Gaming in Luxury7/28/2021 10:57:38 AM

Pros: This gaming chair is next level. I've always just sat downstairs on my couch and played but I was putting a dent in it where I always sat. I decided to buy a gaming chair and I'm so glad I did. I love the look of this one. I got the color blue and black and it looks great. It is made of high quality materials and having the cushions and head rest with the foot rest takes it over the top. I had to reach out to the seller as there was a small hole in the seat cushion but they solved the issue for me.

Cons: Assembly was a little more complicated than I had imagined. Trying to get the arms on was kind of difficult but other than that It has nothing wrong with it.

Overall Review: Wonderful gaming chair at a good price. Provides extra comfort with adjustable headrest and foot rest.

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Perfect for outdoor movies!7/20/2021 10:37:00 AM

Pros: Light weight easy to move comes with basic screen has extra adapters good quality picture budget pricing everyone can afford

Overall Review: We have a projector downstairs in our basement that we use every day for gaming and movies. But my children have been begging to do an outdoor movie. We didn't want to disconnect our expensive fancy projector and take it outside so we purchased a new one. This one was very affordable for what you get. I did hook it up to external speakers for outside but it worked out great. It was easy to install and the picture quality was great. I like that I will be able to store this away and take it out when the weather is nice and enjoy the outdoors. We can also play football games this fall which is really exciting as well. The projector screen included was pretty basic but we ordered an inflatable one anyway. I'm very pleased with my purchase and can't wait to enjoy many more movies and tv shows while outside by the fire pit enjoying the stars.

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Way smarter than my Roomba, Goovi and iLife5/24/2021 11:21:31 AM

Pros: skinny enough to go under all my furniture. long battery life smart easy to use app has a mopping feature

Cons: White color will get dirty easier and be harder to clean. Constant updating of apps and syncing. I'm afraid to use the mopping feature because water and electronics together scare me.

Overall Review: I have this strange vacuum obsession that I have owned literally every kind of vacuum known to man. Including 3 robot vacuums. This is my 4th. My Roomba is an older model and it picks up pretty well but it doesn't have the suction power or the navigation that this one has. I like that this one is able to map out and avoid certain areas. My others have often just bounced around randomly hoping they were successful in picking up all debris. But this has a map and I can program it to avoid the chair that always seems to stop them in their tracks. I like the brushes as it picks up well and they're easy to clean. Human and dog hair do get caught on the wheels but as long as you clean it often you're good. The app is really easy to download and install. The battery life seems to last a long time too. Overall it is my favorite robotic vacuum and I can't wait to see what technology brings us in the future. I would recommend this to my friends as it has all the fancy techy stuff that irobot offers but it is costs the fraction of the price.

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Perfect for the gym11/18/2020 8:34:08 AM

Pros: I love these ear buds. My husband and I both needed a new pair of them for the gym. I like the style and carrying / charging ase. I also love the hi-fi sound they give out. The case keeps them charged for a while allowing me to use them multiple times before recharging. I also love how easy they were to pair with my Iphone.

Cons: A little uncomfortable but I adjusted quickly.

Overall Review: I would get these ear buds again. Decent price and they do exactly what I need. Also not too expensive where I would be devastated if I were to lose them.

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My husband loves them!11/17/2020 7:30:35 AM

Pros: I purchased these for my husband for the gym. They're great for the price. Noise cancellation is a top priority while at the gym. I also love that they are water proof and have a microphone. They paired well with his google pixel phone. The case is great because it visually tells you when you have to charge them.

Cons: I can't think of anything I would change. Great earbuds.

Overall Review: Perfect alternative to expensive brands. The sound quality and pairing abilities match the expensive kinds of ear buds.

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