Great motherboard for the price!8/31/2021 6:50:22 PM

Pros: -Intel LAN/WLAN (Wifi 6 out of the box) -Worked with Ryzen 5600X out of the box. -Mostly silent -Good BIOS layout and feature pack for casual overclockers. -Adequate for most processors out there running at mostly stock settings.

Cons: -Placement of the chipset fan (GPU heatsink most likely will cover your chipset fan). - No USB-TypeC front panel header(Extreme 4 is a similar board but with a TypeC header if you absolutely need one) -SB and M.2 heatsink is one massive piece of metal rather than having separate cutouts for each. (Makes replacing M.2 drives unecessarily difficult) -Cannot flash BIOS without a CPU installed. (A good number of boards at this price point support this)

Overall Review: Overall I love this board, this will go into any themed builds, the BIOS is easy to navigate and is adequate. Definitely could improve on making the M.2/Chipset heatsink modular as well as place the chipset/fan in such a way that it doesn't get blocked by the GPU. The biggest reason I bought this board over other options is because they include Intel LAN/WLAN at this price point and my experience with I211-AT has been nothing short of stellar in the previous boards I bought. VRMs also stay relatively cool with a PBO Ryzen 5 5600X with some airflow, the heatsink on the VRM is adequate. Runs my 32GB 3600 CL14 kit right out of the box so definitely a plus there but do check the QVL list on their website to confirm that it does. Plenty of fan connectors too as well as plently of USB2.0/3.0 internal headers is always welcome, but this lacks more USB 3.2 Gen2 port s(only 1) on the back panel. In short, you cannot go wrong with this board, supports Zen3 Processors out of the box (I guess I was lucky enough to get an updated BIOS version) but you might need to update the BIOS if it doesn't. Really would have loved the BIOS flashback feature that is found in many other boards, but can't complain too much since it came with the right BIOS out of the box. The board is feature rich and if you are a regular user like I am, this board is more than enough for most use cases.

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Great SFX PSU for the price.12/28/2020 5:15:37 PM

Pros: - 80+ Gold - SFX-L form factor - 10 year warranty - Plenty cables/connector - Cable-ties/zip-ties included

Cons: - Would like slightly more flexible cables - single 6+2 pin PCIE cable included would be nice.

Overall Review: Overall I'd recommend this product highly, the build quality is amazing and I have had no trouble with it so far.

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Amazing board for the price.11/7/2020 3:15:26 PM

Pros: -Premium components that rival even more expensive motherboards -Chipset fan rarely turns on -FP USBC connector -Easy to navigate BIOS -Perfect balance of subtlety and RGB, can go with any build.

Cons: -Avability is something to be desired for, it goes frequently out of stock

Overall Review: -Additionally, if you're running a zen2 CPU, don't update the BIOS for zen3 until you have the chip in hand, with my 3600 I exeprienced a lot of BSOD/freezes and thought of RMAing the board multiple times but as soon as I popped the 5600X into it, all of issues were gone. Overall its a solid board, would recommend to anyone on a mid-high end systems.

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Best 2070 SUper AIB card10/4/2020 11:55:13 AM

Pros: - Cool and quiet - High boost and memory clocks, even higher OC potential due to higher power limit - Clean look that can go with any build - Substantial heatsink for full fan stop at idle - medium load work. - ICX 2.0 Sensors allows monitoring every viatal component of the GPU

Cons: - triple slot GPU may not fit in all systems - Heavy

Overall Review: Overall this card is great, simple to set up and use, Precision X1 utility is amazing and helps me easily tune the card/OC it a a click of a button. Highly recommend this 2070 Super AIB if you're willing to spend a tad bit more on a well engineered card.

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Great monitor for a bargain!6/1/2020 11:59:55 PM

Pros: -165 Hz/1440P/VA Panel. -Brighter than my old 24 inch 1080p/144hz monitor. -Freesync works right out of the box (On linux as well but not sure if its relevant). -Best implemetation of control panel I've seen (4 directional joystick to control all settiings)

Cons: -None so far.

Overall Review: Great monitor for an amazing price, with high refresh rate, ample brightness and solid build. Overall am very satisfied.

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A kit so good I ordered another one!4/11/2020 1:31:44 AM

Pros: -Runs at XMP -Can Manually OC with ease -Its extremely fast -Will fit Noctua NH-D15 with front fan removed.

Cons: -Slightly taller heatsinks for my liking.

Overall Review: Overall, these are great binned B-Dies and I have it running in my system @ 3733 MHz with 14-14-14-28-42-294 as timings and I believe this could go upto 3800 MHz if my 3800X could be stable at 3800 MHz Fclk. I have no complaints with them.

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