Amazing screen! Would definitely buy again12/28/2019 2:28:31 PM

Overall Review: I mainly use this laptop to check email, browse the internet, watch videos, and VPN into work. I'm happy that the i5-6300U CPU fan rarely spins and the bottom of the case stays cool. I'm also happy that the overall laptop draws only 9 to 10 watts at idle, with the screen at full brightness. The 2560 x 1440 pixel screen is glossy (you've been warned!), very bright and sharp. It has an IPS panel with ultrawide viewing angles. The touchscreen works as expected. The screen is the highlight of this laptop. Recent Latitude generations have lost the Home and End keys. I installed SharpKeys to remapped the PrtScr and Insert keys to Home and End. Keyboard has no backlighting, so the product description was accurate. This has been the third laptop I've bought that was refurbished by EPC. All of them arrived in "like new" condition and Windows activated without a fuss.

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Pleased with performance and screen11/9/2019 12:59:45 PM

Pros: i5 core with 4 cores that can run up to 3.9 GHz. Speedy SSD. Bright screen; it's a TN panel with somewhat narrow viewing angles. Narrow side bezels; overall laptop width is less than an inch wider than a five year-old Dell 14" laptop. Stiff/rigid chassis; hardly any flex when holding a corner with one hand. Backlit keyboard with short, but responsive, key travel.

Cons: None, at this price and performance combination.

Overall Review: I'd buy this laptop again. Here are some other comments: I bought this computer with a Geforce MX250 GPU for someone who runs Steam games, but not first person shooter games. Furmark results: 1920x1080 = 21 frames per second 1366x768 = 32 FPS (an old Dell E6330 with a 3320M CPU and no discrete GPU measures 8 FPS) Windows initialization wizard includes an Acer registration page. You can leave the page blank and continue. Key caps have ridiculously low friction; want a rougher or concave surface. No touchpad buttons; quickly accepted it. Box includes an "HDD Upgrade Kit"; bracket, screws, and cable that connects HDD/SSD to motherboard. Nice bonus. Very small gap between lid and base; sometimes must use fingernails. Lots of pre-installed software (including Norton Security Ultra) to remove.

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A- condition! One year warranty!12/21/2018 3:55:46 PM

Pros: Speedy CPU, bluetooth (Centrino Advanced-N 6235 wireless card). Cosmetically perfect except for a dozen faint scratches on the screen lid. Clean inside, near RAM and CPU.

Cons: CPU fan runs a lot, but it's kind of quiet. Frayed OEM Dell power cord; visible inner wires.

Overall Review: Backlit keyboard. 1377x768 screen resolution (was hoping to get lucky and get 1600x900). Typical TN behavior: Tilt the screen at the perfect angle and it looks great. Service tag indicates this computer was sold November 2014 (about five years old). Crystal DiskInfo software says the HDD was powered on for 2.5 years. The spinning HDD was audible ... will replace it with an SSD.

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Grade A, about 28 months old6/2/2018 12:49:25 PM

Pros: - Looks almost new. Three hairline and deep scratches on the lid, but otherwise cosmetically perfect. - Gorgeous FHD/IPS panel. Wish it was a little bit brighter. - Responsive keyboard (I got lucky and it's backlit too).

Cons: SSD (SK hynix SC210 mSATA 128 GB) sequential read/write: 466 MB/s read, 179 MB/s write.

Overall Review: EPC refurbished my last two laptops and both of them looked almost new. You roll the dice when buying refurbished and I am very pleased with my E7440 (purchased earlier this month) and E7450 (this review).

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Jackpot! Computer is in good shape10/26/2017 6:57:58 PM

Pros: Cosmetically good (few scratches, no dents), despite the grade C rating. Screen has a bright spot about the size of a capital letter X. Expected 1377x768 screen, got a 1600x900 screen. Fairly speedy HDD (100 MBs read/write), which helps me bide time while I save for an SSD. Battery's in good health, get about three hours of life while surfing the Internet and RDP'ing into the office.

Cons: Expected i5 3340M, but got an i5 3320M. 100 MHz loss isn't that big of a deal.

Overall Review: Reluctant spacebar fixed by removing some junk beneath it with compressed air and the edge of a sheet of paper.

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Great value and operation, but well worn8/5/2017 3:02:02 PM

Pros: Perfect operation (CPU, operating system, HDD, 1377x768 display, non-backlit keyboard, bluetooth). No webcam. Great value for the $160 purchase price minus a $20 rebate. Minor upgrade to i5-3320M, which runs cool and fast. Four USB ports (2 are v3.0) and a full-size HDMI port.

Cons: Noisy HDD with over 1400 hours power on operation. Not really a con because I immediately replaced the HDD with a spare SSD. Battery is near end of life, and lasts 2 hours surfing the web and about 45 minutes playing Netflix videos.

Overall Review: It's a grade B laptop, so it had many scuffs (not on the screen) and a corner of the case was moderately bent ... which looked bad, but didn't interfere with the laptop operation.

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Great screen and keyboard2/26/2017 10:43:49 AM

Pros: Terrific screen … bright and sharp. Excellent keyboard feel and illumination. The keyboard base is rigid and doesn't flex when using it to carry around the open laptop. Good video playback and web browsing performance. Good speaker volume.

Cons: I wanted longer battery life. Mine came with a battery in the tablet section, but not with a second battery in the keyboard section. Battery lasts about 3.5 hours when browsing PDF files and web pages, and about 2.5 hours when watching videos. Keyboard doesn't have dedicated Home and End keys.

Overall Review: I'd buy the computer again. This really may be a new laptop. I looked up the service tag number on the Dell web site, and it shows a 1/16/2017 shipping date (I received this laptop in February 2017). My purchase came with a Dell brand charger and it had no scratches. It also came with Windows 10 Pro, even though the Dell product page says that it comes with Windows 8. Charger tip is small diameter (4.5 mm?), and I've ordered a converter cable that works with my several Dell chargers with a larger tip diameter (7.4 mm?). SSD performance, measured with CrystalDiskMark: 128 GB SSD M.2 (LITEONIT L8T-128L9G-11) (2.9 GHz M-5Y71; Dell 7350) seq 435 322 512 300 283 4k 22 39 4kqd32 231 183

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Got a near-perfect used computer12/20/2016 7:20:28 AM

Pros: Looks new. Battery lasts 3-4 hours. 2 USB 3.0 ports, 2 USB 2.0 ports. Unlike a E6330, provides a full-size HDMI port.

Cons: It looks like someone used a pen to draw a 1/4" line on the screen and damaged the pixels below the surface. I used the laptop for two hours before noticing it ... so the defect is subtle and minor.

Overall Review: According to the asset tag, the laptop was built in April 2013. This particular computer had: - nVidia NVS 5200M (a little stronger than the i5's 4000 HD integrated graphics) - backlit keyboard - no bluetooth - no fingerprint reader. It looks like the physical reader is there. But if it's there doesn't provide a driver for it. - Samsung SSD PM830 128 GB; here are the CrystalDiskMark results: seq 458, 302 512k 320, 259 4k 17, 39 4kqd32 230, 106

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Good price for good performance6/14/2014 9:15:28 AM

Pros: Fast enough. Compare its write/read performance (using CrystalDiskMark) to a couple of other models: - Crucial M500 240 GB SSD (2.4 GHz G530 Celeron - Sandy Bridge) seq 477, 280 512k 439, 284 4k 26, 75 4kqd32 339, 255 - Samsung SM841 128 GB SSD (2.6/3.3 GHz Core i5 - Haswell) seq 432, 378 512k 213, 317 4k 23, 41 4kqd32 394, 299 - Kingston v300 120 GB SSD (2.4 GHz G530 Celeron - Sandy Bridge) seq 178, 131 512k 168, 130 4k 19, 80 4kqd32 74, 127

Cons: The M550 and Samsung 840 Pro models are faster, but premium priced.

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Very good6/14/2014 9:06:14 AM

Pros: Excellent range, speed, and up time. I see five bar signal strength and 45 mps data rate in a room four walls and 40 feet away from the router. It delivers 10 mbs greater speed than my ASUS RT-N16.

Cons: None.

Overall Review: I tried this router because I got excellent performance from TP-Link's wireless adapters (the TL-WN822N model is especially good) and I saw great reviews for it from customers for several online stores.

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Not fast, but it's a reasonable entry-level SSD5/10/2014 1:24:34 PM

Pros: Faster than my three-year old OCZ SSD. Compare the CrystalDiskMark benchmark results to a top-line Samsung SSD in my work laptop (Dell E6540): - Kingston v300 2.5" 120 GB SSD (2.4 GHz G530 Celeron - Sandy Bridge) seq 178 131 (read/write) 512k 168 130 4k 19 80 4kqd32 74 127 - Samsung SM841 2.5" 128 GB SSD (2.6/3.3 GHz Core i5 - Haswell) seq 432 378 (read/write) 512k 213 317 4k 23 41 4kqd32 394 299

Cons: At much less than one hundred dollars, none.

Overall Review: My old OCZ SSD finally died and I quickly needed a replacement. I bought this model despite the many sour reviews. If the older models were faster and Kingston didn't change the model number of this drive, I can understand the consumer outrage. The performance/price ratio may have decreased, but I think that it's a good entry-level SSD.

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Excellent speed and a worthy upgrade from TL-WN722N2/17/2014 7:19:27 PM

Pros: I'm very pleased with this adapter and its reliably-high transfer rates. I routinely get 130 or more Mbps in a room that's about 50 feet and five walls away from the router ... while competing with four to eight other wireless clients. I sometimes get 300 Mbps in the same room when there are no other active wireless clients. My TL-WN722N would never exceed 72 Mbps, even when it was located in the same room as my ASUS RT-N16 router.

Cons: None at this price.

Overall Review: The TL-WN722N on my "main" computer wouldn't reliably reconnect when the computer came out of sleep mode. I bought this adapter as an experiment to "throw money at the problem". Well, this adapter has the same problem as TL-WN722N and doesn't reliably reconnect either. This adapter (and the TL-WN722N) doesn't have the reconnect-from-wake problem on three other computers, so I guess it's the computer's fault and not the adapter's. I did disable the option "Allow the computer to turn off the device to save power" on the problem computer.

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Good price for a fully-functional computer with Windows 7 Pro12/24/2013 9:31:00 AM

Pros: My unit came with one long scratch on top and one dust bunny hiding inside the CPU cooling shroud. All of the following ports and slots worked: 6 USB, DisplayPort, VGA, PCIe v1.1 x16. Reasonable Windows Experience numbers: CPU 6.5 (0.1 higher than a Sandy Bridge Celeron G530) RAM 5.5 Aero 4.3 3D 4.5 (improved from 3.5 by installing latest video driver) HD 5.9 provides drivers for this computer.

Cons: At this price there are only nitpicking cons. In a quiet office, the CPU fan is audible but not bad-sounding. It needs more pricy DDR2 PC6400 RAM, but my IT department at work can get it from obsoleted/discarded computers.

Overall Review: Comes with both 32- and 64-bit Windows 7 disks. 32-bit Windows was installed. Installing 64-bit Windows took over 200 service patches, even though the Windows disk included service pack 1. Added a low profile video card and my kids can play minecraft at high visual settings with no lag.

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Work well9/10/2013 8:21:04 AM

Pros: Two of these drives have been running in my household NAS for a month, with no problems. In a somewhat warm bedroom, these drives didn't exceed 92 F when backing up 900 GB.

Cons: Given the overall 3-star customer ranking, I was nervous about ordering these drives. But I like the idea of having hard drives that lie between consumer grade and industrial grade in my household NAS. I've had good luck with Western Digital drives and I hope that luck continues.

Overall Review: None.

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Very nice4/9/2013 3:31:41 PM

Pros: Few scuffs and scratches. Speedy CPU. Battery lasts a couple of hours. New or like-new keyboard. Hard drive is 7200 RPM. 1280 x 800 display is bright and sharp, but I normally use an external monitor connected to the DisplayPort.

Cons: Vendor shipped a 65 watt power adapter instead of a 90 watt one. This caused the CPU to run at 666 MHz (2,000 MHz below rated!). I happened to have a 90 watt adapter to make everything work right and save a warranty call to the vendor. The vendor promised to send the correct adapter (nice!). Wireless adapter is G and not N.

Overall Review: Buying refurbished is a gamble, but I'm very please at the payoff on this purchase.

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Verified Owner
Ownership: 1 day to 1 week
Works great4/7/2013 2:19:48 PM

Pros: Video and audio come through just fine.

Cons: Laptop doesn't recognize the HDMI monitor as a sound playback device, so you have to use the monitor's volume controls. I'm a DisplayPort noob, so that situation may be expected.

Overall Review: This adapter enables me to use an HDMI monitor with an old Dell E6400 laptop with DisplayPort and VGA ports.

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Nice key and mouse button feel2/1/2013 1:12:51 PM

Pros: Keys have a nice low-friction and over-center action. The surfaces are slightly concave (I dislike perfectly flat keys). Mouse buttons and wheel feel good and don't draw attention to themselves. Mouse wheel click (to emulate a middle mouse button) is just right.

Cons: No LEDs to indicate caps lock and scroll lock. The installation guide doesn't mention these LED functions, so I'm guessing that this keyboard simply doesn't provide them.

Overall Review: The key travel is longer than my HP Elite and i-Rocks keyboards, but it still feels good. Also, the keys are a little more wobbly than those keyboards, but it's not bad enough to complain about.

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Displays text and images that are easy on the eyes1/15/2013 9:17:43 PM

Pros: Very sharp and seems to be free of the ghosting that my two VE248s have (purchased in 2010 and 2011). The out-of-the box colors were also much better than the vintage VE248s. I like the matte screen finish because I work near windows.

Cons: Speakers are weak but, if you've read any other reviews, you already know that.

Overall Review: I also use three Dell Ultra Sharp monitors with IPS panels. I think this monitor displays text just as well as they do.

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Nice design11/20/2012 8:31:53 PM

Pros: Speedy i3 CPU and quiet cooling fan. Good speakers and sound for a laptop. I like the keyboard layout, especially the isolated arrow keys. I like the deep-blue case because it's a nice departure from the too-common black and silver cases.

Cons: HDMI and VGA ports are too close. I had to saw off the thumbscrew flange on a VGA cable to use both ports at the same time.

Overall Review: I hope that slightly-concave key surfaces come back into fashion someday.

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Good performance for the money11/3/2012 11:32:17 AM

Pros: Pentium CPU does the job. Boots quickly and the screen is OK. Plays Internet video fine. I connect two monitors to the HDMI/VGA ports and both images are crisp. The textured surface of the track pad feels good, after a period of adjustment. CPU fan is usually running, but muted. Speccy reports 39C-46C CPU temps.

Cons: Tinny speakers; similar to my non-smart cell phone speaker. None of the audio adjustments helped very much. Very flexible chassis. Lifting the corner near the DVD drive flexes the chassis.

Overall Review: WEI (stock memory: 1 x 4 GB PC12800 - laptop clocks RAM at 666 MHz) Processor: 6.2 Memory: 5.9 Graphics: 4.6 Gaming graphics: 5.8 Hard drive: 5.9 WEI (recycled memory: 2 x 4 GB PC8500 - laptop clocks RAM at 533 MHz) Processor: 6.2 Memory: 7.4 (up 1.5) Graphics: 4.4 (down 0.2) Gaming graphics: 5.8 Hard drive: 5.9

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Great sound from near-whisper to LOUD4/3/2012 8:53:57 PM

Pros: Most of the time my speakers are set to a low volume, while I listen to music work. But when I watch a movie after work, I like to turn up the volume. These speakers sound great for both of these conditions. Bass isn't too bad for a 2.0 system. Consumes < 2 watts at the plug, so I don't feel guilty leaving them switched on all the time.

Cons: I didn't buy them on sale. :(

Overall Review: These are fairly tall speakers, but nowhere near as tall as their bigger cousins (t40). They barely fit upright beneath my monitors.

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Excellent performance and value3/7/2012 8:02:54 PM

Pros: Displays sharp text and great color; both behaviors nearly match my Dell IPS (2007FP) monitors at work. Consumes 18-19 watts at factory settings. I actually like the on-screen menus.

Cons: None, at least when it's on sale.

Overall Review: A lot of force is required to tilt. I first tried pushing at the top of the monitor, but then a large gap formed between the screen and the bottom of the frame. Then I tilted it by grabbing it at the sides and twisting.

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Good enough2/24/2012 4:37:10 PM

Pros: If you attach the adapter to a USB extender cable and position it carefully, it obtains a very high link speed (144 Mbps), even when it's located several rooms away from the router. My other adapters and laptops in my household aren't this fast. Don't need to install driver for a computer running Windows 7 SP1.

Cons: Occasionally fails to work when the computer comes out of sleep. Unplugging/re-plugging works fine for a few more sleep cycles.

Overall Review: I have Windows 7 disks without SP1. When I delete the hard drive partitions and install Windows on a fresh partition, this adapter doesn't work (I didn't use the provided driver CD). After using another adapter to download 100 (yes, 100) Windows 7 updates and SP1, and installing them, this adapter worked fine.

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Efficient2/24/2012 4:24:13 PM

Pros: I wanted a low-power CPU that's used primarily to VPN into work. The fan is quiet and the overall power at the plug is 30-35 watts. I ran handbrake for about 40 minutes and the temperature never got above 35 C, referring to the ASUS motherboard thermal probe. It idles at 28 C. The squat (short but wide) cooler works fine. This CPU and its integrated graphics easily handle all the office productivity, HD movie playback, and general Web surfing chores that I have thrown at it. Windows Experience Index value for the CPU is 6.4 and for the RAM is 7.7.

Cons: No overclocking headroom. Rated at 2.4 GHz and the computer locks up at 2.5 GHz.

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Works and looks great2/24/2012 4:13:10 PM

Pros: Plug in the memory and it works. Unless you're overclocking, what more can you ask for? These sticks are hidden away in my case, but the heat spreaders look pretty sophisticated.

Cons: None

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