Works like a charm10/2/2020 1:17:40 PM

Pros: Beautifully fast. Amazingly quiet. Installation was a breeze, even where space is tight.

Cons: None yet.

Overall Review: Bought this one after returning a Gigabyte 1660 that did not want to behave. I was trying to avoid buying a new power supply, which this card would have required, but I bit the bullet and bought a power supply and this card and I'm so happy I did. This thing installed easily in my Dell XPS8700 case. It was a bit of a tight fit, but it has ample space around it for airflow. The software also installed in a snap and the ability to monitor all the paramaters and control the fans is easily as good as any aftermarket monitoring software. I don't care much for all the RGB lighting stuff, but this one is not at all distracting (although I have a solid case, so it only shows through the ventilation holes). Even running the new Flight Simulator, it rarely gets hot enough to kick the fans up to a noticeable level. And on older games like Assassin's Creed and Witcher 3, it runs everything in ultra resolution with not so much as a hiccup. Super smooth. Super fast.

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Very quiet. Good price for this amount of power9/12/2020 1:20:41 PM

Pros: Lots of cable length. Quiet Fits perfectly in my case

Cons: Lots of cable length screw holes don't quite align with my case

Overall Review: I got this to replace the 340 watt supply in my Dell XPS 8700 in preparation of upgrading the video card. Went with non-modular because I'd heard horror stories of trying to wedge anything larger than the existing dimensions into the case. The dimensions on this one are identical to the one I replaced. The length of cabling is almost comical. Fortunately I had an empty bay to shove it all in. The swap of the power supplies was literally a five minute job with no scraped knuckles and no problems at all. This PSU is also amazingly quiet. for the price, I'm really pleased

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Complete and utter garbage8/18/2020 5:14:14 PM

Pros: It fits in my case. That's pretty much it.

Cons: It causes my comouter to reboot every time I try to run something.

Overall Review: I bought this because it was small enough to fit in my case, wouldn't overtax my power supply, and would run Microsoft Flight Simulator. After two weeks of fighting with it and getting no decent help from Gigabyte or Nvidia, I'm reinstalling the old card and giving up. This thing has been nothing but a headache and nobody seems to want to accept responsibility. Gigabyte tells me it must be my power supply. Nvidia says I need to reflash the BIOS. The internet says lower it to 59 Hz or set the fan to run constantly or set the max power at 70%. None of it has worked. I've always been a faithful Nvidia customer, but this thing has me seriously rethinking that.

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