace my 1050 ti. Overall it works, but still lags on higher quality lighting, but that's not a major problem in the slightest. Kind of wish it had more RGB, since I won't be changing it any time soon.

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