Very Nice Board8/13/2009 1:07:43 PM

Pros: Giving this board a 5/5 eggs. Reason is b/c I've had absolutely NO problems with this board. Turn it on and boots up just fine and NO errors. Very fast boot up. Rock Solid. Has SLI for us gamers. Board is laid out nicely. I was able to use my older Thermaltake socket 939 all copper heatsink/fan with custom speed control and use on it this AM2+ socket. It plugged in and worked perfect. I don't like using stock heatsink/fan and it saved me some money.

Cons: Has IDE and Floppy controllers. It's time to say good by to ancient IDE and Floppy controllers.

Overall Review: Running Windows 7 and is very very fast with my AMD DC 2.8 4GB RAM. I've not OC'd yet but feel confident I wont have any OCing problems. No kidding...I installed Windows 7 from an 8GB USB drive... did NOT have to use a DVD to load Win7. And, thanks to NEWEGG, you rock!!!

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Thank you AMD!!8/13/2009 12:17:38 PM

Pros: As always AMD is still my processor. Popped it in and turned it on and runs great. I've run other AMD CPU's and this runs cooler than my older AMD dual core CPU's. This sucker is very fast and rock SOLID! The price is cheap and thus allows me to upgrade in the future if I decide to push a Quad.

Cons: None.

Overall Review: I have not OC'd it yet but I will. Also, i'm NOT using the stock heatsink and fan so cannot comment on that. I do recommend if you OC this you use highend heatsink and fan.

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Very good RAM8/13/2009 9:33:37 AM

Pros: Running 4GB's and works great! 3rd computer I've used G.Skill in and I have been very impressed. I have had NO memory problems since using them. The price is right, the timings are very good and I have yet to be dissappointed. Posted timings as package says. Also, running Windows 7 and runs great. NO memory problems there. NONE!

Cons: None.

Overall Review: I haven't OC'd this memory so can't help you there. FYI. Running this G.Skill in: ASUS M4N72-E AM2+/AM2 NVIDIA nForce 750a SLI ATX AMD Motherboard AMD Athlon X2 7850 Black Edition Kuma 2.8GHz 2 x 512KB L2 Cache 2MB L3 Cache Socket AM2+ 95W Dual-Core Processor

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ABSOLUTELY stunning!!!8/13/2009 9:25:32 AM

Pros: Beautiful monitor. Have had NO problems. No bleeding. No dead pixels. Very bright. Amazed with the quality 1920x1080 graphics. Playing Gears of War and I cannot believe how life-like the game is (although I do have a really good graphics card too) I bought this specifially for the HDMI so I can also play my xbox 360.

Cons: Doesn't have HDMI cable but I knew that when I bought it. So far I am very happy with this monitor. Wish I had the $$$ to buy another one.

Overall Review: I dont use the speakers as I have good surround and head set so really cannot comment on that. I applaud ASUS for putting out a very, very good lcd monitor. The stand seems to be OK but I dont really move it that much either. I definitly recommend this monitor. Thank you Newegg!!

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Very Impressed1/21/2008 6:38:01 AM

Pros: plugged in 4GB and had no problems. i've had these for 5 months and no problems. i was impressed with the packaging they didnt just throw it in some brown paper bag. Very nice RED heat spreaders and chrom clips. looks very professional.

Cons: none i can think of.

Overall Review: i normally use Corsair Extreme but for the price and due-to-fact when i bought these back in August 2007, my system board is 3 years old. I would have paid more than double what I paid for a mobo that's 3 years old. i most likely will buy G.Skill in the future. Good product, Good price. As always NEWEGG ROCKS!!!

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CLEAR!!! YES! its breathing again...1/3/2008 6:12:44 AM

Pros: i easily extended my 3yr old ASUS A8N-SLI Deluxe mobo for another two years. its nice to have TWO heart beats in system. i wasted no time in OC'ing to 2.9GHz and have played Crysis in VERYHIGH (yeah, i modded the .ini files) and all is stable. BTW, i'm running a brand new EVGA 8800GTS SSC 640MB Gpu too!!! that definitly helps. i'm sure i can get this well over 3.0GHz with a little more tweaking. i've read about heat with this and even with it OC'ed my temps haven't increased all that much maybe a few but i do have really good cooling in my case and CPU HS/Fan too. i have 12 fans in my case and thats always a plus. Great OverClocker (with proper cooling). Super Fast and very Solid.

Cons: i was disappointed in that it didn't increase my 3DMark05/06 score but by a few measly points.

Overall Review: i would rather run AMD over intel and if you are keeping up you know that the future of AMD is unstable. today, no one really knows what lies ahead for AMD and so i decided to upgrade to this DUAL Core rather than build my next gaming rig right now. i want to see whats next for AMD. Plus, i would rather run an TRUE Quad Core CPU unlike Intel's Faux Quad Core which is technically TWIN DUAL CORES (if i'm wrong please advise, thanks). From what i understand thats NOT a True Quad core like AMD Phenom is. But i will concede the Intel Quad Cores are running faster than AMD's Phenoms Quad Cores. NEWEGG is like this Opteron 180 - ROCK SOLID!!! i ordered this and got a day earlier than i expected.

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SOLID BLACK BOX9/14/2007 1:27:06 PM

Pros: works better than i expected. nice metal case case, thin profile. NOT bulky and easy to transport. easy installation. i'm using this with a brand new Western Digital 500GB SATAII HD. The transfer rate using eSATA is at least twice as fast as USB 2.0. quite fan does an nice job keeping the hard drive cool. nice LED blue/red on/off switch on the front and fan switch in the rear too. some of the reviews i read say they thought the stand was loose. i dont know if they improved that but the stand (at least for now) is really snug and have no problems with that at this time. nice eSATA mounting bracket for PC enclosure.

Cons: eSATA cable could be a little longer. wish it had NIC port.

Overall Review: i've read where some say you have to have the device turned on and plugged in before turning on the computer when using eSATA. For me thats NOT the case. all i have to do is go to Device Manager and do a "Scan for Hardware Changes" and detects it instantly. fan is relatively quite - hardly noticeable. i like the AC plug in. i've read where others fall out of the back b/c of the design. not so on this model. NEWEGG did a great job!!

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SOLID9/14/2007 12:59:29 PM

Pros: super quite and fast. tons of storage for all my bits and bytes. 500GB's for a fantastic price. i bought with a Rosewill RX353-S BLK (Black) 3.5" USB & eSATA Ext. Enclosure. the transfer rate is super fast especially when using eSATA.

Cons: none so far.

Overall Review: i've done a lot of research on hard drives and over the years have had really positive experience with Western Digital. NEWEGG did a fantastice job on both the price and shopping!!

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