Follow up review2/11/2013 7:29:17 AM

Pros: After WAY to much messing around with Firmware flashing and such this router is finally working. I'm worried based on other reviews that it may not last long.

Cons: It's already dropped internet twice since upgraded to the latest firmware. ASUS site doesn't state that you MUST be plugged into port 1 of the router to flash otherwise it states it can't find the router.

Overall Review: If it continues to drop signal, I'll try Tomato or another 3rd party firmware.

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3 hours wasted2/6/2013 8:13:48 PM

Pros: I've been configuring routers for at least 10 years. NOTHING should be this difficult. Even after firmware upgrades it's still a hot mess.

Cons: I'm going to try a open source firmware next but otherwise it's back to newegg.

Overall Review: I wish I'd not purchased as a package deal. Now I'll have to decide if I want to send the entire order back or pay extra for the cable modem. Asus products are usually good quality. Not sure what is going on here. The reviews seem to be right. Disappointed to have spent an evening with ZERO results.

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear Valued Customer, Please contact me at so that I can assist you in whatever matters need attention. What exactly is happen to your router? Any details you can provide about your problem would be appreciated. I am happy to help if you have the time, you can reach me at your convenience. Regards, Jeremy ASUS Customer Loyalty
Freaking sweet!10/31/2012 8:14:59 AM

Pros: It can recharge my EVO nearly three times (so far, haven't tried beyond). The design lets you use the same cable to change the phone and swap it to recharge the battery. Nice touch. Fancy box looks very nice too.

Cons: It doesn't recharge our HP Touchpad or Nook Tablet but I didn't think it would so not the end of the world at this price.

Overall Review: It was 25 bucks with the shocker deal so I'm going to hack the cable and see how long it lasts attempting to change it via a Shimano Dyno hub on my bike. I think it will fail do to the power spike the hub provides but got to try anyway.

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Works great8/13/2012 1:55:26 PM

Pros: My first SSD now that they have gotten down in price a little. Should have done it years ago. FAST has a new name.

Cons: ZERO....ok free would be better but that goes without saying

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It's VERY small8/13/2012 1:53:29 PM

Pros: Win7 32 bit with a USB TV tuner using a total of 24 watts MAX. SSD boots from pushing the power button in about 15 seconds. No need to leave it running at that speed.

Cons: I'm still working out the bugs. Win7 doesn't always stream netflex as well as I'd like, the audio gets ahead of the video. Could be a OS issue though.

Overall Review: To bad it's discontinued because it's a decent low cost, low power netbox. Plenty of power for what I use a system for and it doesn't put a dent in the electric bill.

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Not Bad at All9/29/2011 9:09:03 AM

Pros: Low Power 1080p video play back flawlessly. Uninstalling Bloatware, installing Security Ess. and watching 1080p youtube videos and it barely hit 1GB of ram. For $250 and free shipping this is hard to beat especially given that it comes with a 7 Pro license. I'll buy more if I have clients request

Cons: Bloatware is what it is. And, honestly, it's kind of big compared to other Mini's I've built....but I didn't have to build. They could easily shave a few inches off this system and still use the same parts. Suspect the case can be used for other Mobos.

Overall Review: Really excited to see it didn't have a seagate drive. Case could be used for a different ITX mobo so upgrade is possible. Power supply is typical laptop so easy to replace cheaply if necessary. This system is even somewhat quiet. Haven't checked heat yet but seems decent.

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They are OK12/14/2010 7:47:37 AM

Pros: The panels are fine, they are pulling 30 watts on a fairly cloudy day.

Cons: The stand that they come with is complete garbage. It broke the very first time I tried to assemble it. I'm going to build a real frame for it instead.

Overall Review: Price was right at $99. 30 watts for 99 is very good. Using with another 15 watt panel to run my exterior lighting via 12V deep cycle batteries.

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Review 2 RUN AWAY!12/14/2010 7:45:00 AM

Pros: It WAS and I stress WAS cheap. I'm so mad I'm going to purchase what I have in my cart RIGHT NOW from a different company.

Cons: PSU is dead after less than a month of run time and very VERY light use in that time. It's connected to a line conditions UPS too.

Overall Review: Spend more money and get something of quality. Because it is more than 30 days old NewEgg only suggests to contact the vendor. I'm thinking I've made one of my last Newegg purchases! They appear to be a mere shell of their former company selves (get it?)

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear customer, We apologize for any inconvenience that you have experienced. In order for us to assist you promptly, please kindly contact our RMA Department at 909-348-0588 X 741 or e-mail us at for the RMA number. We will provide the replacement power supply to you as soon as we can. Thank you. Best Regards, In Win Customer Service Team
So far so good.10/19/2010 1:00:44 PM

Pros: Price is right for these little bad boys. Run Win7 very well.

Cons: Had a bent pin but I didn't have time to contact newegg and go though RMA so I took a chance and bent it back (it was only slightly bent). So far so good!

Overall Review: I have another one of these as a Ubuntu server and it has more than enough power.

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It's OK but only OK10/19/2010 12:37:18 PM

Pros: It's cheap and so far quiet

Cons: I've built at least 12 Mini ITX systems and this is the worse case I've used thus far. I needed a case big enough for the stock AMD heat sync but this is just HUGE compared to other mini's I've built and could easily be 1/3 smaller. You must follow the instructions, install HD first, then mobo, then optical drive. The front panel feels very cheap and the lights are some crazy amber color even though the panel is blue (minor really)

Overall Review: In the end, this was a cost effective solution considering it will be in a basement office. I couldn't see it as a media center box, it's just too big and ugly compared to the other options available on NewEgg. NewEgg seems to still have the best selection of MiniITX cases. THANKS NEWEGG

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Great Bang for the buck1/19/2010 7:36:28 AM

Pros: It is HUGE, it has two HDMI ports, and the price was right (including free shipping). No dead pixels, bright screen with good quality and performance all the way up to 1200dpi. Quite pleased.

Cons: The speakers just plan suck. Shouldn't even include. I had to use DVI to HDMI cable to avoid sound coming threw bad speakers even after changing settings on monitor. Still working that out. Using it as a HDTV via a LD external tuner without issue. Great picture.

Overall Review: I replaced a samsung 22" 1050 DPI monitor for this and it has made a huge difference in desktop real estate. I'm going to wall mount it now. All and all this is a great bang for the buck and I would do it again.

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IT works3/20/2009 7:12:22 AM

Pros: it does what it needs to do. Supplies power to a laptop (slim line) dvd drive.

Cons: Cable is a bit long considering you are most likely intending on using this with an ITX box of some sort. A Pass thru power connection would be a VERY good diea. I and to purchase a Y Splitter and space is always a concern in a mini

Overall Review: I would and will buy again and again. I build lots of ITX systems and sata is the way to go. Thanks NewEGG and the reviewers that suggested this cable! ROCK ON

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bang for the buck3/8/2009 9:30:56 AM

Pros: Works great, price is right

Cons: none

Overall Review: Make me lazy and allows me to transfer photos faster than using my wifi from the EEE PC. Installed into Atom dual core using 1gb connection to freeNAS server. Sweet

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Nice size for low cost Mini3/8/2009 8:25:35 AM

Pros: The price is right for a mini ITX case that allows one additional PCI card. The "hidden" 3.5 hard disk holder allowed me to squeeze a card reader into the case as well. Added bonus is that you get to use a full size hard drive and Optical drive saving a lot of money or allowing for bigger hard disk sizes

Cons: PSU fan is a little loud but I will just replace it when needed with something quieter.

Overall Review: I am using this as a Media Center system. It hides nicely in my stereo rack. Using the LittleFalls dual core board and a GB connection to my FreeNAS server. Nice setup. Runs HD TV via USB TV stick perfectly

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Works great, forgot rebate :(1/3/2009 2:25:30 PM

Pros: Works in dual core Atom Intel boxes! Even without the rebate it was 56 bucks! FOR FOUR GIG! Come on, way to go NEWEGG!

Cons: REBATES just suck! Or rather me forgetting to fill them out. Byebye 30 bucks.

Overall Review: GO NEWEGG!

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Perfect size/power1/3/2009 2:23:36 PM

Pros: The keyboard is excellent as is the pad and the screen. Actually everything about this is great! No rebate to fill out and got for 400 during holidaze. I have a 900 (20gb ssd, 900Mhz) as well that I got for 380 about 4 months ago. It is great too but this is much MUCH nicer. I have three total and talked several more people into them as well. Far better than the Acer!

Cons: None that I can think of, oh maybe the OS. Didn't bother installing on this EEE.

Overall Review: Ditch the base xandros included with the system and go with full blown Ubuntu. There are tons of sites that will walk you though the patches required and it is very easy. Much better OS. Took about an hour total to get everything functional. A must. My wife is using this system for teaching this semester and she has only been using Ubuntu for a few weeks and is doing very well. GO LINUX!

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Great Basic Board6/17/2008 6:49:09 AM

Pros: Asus quality means you stand a good chance it will work the first time and many times to come. Great system

Cons: Could use a couple more SATA ports but for a basic system it will work fine.

Overall Review: I build these for people that either want to run Linux or are basic windows users who don't game. For under 400 bucks you can build a very nice low power great performing system. No game box, but solid, quiet and reliable.

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It's a DEAL6/17/2008 6:46:33 AM

Pros: Ok, this is a 30 buck case so how good can it be? Well, that is what I thought, but took the chance. Yes I like Antec cases but they are $$. This case was a dream to install. So easy, the entire system was build in 15 minutes and boots and runs Ubuntu perfectly. I'll buy more!

Cons: None.

Overall Review: NewEgg makes it possible to build a sub 400 system that is both low power and very functional. With the AMD X2 45 watt processor and a Plus 80 power supply this is pushing less than 60 watts total! Very nice system

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2000 plus pictures!4/14/2008 12:26:38 PM

Pros: Come on, it's under 15 buck and it is 4GB of storage. How can you go wrong. I bought two. One for my camera and one to dual boot my EEE PC. New Egg ROCKS.

Cons: It wasn't free but if it was we wouldn't need NewEgg.

Overall Review: Probably should have bought a couple more.

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Hard to beat8/13/2007 10:09:35 AM

Pros: Bang for the buck this is a hard to beat deal.

Cons: None, working great

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Verified Owner
Ownership: 1 week to 1 month
Rock Solid!8/13/2007 10:08:36 AM

Pros: Lots of features, works right out of the box. Quality Product, Great for Ubuntu 7.04 LAMP

Cons: None

Overall Review: If you got a case to fit it in, these is a great board. I don't game so not sure on that end but as a Linux server this is very nice.

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nice and tight12/5/2006 1:23:03 PM

Pros: Small and light yet easy enough to work with. All cables labled properly.

Cons: Sent without screws but NEWEGG ruled by coming though in the end. THANKS NEWEGG

Overall Review: I am using this as a small server with one optical drive and three 250SATA drives. Working great!

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Verified Owner
Ownership: 1 month to 1 year
WOW What a camera!11/24/2006 2:39:05 PM

Pros: I purchased for the image stablizer and WOW what a difference. W/my old camera I could take 10 pictures and 3 would be useable due to big zoom and no IS. With this 9 out of 10 or a perfect 10.

Cons: zero

Overall Review: The video with stereo recording is sweet and I find I use it more than I ever thought I would. The zoom is great, no need to even use the digital when you have 12x optical. Buy without worry. NewEgg even had a 1 gig card deal for FREE!

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Nice little case11/24/2006 2:33:40 PM

Pros: Nice size and the slide out mobo tray makes installation a snap. All connections labeled well. Would buy another anytime. Using as a small Linux server. Like the lcd with temp for processor and HD.

Cons: Mine was opened when it arrived and didn't have the screws or power cable! Not a big deal to me, I had many extra. The 120 mm fan is a bit loud but works well.

Overall Review: NewEgg RULES! notifed them about the problem above and they bent over backwards to resolve.

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WOW what an improvement10/6/2006 6:56:55 AM

Pros: This is a replacement for what I considered a very good Olympus digital (3MP, 8x zoom) and BOY WHAT A REPLACEMENT. I have taken over 300 shots of my daughter and nearly all are great! It is difficult to take a bad pictures with it. New Egg's Customer Service is 2nd to none too! Credit back for "Rush" processing that was delayed without me asking! ROCK ON NEW EGG

Cons: Not really a CON but WOW are there a lot of bells and whistles on this beast. You almost need a video to learn all the features.

Overall Review: Do not hesitate to purchase this great camera. You will not be disappointed.

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