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Poor quality control7/11/2012 1:30:38 PM

Pros: As advertised it is an adapter.

Cons: DOA on arrival, capacitor not soldered to board, I hadn't noticed it was missing initially and proceeded to install my HT Claro XT with an adapter for the support bracket. After plugging in the power and starting the system all I hear is a pop and now I have a dead $250 Claro, Thank you Startech.

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update to prior review12/27/2009 7:08:29 PM

Pros: After receiving m windows 7 upgrade I followed the packaged instructions to upgrade. After the install I had several issues with stability in windows 7 so I decided to do a clean install. The clean install worked great, no drivers are available that I can find to add the HP native commands to the included mouse/keyboard but that is a moot point. The performance appears to be slightly better under windows 7. Still no PSU issues.

Cons: The slot load optical drive held my win7 media hostage. After following HP's instructions for disc ejection problems the issue was not resolved I could not manually remove the disc. Aside from HP's assistance I discovered the issue and found a solution.

Overall Review: In order to fix the slot drive you first need to remove it from the case completely, shove a straightened paper clip in the manual eject hole until you feel tension then when it should push the media out and doesn't just give it one good shove until you hear a grind and now the paper clip moves freely. You just forced the little piece of plastic on the other side out of alignment, don't worry it's necessary. Then remove the front faceplate which media tends to get stuck on and let's the catch chew on your media. Plug in the drive, press the eject button and listen to the wonders of a virtually silent drive. Previously whenever I put a disc in it would sound like a crunching sound and be very slow to respond, now it's great and makes no chewing sound disc in or out no problem.

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Good purchase if it works.12/11/2009 7:32:57 AM

Pros: The design of the case and internal layout clearly indicates a fair amount of attention to detail. I was reluctant to make the purchase after reviewing many tickets about DOA hardware components however when my system arrived it worked flawlessly. I've been testing out games on the system and despite the 5400rpm drives I just managed to max out borderlands with little to no jitters. The price versus performance here is really a steal. Also the external PSU for only being 350w sure doesn't seem to get very warm even under full load for extended periods of time.

Cons: 1. The lack of port expansion can be frustrating at times, it doesn't seem to be a huge feat to add a couple of USB ports in the front or top of a case considering the internal design is professional by all standards. 2. The 5400rpm drives, common voodoo why cut corners there of all places I mean stripe the drives by default. 3. The case itself despite looking very good is significantly larger than it appears in product photos. 4. The included mouse and keyboard leave a lot to be desired in the way of bundled extra's.

Overall Review: A moderate to high performance system for cheap price.

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