Hard Drive Failure..after hard drive failure7/28/2011 3:18:04 PM

Pros: There isnt a flaw with these drives, we have probably purchased in excess of 100 of them in the last 3 months. Great drive...if you are using in a system with a backplane, just make sure you get one that has been qualified to run at SAS/SATA 600 speeds as some of the older backplanes that are qualified with 150/300 speeds can't auto negotiate the drives down to 300, so you end up with them all running at SATA150.

Cons: *Newegg can't pack hard drives* We needed some drives, but not quite a 20 packs worth so we ordered 10. When they arrived they had the bottom of a 20 pack, but they didnt use the correct top, just a flat piece of foam. On top of that, the drives were packed upside down according to the markings on the exterior of the box, so of course when the box was opened by shipping and receiving the drives were all over the place in the box because I am sure that they spent the better part of their journey what should have been "rightside" up. A couple drives were just DOA. Then we noticed that drives were intermittently failing during the array build process. It should be noted that sitting right next to this system were 5 identical systems, same internals, all operating as they should, arrays built and verified without issue. With drives failing left and right we took all of this systems drives and placed them in a known good unit and placed that units drives in the problem system. The known...

Overall Review: (Continued from above Cons) ...good drives built and verified fine in the "problem" system, and the known good system kept failing with the set of drives from newegg. Swapped them back around and once again the problems followed the newegg packed drives. We decided to just send them all back because we could never trust an array to so many questionable drives even if we weeded out the ones that were failing since the potential was very high that we would see further failed drives from this shipment. We absorbed the restock fee of over $200 and had our usual vendor break up a 20 pack and overnight them in. I would HIGHLY recommend against buying a somewhat sizable order from newegg unless you can just buy a unbroken 20 pack. We have ordered singles or a quantity of 2-3 without issue. Newegg has gotten a bad rap in the past for shipping hard drives using less than desirable methods, and in some areas they have improved. Obviously they still have some work to do.

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