Great Battery Life, Super fast CPU, Love the Pen6/2/2021 7:22:38 AM

Pros: The laptop has exceeded my expectations so far. Keep in mind that this is not a premium laptop, this is a value mid range laptop. Its not going to play the latest games and it doesn't have a premium metal chassis. What it does have is a pleasantly fast CPU, a full size NVME ssd internally that is easy to replace and upgrade, and a fantastic tablet mode. I purchased the Lenovo Active Pen 2 separately and have been using it for note taking and some light drawing. After examining the internals I've found that the battery is incredibly easy to replace and the laptop uses a dual heat pipe design with a large fan that is incredibly quiet at full speed compared to my old macbook and intel thinkpads. Very interesting is that the entire heat pipe and heatsink assembly is painted black though you'll never see it externally.

Cons: The keyboard is a bit shallow although it feels better than a macbook keyboard, and the screen is not very bright. This lack of brightness is made worse by how glossy the screen is but this is a 2 in 1 tablet laptop with an active digitizer display so some compromises had to be made. Ram is completely soldered but this isn't a big deal to me because unless you can replace all of the ram in a modern laptop, its not worth doing at all. It is more important to maintain dual channel memory. Just keep in mind that the 16gb this laptop comes with is all its going to ever have.

Overall Review: If you want a laptop for work, I would recommend this at or below $800 If you're looking for something for gaming, why are you buying a 2 in 1? Stop, get some help, the pandemic isn't that bad.

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