8/6/2014 12:43:02 PM

Pros: Card arrived very quickly and in good condition. It is much faster than my old Class 2 SD!

Cons: I now realize that my card reader is too slow!

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Wow, what a disappointment.7/22/2014 1:09:08 PM

Pros: The card has a unique design. Honestly, this is what sold me on the card, as it reminded me of one of the old HardCard interfaces from my 286 days.

Cons: What I received in the mail was very, very disappointing. While the packaging was in good shape, the card itself was in terrible condition. It was quite obviously a refurbished unit, but was not sold as such. The back of the board was still covered in soldering flux which had not been cleaned off properly after performing solder rework. Seriously, the board was heavily over-fluxed, and barely cleaned up afterward. What is more infuriating is that the refurb work was obviously not done correctly or completely. Two of the through-hole SATA power pins are soldered together at the pad (my girlfriend, who does not solder, spotted this problem in less than 5 seconds, it was so obviously botched). I checked all the SATA power pins with my Fluke, and several of them test shorted on continuity. (SATA power has redundant pins, but the incorrect ones are reading shorted.) It still somehow earned a "QC Passed" sticker. Surface work is not much better. Some pads are crooked, and one of the IC pins appears poorly connected. There is a strange bulge on the opposite side of the card where the BGA work appears. I did not dare connect this to my home machine, so I brought it in to work to test. Amazingly, the machine still POSTs and detects the card. However, Windows fails to finish start-up, even if no drives are connected to the card. I have tried multiple drives and motherboards. Power is being supplied to the card. Sedna support seems to have been good about remedying customer issues through NewEgg. I want to give them a chance to respond to this feedback; I hope that they will able to make this right.

Overall Review: I really liked the idea of this card. I was excited to make the jump to SATA 3 for my SSD and my new WD Black. The build quality of this thing makes me shudder at the thought of connecting either.

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