Blazing Fast SSDs11/14/2017 6:52:40 PM

Pros: Extremely fast performance, especially when you combine two of them in Raid 0.

Cons: Was a little confusing at first on how to enable them to be seen by windows. Disabling CSM and having the raid drivers ready during windows install fixed my issues.

Overall Review: These things are awesome. Highly recommend getting heatsinks for them however because they will run hot. I currently have mine with heatsinks, one mounted on the front of the motherboard with the Asus heatsink, and the one on the back with an EK heatsink and a sticky thermal pad.

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Best graphics card I have ever owned11/14/2017 6:48:47 PM

Pros: The cooling on this card is superb, you have active cooling over the entire top of the card, and on the back of the card the back plate is actually a passive heatsink. The LEDs look great. Once the EVGA OC software was installed it automatically overclocked itself. I ran Furmark for about 3 hours and the max temperature it saw was 55C with a custom fan profile and an mini ITX case. The card is simply amazing.

Cons: It is massive, dont underestimate the pictures. The PCB for the TIs stretches past the mounting bracket. I purchased the card without realizing this and it proved to be a challenge to install in my NCase M1. I did however get it to fit, but the PCI-E Cables will prevent me from putting the side panel on the computer. If the power plugs were sticking out of the front of the card (the side that faces the front of the case when mounted) and the EVGA Logo badge on teh side was thinner, this would fit perfectly into the case.

Overall Review: I highly recommend this product, whether it's the black one or the white one. The white one, however, was easier to sell to my wife since it is pearl white. I originally bought it to watercool it but the heatsink and fans on the card are so good that there is no need for it. Get a good power supply!

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Amazing cant describe it6/3/2010 3:36:04 AM

Pros: Everything. -high overclock low voltage. -plenty of sata for hdd. -charges my ipad through USB. -i love the color scheme.

Cons: The only bad is the 10 seconds it takes to post.... other than that its perfect.

Overall Review: Other than the ten seconds that it takes for the computer to post, this motherboard is perfect. Running with a 920 @ 4.01 ghz. 12gb dominator, 128gb SSD, and a 5970. about to go under water soon.

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Micro Cube!4/16/2010 4:21:44 PM

Pros: Small, easy to modify.

Cons: Not the layout i wanted. But i didnt take an egg of because i am modifying the case. cutting panels to fit the system the way i want it :D

Overall Review: its for my little brother... its a zotac itx board, with an intel pentium celeron dual core. 4 gigs of ram with windows 7... pretty basic.

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I love4/8/2010 5:07:48 PM

Pros: Great airflow. Good amount of room. Good for cable management.

Cons: Fan filters clog too quickly... thats about as bad as i can think of... my 5970 almost didnt fit.

Overall Review: Great case, i would buy again in a heartbeat.

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Wow2/23/2010 8:49:17 PM

Pros: Great looking power supply. Provides enough power, to my current system.

Cons: it isnt modular...

Overall Review: Aside from it not being modular, this power supply is amazing. Long cables, ALOT of cables. Everything i need is available to be powered whenever i need it. System is Antec 1200, Intel i7 920, 6 gigs corsair dominator, p128 ssd, WD black 1tb, THIS PSU, Venemousx, and like the million fans that are in the antec 1200.

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Words Cant Describe it3/1/2007 10:06:24 AM

Pros: But im gonna try. My friends all have the dell xps, and alienwares, and when i showed them that i was gonna get this, they asked me why they didnt know about it. For the price your paying your getting one amazing laptop. There was no bloatware found when i started the laptop, and vista runs amazingly on it.

Cons: speakers, yeah, but oh well haha i have an icemat headset.

Overall Review: This laptop is perfect for someone looking for a great gaming laptop under 2000 dollars, i installed steam, and loaded cs, with developer i got 500 fps constant, and on cs:s i get 120 constant, with the resolution. The drivers for the nvidia card is perfect as it is. And the people that say bloatware, i have yet to find some, the only programs that came installed were the asus programs and vista, and the hard drive was partitioned in 2, 100 gigs for vista and 60 gigs for storage. Im extremely happy with this purchase.

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