Sucks....6/4/2021 3:27:10 PM

Pros: Storage size.

Cons: Too many for words to explain. If you plan to use this for chia plotting and for concurrent parallel plots, it gives errors. I tried to do 8 plots with Ryzen 3700x and 64gb ram, errors on the plots. Then I did delay time and still slow, there are other pcie gen 3.0 x4 that are faster and better a 64k writes. Even as a storage device, it's only serviceable at best. When files get larger than the buffer, it's no faster than a sata ssd. Realtek nvme controller sucks, stick with Samsung or Phison. I had to remove the wannabe heatsink for a real heatsink to keep them in good range.

Overall Review: Only buy it for the storage size, not for the advertised speed. Companies should really advertise sustainable speeds, not burst speeds. I ended up using it to store my games on my gaming/productivity pc rig.

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Works as advertised4/22/2021 2:18:22 AM

Pros: Can turn m.2 wifi cards to wifi pcie card.

Cons: None

Overall Review: Good product. Help me reuse wifi card that I previously upgraded to ax210 ones. I'm using the two I bought for some old pc builds that need wifi and Bluetooth.

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Bought another set4/16/2021 11:06:47 AM

Pros: Cheap, good for case ventilation. RGB.

Cons: Not ideal for radiator/liquid cooling. Doesn't have enough static pressure for that application.

Overall Review: Good for a case fan, not radiator applications.

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Cheap but not efficient3/4/2021 4:43:11 AM

Pros: Cheap priced argb fans and decent lighting

Cons: Poor static and no adjustments for fan speeds. Leads to not being great for liquid radiator applications

Overall Review: They should have included fan speed adjustability,pwm. I doubt the static pressure. Would not suggest putting this on a liquid radiator setup. They do the job as decent case ventilation fans.

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Works good2/2/2021 9:55:26 PM

Overall Review: Works

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Works great2/2/2021 9:54:57 PM

Pros: Cool good and is rgb

Cons: Rgb controller is annoying to install and cluttered.

Overall Review: One of the better AIO water coolers. I ended up just connecting the rgb directly to the mobo instead of the controller.

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A little too big2/2/2021 9:53:14 PM

Pros: RGB and cools fine.

Cons: Too thick and I had to relocate it to the bottom m.2 slot because the gpu could be installed.

Overall Review: Does as described. Just need to be half the thickness to fit a gpu.

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Great price2/2/2021 9:51:12 PM

Pros: Affordable x570 mobo

Cons: Doesn't have a type C port or rgb lighting.

Overall Review: Good entry level amd X570 mobo.

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Does what I need.2/2/2021 9:49:24 PM

Pros: Way quicker than Sata III and small footprint.

Cons: Strangely on my mobo, the 1st m.2 slot ran at full speed, but the second one runs at 75% speed. Both slot are pcie gen 4 and I'm running Amd x570 and R5 3600.

Overall Review: Good value and speed for nvme pcie gen 3 ssd.

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Good Value2/2/2021 9:46:00 PM

Pros: Affordable and meets my needs.

Cons: Wish the Zen 3 stock wasn't depleted.

Overall Review: Decent performance after upgrading from an old FX-8320. This will hold me over whenever the next Zen 3+ or Zen 4. Eventually will migrate the build to a truenas core when the time comes.

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Good Performance, Poor Engineering3/18/2014 12:56:48 AM

Pros: Cools nearly 20 to 25 degrees less than the stock MSI Twin Frozr III HD7970 OC BE cooler. Quiet and still not too big to fit in the case, even the Accelero Mono Plus is more of a issue in fitment. 3 eggs for the performance, the saving grace part of this review.

Cons: Bad engineering design, always a danger to pull out the pci-e power plug. You have to flex the board/ cooler to unplug them. Wish they made a cut out section to prevent this. RAM/VRM heatsink seem to perform less than the stock setup, but seem to be the norm with these type of coolers. Packages is flimsy and I had a few bent fins, but bent them back to shape as much as possible. The hassle of putting the electric shield taping is an annoying task, there has to be a better way to avoid grounding out? Still using Ontrac, wish Newegg would ship with UPS, FedEX, DHL, USPS, etc, Ontrac has a bad rep. Sure they co-attributed to the bent fins on my cooler. 1 egg off for engineer flaw and 1 egg off for manufacture packaging/Ontrac shipping company.

Overall Review: Arctic Cooling needs to improve their engineerings flaw of the power connector area/space issue, current protective tape issue, mounting of the VRM/RAM heatsinks with better thermal performance and maybe include a bracket to prevent flexing from the weight of the cooler. For Newegg, please stop using Ontrac.

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