Great m.2 drive7/7/2020 3:59:00 PM

Pros: Quick and easy installation

Cons: none of note

Overall Review: I went from a dell optiplex(with minor upgrades) and hdds to a new PC with m.2 drives. Went from like a 20-30 sec boot from old the new one thats like 7secs. Definitely worth the price considering everything you gain.

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Great PS7/7/2020 3:28:20 PM

Pros: Quiet

Cons: none

Overall Review: Would definitely recommend. Great power supply. I do light, to medium gaming. And keep my pc on 24/7. Have had over a month now. Absolutely no complaints.

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Awesome5/10/2020 4:34:35 PM

Pros: Great power for the price. Runs everything i play flawlessly.

Cons: Wish the screen could go a bit brighter

Overall Review: I would recommend this product!

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Might be bad4/30/2020 8:39:27 AM

Pros: Looks great. 2-m.2 slots 4 RAM slots...great features for price

Cons: Might be a bad egg I got. Directions indicate dual lever on RAM installation but only has single lever for each slot...

Overall Review: Overall the board is definately worth the money considering everything you are getting. I'm hoping this isn't a bad egg. I hooked everything up properly but I am getting no OSD on both vga and hdmi from mother board. I am ordering another power supply for additional power...and just in case the OEM on that came with case(rosewil) is bad....but My cpu fan and case fan come on just idk...any help would be great.

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear Matthew, We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you. Please trouble shoot the mainboard whether the issue is resolved. • Unplug the ATX power, remove all components from mainboard. • Remove the mainboard from chassis, place it on mainboard’s box. • Clear the CMOS. • Reseat the CPU and heatsink fan. • Test with single memory module (un-buffered). • Test with onboard video (CPU with APU or test with VGA card). • Connect the monitor. • Plug the 24 + 8 or 4 pins ATX power. • Connect the chassis power switch to mainboard. • Turn on the power to check if its post. If you have any technical support inquiry, please contact us at We will assist you shortly. Thank you ASRock Support Tech Support Email:
BLEH2/21/2012 7:55:51 PM

Pros: Thin, easy install, seemed legit

Cons: DOA. After hours of troubleshooting , while trying to install my OS the HDD for some reason wouldnt partition, nor could i manually through cmd partition the drive.

Overall Review: First devise from here that was defective...wont let it get my hopes down. thought it was kinda a rip that i had to pay $10 to ship it back to get a not 100% sure fix.

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