Perfect for travelling, compact11/24/2015 3:07:33 PM

Pros: Pros: quad core, turbo 2.66 GHz, 2 GB L2, large and fairly speedy hard drive (for 5400 rpm, not bad), 4 GB RAM. USB 3.0 port and 2 USB 2.0 ports, plus SD card slot. HDMI output. Hinge mechanism is good enough for the Space Shuttle, this was my most worrisome element, but I checked on the Dell website and they tried like 200,000 openings closings without a hitch. Turns quickly into a nice tablet, fold over and use the touch screen. Keypad is above average, nice action, a little cramped (but for a 11.5" screen, expected). Touch pad is excellent. I prefer a wireless gaming mouse. Wifi 802.11 n is very fast and had zero problems gaining internet access from my house, various hotels, other people's house, etc. no issues. Bluetooth 4.0. WOW! I was able to do a hard reset to factory using the Dell backup, worked flawlessly. I would highly recommend this product. Also a plus: I have a Windows 8.1 sp2 OS on my phone, and this OS is practically identical, so an easy transition, the tiles, apps all look identical.

Cons: No cons so far, may change the DDR3L memory to 8 GB and get a SSD, that is all the upgrading necessary if you need to.

Overall Review: the other reviewer had a lot of problems with windows 10. But there are workarounds. Windows 8 can boot up on the old desktop screen with one click change in settings. There are little programs that can restore your start menu as well. Warning: if you use a windows phone, as I do, DO NOT synchronize them together. After syncing, i lost my ability to use my hotmail and gmail account! That is why I did a hard reset of both the Dell and my phone, everything back to normal.

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Excellent performance / features11/22/2014 11:07:03 AM

Pros: Recognized F3-2400C11D-8GXM GSkill using xmp profile runs 2400 no problems, using Kaveri 7850K, running at 4.00 GHz. Samsung Evo 120, boots up in 12 seconds after bios screen, I use latest AMD drivers. Asrock turbo 3.0 usb. So many options, most users must stick with auto settings or you could damage things. Stick with standard OC like 10 15 % etc. AsRock has a better layout and more SATA options then the Gigabyte 88x, both good mobo, Asrock has better layout for SFF,, nice feature: HDMI in,

Cons: mini-itx boards dont seem to have display port yet.....

Overall Review: After reading these posts, I think most DIYs are just not able to figure out how to install these components. Start with basics, dont change any voltages, review memory comments, if you use Intel, then get the memory Intel people like, if you use AMD, then use that memory. simple procedure, check before purchasing

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nice case, but no all works8/17/2008 11:59:37 AM

Pros: Great size, looks, see-through panels. P/S- forget it, put in a 360 watt noiseless Zalman. can get a gforce 7800 GS in the space, not sure about newer vid cards. cable mgt is no problem, can get 2 hd in fine. note: this is not for repeated taking apart, too flimsy and screws will eventually bore out the threads.

Cons: LEDs dont work at all. Do they test these? Probably not. Temp LEDs DOA. Again P/S ok for general use, not for video cards or to be used near an AM radio.

Overall Review: Built a few of them, half of which temp leds doa. But real nice for space, and your notebook computer fits perfectly on the top of the case to save space.

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