Corsair ML120 PRO rgb8/8/2021 8:57:19 AM

Pros: Colorful and easy install

Cons: Price

Overall Review: Works great, had to wait a few weeks to receive but saved a few bucks ordering from China. I was nervous because of other reviews from buyer but it was tracked correctly the whole time. No problems at all!

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GPU bracket8/8/2021 8:54:55 AM

Pros: Great lighting & easy install

Cons: Doesnt fit my 3060ti

Overall Review: I bought this just for the lighting purposes, I didnt use it as a support bracket. Wouldnt fit my gpu had to wait a couple weeks but I saved a few bucks so cant complain. I was able to track the package accurately the whole time.

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ML 140 Pro RGB8/1/2021 9:29:43 AM

Overall Review: Amazing fans, I bought these to match my H115i AIO cooler. Work great!

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iCue H115i Elite7/28/2021 10:29:23 AM

Pros: Rgb looks amazing and comes with 2 different pump covers. Cooled my system about 15 degrees Celsius more than my fan cooler at idle. Absolutely stunning and beautiful finish as always. Fans are very quiet and it was super easy to install. Ive never built a PC or anything and I did it without a problem!

Cons: Not too many preset RGB modes but thats just iCue, Ill have to make a custom one to my liking. And obviously its Corsair and price is a little high.

Overall Review: Great product, can never go wrong with Corsair.just a bit pricier than most as usual. 10/10 would recommend

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