This product is 1.5v !!!2/2/2012 3:55:31 PM

Pros: The picture that Newegg shows was the first batch of these kits. The kits currently in production are labeled as follows: 16GB(4x4GB) 2133MHz 9-11-10-27 1.50V ver4.13. The XMP Profile matches.

Cons: None.

Overall Review: When I have completed my X79 Build I will post a thorough review, but I wanted to clarify the specs. Running these for now on X68 at stock speeds. No problems whatsoever.

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Not as expected..9/1/2009 7:49:09 PM

Pros: They do work, the computer boots just fine, no errors.

Cons: I own 2 sets of the first revision of this RAM, they differ by the heat spreaders used. The first revision has the black ones, these are silver. The other 2 sets work flawlessly at the recommended timings of 5-5-5-15 2T, 800mhz. This would only do 5-5-5-15 at 667mhz speeds, at 800mhz it would default to 6-6-6-21, and the best I got was 5-6-6-18.

Overall Review: I should have never bought something other than Mushkin.

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Buyer Beware!7/7/2009 7:23:18 PM

Pros: Worked great for 11 months, good capacity.

Cons: Started to heat up while in the case, brought computer to a halt when plugged in, explorer crashed instantaneously, my life's work.. destroyed.. Mysteriously died at the one year mark.. hmmmmm.... After a week of crashes it then stopped being detected in BIOS, but you can touch the drive and feel that it's powered on. EVIL!! Also bulkier than other brands but one would assume it dissipates the heat better.. or not

Overall Review: What happened to Western Digital??!! Will try a WD Black 1TB and use the same enclosure, that part still works. Maybe WD can redeem themselves...

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Excellent LAN case!6/2/2009 12:45:52 PM

Pros: Nice roomy case, I have 4 of these, purchased specially for 2 reasons, choice of color, and because the USB and audio ports are on top, along with Power, Reset, and Fan control. These are part of a 4 system LAN, the computers are on the ground, and the top mounted USB ports and power buttons are now super easy to reach. The case is roomy, very easy to assemble, no screws needed for the drives either.

Cons: The PCI slot clips are weak, as are the locking mechanisms that hold the optical drives in place. Not a big deal, if it breaks, use a screw instead. The hard drive clips are very sturdy at least.

Overall Review: Whose brilliant idea was it to put BLUE fans in all varieties of this case? It comes in 5 colors, all with blue lights! If you want it to look really nice color code the fans to match :)

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SUPERB!6/2/2009 10:34:12 AM

Pros: Excellent memory, not a single error at all, 6 kits in total owned, all bought from the Egg. Many gigabyte motherboards including all from the EP45 line will auto detect the 5-5-5-15 settings with 1066 speed, no need for adjustments. All rock solid. Thank you Mushkin!

Cons: Absolutely none!

Overall Review: The price of this memory has changed at least 5 times in the last 2 weeks! It has been as low as 64 and as high as 73! What gives?

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