Solid low price board8/20/2020 2:25:48 PM

Pros: I had no trouble building this into my current system. Build quality seems good to me. Nothing was hard to access. Easy and pleasant BIOS screen. Everything that I've come to expect from Giga.

Cons: A no-nonsense build sheet would be a nice addition to the package, I had to print out some pinout information from the online manual, which is fine but not ideal.

Overall Review: I'd recommend this board for anyone looking to build a new rig on a budget.

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Mostly as expected3/28/2019 3:51:34 PM

Pros: Needed a card compatible with an older device. This arrived quickly and works as expected.

Cons: This is a minor thing, but on the photo description of the item does not exactly match the item received. The description photo showed made in Japan, the received item was made in Taiwan.

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Great little card5/3/2015 8:35:51 AM

Pros: I rolled the dice on this card as I needed it for a SFF pc with only 250W power supply. This is under the required power which is listed for this card, however everything seems to work fine after running some stress tests.

Cons: None for me.

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good choice for non critical systems8/18/2013 10:58:31 AM

Pros: These drives are solid. I have many in my lab that have been spinning continuously for six plus years and are still going strong. These refurb models are a fantastic bargain.

Cons: short warranty

Overall Review: I wouldn't be putting these drives into production hardware, but they make it really affordable to keep older rigs running.

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Good basic video card7/10/2013 2:42:33 PM

Pros: This card had the best support for the old television that I needed to use. This product has everything that I need and nothing that I don't.

Cons: I got some comments from my co-workers about the lady on the box, not exactly perfect for a workplace setting.

Overall Review: I used this card in a SFF PC to display monitoring and alerting information on a large screen television. I can't believe some of these cards that say "low profile ready" don't come with a low profile bracket.

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Great company great product7/24/2012 1:14:23 PM

Pros: These PWM fans look just the same as the older models but with the 4 wire connector, of course. Everything is as it should be for a top of the line fan. I like the inclusion of extension wires, I don't use the Y connectors or the speed reducers, but they are nice things to have. My old fans are approaching 4 years of constant operation and still running great.

Cons: They should have included extra silicon mounting "screws", they are a bit easy to break and they were a little tricky to pull into the aluminium case (hole edges were sharp).

Overall Review: I was really impressed that Nocuta sent me a new mounting kit for my old CPU cooler free of charge. This is the kind of customer service that makes me a believer.

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Antec for life!7/13/2012 4:47:24 PM

Pros: I'm sold on these modular power supplies. I really like being able to see which rail certain components are plugged into. Also it's great to not have a lot of extra power cables cluttering up the build. The fan is very quiet, but admittedly I have not tested it in a high temperature environment. The noise that it produces is very pleasant, more of a "woosh" than a whine.

Cons: I only really have one gripe about these power supplies; the connection for the cables to the power supply is the same as the 6 pin PCIe connector for a video card. It is quite possible to plug a cable in backwards if you're not careful. If you do this you won't be able to turn your computer on. The cables are labelled and it was a careless mistake, but I can't help but think they should have designed a different connector that wouldn't have been confused with any other style.

Overall Review: This is my third Antec power supply with modular connections.

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Solid RAM7/13/2012 4:31:19 PM

Pros: I got this ram for a new (no OC) Ivy Bridge build. It was all detected on the first install. I ran memtest against it for about a week, installed Windows and I have been running prime95 for the last week, it has never failed any test. I also like the fact that the heat sink is low profile. It makes fitting some CPU coolers much easier.

Cons: The SPD settings on this RAM are for less than the rated spec, so unless you manually set the speed it will run at 1333 not 1600. It's passed every test at 1600 with 8 CAS timings but it seems like the SPD settings should be the same as the rating on the "box".

Overall Review: Annoyingly this RAM shipped from New Jersey - I wish there was a way to tell where something is shipping from before I place an order, I might have paid for expedited shipping if I had known.

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Lots of fun7/13/2012 4:18:09 PM

Pros: It's still a bit hard to believe that we can buy a toy such as this for twenty bucks and it actually flies and you can control it. I've owned 3 small choppers like this and this one seems to have the best battery life. It's taken some bad spills and the plastic tail stabilizer cracked off but it still flies great, so it seems fairly durable.

Cons: I wish the tail rotor gave a bit more tilt so it could fly faster, but it's not really a con. I think if I could go faster I would have had more damaging crashes by now.

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Great toy2/7/2012 11:29:31 AM

Pros: I intended to give this as a christmas present but I broke down and started playing with it myself. It's a ton of fun for the price, this is the first RC toy I have played with in many years. I didn't think it would last so long, even with my ham handed flying a few minor repairs have kept it going for almost 3 months now.

Cons: The battery is getting noticably weaker after a couple months of use, however I haven't been too careful to wait for it to cool down before charging. All in all I can't complain too much.

Overall Review: Beware this thing is like a gateway drug, you will want more RC toys after getting this one.

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Why didn't we get it sooner?1/7/2011 9:48:46 AM

Pros: I bought this for my parents as a Christmas gift. I set it up for them and found it pretty easy. They love it. They have replaced 3 remotes with this one. It works just great for their equipment. I think anyone could set this up and make it work. The mini screen on the remote is also great for helping you troubleshoot issues after the remote is programmed.

Cons: Sometimes when programming from another remote, it took a few tries for the harmony to pick up the signal. I can't say that this is a problem with the harmony for sure, it might be a problem with the other remote.

Overall Review: Success or failure for devices like this are down to compatibility. Logitech has an excellent web site for compatibility before you buy and once you are programming it, I found the software to be very easy to use.

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Cheap no frills storage4/21/2010 9:42:09 PM

Pros: Unbeatable price/GB. Good build quality. Good speed (up to 30MB/sec). Nice and quiet. It has a light.

Cons: Would be nice if it was smaller. I wish it could run off USB power and didn't need the wall wart.

Overall Review: I'm using this unit as an offsite backup for my important data.

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Cheap N wireless4/21/2010 9:37:57 PM

Pros: Bargain price. Looks like a UFO. Runs third party firmware (but no UFOness).

Cons: The Wii still stutters on videos but I don't know that it's not their (Nintendo's) network. Some devices can't connect to the 5GHz band N wireless and they insist on 2.4GHz band. This device will not share the 2.4GHz band between N and B/G. So this isn't a one stop shop for my household wireless needs. No gigabit wired ethernet.

Overall Review: Not a bad router for the money

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Coworkers very impressed4/21/2010 9:31:19 PM

Pros: I bought this for my work laptop. It's a "Smell Longitude" D630 and this + Windows7 has given it a new lease on life. This is my third SSD so I knew what to expect, my first Intel and it didn't disappoint. Everyone I've showed to is impressed at how fast I can boot up from cold and get notes started.

Cons: I installed from scratch media. I'm not sure the IT guys can use their imaging tool with the SSD due to the way SSDs need to be formatted.

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Love this camera1/29/2009 6:54:16 PM

Pros: This camera is a huge step up from my last digital camera. I like the compact size but still with a large lens. I have been very happy with the quality of pictures that I've been getting. It powers up fast and takes rapid pictures. I was worried that it wouldn't have enough manual control but I am satisfied.

Cons: I wish I could charge the battery without taking it out of the camera. Layout of the microphone. I wish it used the more standard mini USB connector, instead it uses a different one that all the other mini USB adapter devices that I have.

Overall Review: Overall this camera is a spectacular value and unbeatable in terms of what you can get in such a small package.

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Great Drive1/29/2009 6:47:34 PM

Pros: This drive is much shorter than the drive it replaced, nice when trying to fit it into a tight case. I have found this drive to be very quiet. I have found this drive to be fast and reliable. I have never had a problem backing up DVDs from a popular mail delivery service and on an old machine (p4 2.4Ghz) it takes about 30 minutes for most disks. Excellent price.

Cons: I have had absolutely no problems with this drive.

Overall Review: Be advised I have not been burning disks with this drive or using the lightscribe features.

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Does what I needed1/29/2009 6:37:52 PM

Pros: Reliable wireless mouse and keyboard. Many features work with no additional drivers on WinXP. Keyboard works in BIOS setup on an older PC. Good layout of controls. Solid feel, decent build quality.

Cons: Wireless remote trackball is a bit touchy, I could probably move the receiver to a better position but as it is (on the back of a case near a bunch of stereo components) is works OK. Sometimes I have to hold it in a slightly different position. Batteries.

Overall Review: I am not generally a fan of wireless stuff but it's the only way to fly with a HTPC type setup. I like this unit and I am generally very satisfied with it.

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Great cam8/10/2008 1:31:20 AM

Pros: I consider this camera to be an excellent value. It's almost as good as my Logitech 9000 something camera for cheap.

Cons: The mounting is pretty ghetto, but nothing a little gaffer's tape can't remedy.

Overall Review: I bought this camera for my girlfriend to use on Skype, I didn't bother getting a high quality camera because the computer using this camera is older, unable to encode hi-quality video on skype. Also, make sure you check out the focus ring!

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Pricey but speedy8/10/2008 1:24:47 AM

Pros: This is a serious boost in CPU power for me. It's up and running on my old ASUS P5B-E, which is excellent for extending the life of my system.

Cons: So far so good. It's a slight annoyance that the core temparatures read so differently (all 4 under full load thanks to BOINC), but as long as it doesn't hang I'm happy.

Overall Review: Make sure you update your BIOS *before* installing your new CPU, so you don't have to switch the old one back in just to get it updated!

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Love this board11/28/2005 1:52:06 PM

Comments: I built a nearly silent system with this board. I really like the heat pipe cooling for the NB chip. Another feature that I really like is the built in fan controller. This thing has been solid as a rock for me since it first booted. This is my second ABIT mobo and I'm very pleased.

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Very good case, almost excellent11/28/2005 1:46:29 PM

Comments: Almost everything about this case is perfect: Top quality construction, everything feels very solid. Very quiet fans, my new build is nearly silent. High gloss white paint with aluminum trim on front, looks very sharp. However, it seems to me, Antec should have provided more drive covers for the front. Perhaps this is a minor point, but looks are fairly important to me. I really wish it came with at least one more plain blank cover and also a cover for a floppy drive like the optical drive covers it comes with. Unfortunately, even a "white" floppy drive is not a match for the high gloss white look of the case.

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