Must have for thread rippers3/8/2021 8:37:35 AM

Pros: 2TB version Very fast Works great with an AMD 24 core thread ripper.

Cons: Wish it was 4Tb I keep kicking myself for not getting this sooner.

Overall Review: I use my computer for unreal development and source code compiling. My previous HD was a raid 10 with 4 7200 drives. I thought this was a good set up until i switched to the 980. h_o_l_y cow.. packaging times went from 18 mins to 6.. Full source compiles went from 1+ hour to 15 mins. If you get paid by the job you really need this for your work machines.

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Don't do it - serious gamers should steer away from this experiment3/16/2016 6:18:07 AM

Pros: 1) It looks slick if you are into the "transformers" look 2) it ca be used left or right handed 3) it can be "customized" via these cute little magnetic wings 4) it's wireless? more below

Cons: 1) it's wireless.... well.. it can be used as a wireless mouse when ever "it" feels like it. You need to constantly "pair" it when ever you puter goes to sleep and shuts down the USB that powers the little Bluetooth/wifi/charge sub station. Give me a freaking break. 2) the wifi/bluetooth/charge station is the weak link. if it fails..then no wireless. so much for that +100$ you just spent. And it just failed pairing a few minutes ago. 3) customized? you need the screw driver that comes with it( or a really small one that you own) to adjust the length. good thing you do this just once. The little wings with magnets feels like a cheap shot. could have saved $10 and the precious metals that made the magnets and just dropped the feature. 4) battery life sucks.and read above. if you power down your puter at nite it may stop charging. which is exactly when it will be dead. every day after 8 hours..dead. 5) the side buttons feel like a cheap piece of plastic. I think they are a combo 3 button config but I never use them as intended. Go ahead and blame me for that, but most of the design seams like a work in progress. 6) Your co-workers get to make fun of you. I could care less but some of you might feel really burned after loosening the wallet by +100. 7) Does not glide across the mouse pad as well as cheaper mice. In the past I never really noticed this but this mouse does seam to take more effort to move around. And not in the nice way. 8) it stares at you when you are not looking. A co-worker saw this the other day. It's an evil mouse to be sure.

Overall Review: If I can get my $$ back I would bump it up a star. I actually paid for 3 year warranty. What a waste. As a wired mouse it would be worth about $30. The Logitech's "righties" run circles around it feel wise. Unfortunately they do not make many good "lefties" so I tried this one out. I think I'm going to find my old Boomslang and gut it.. then drop in new laser guts and try that out. I know it would "feel" better right off the bat. Remember folks - friends don't let friends buy an Ouroboros (what ever the heck that is)

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Cheap PSU3/20/2013 2:18:03 PM

Pros: Plugs in and works like you would expect any PSU

Cons: Breaks down under minimal load. I'm running a single video card and do not over clock. Within 6 months my MB is shutting down complaining that the voltage from PSU is too low. I'm ordering an enermax and hoping to hell my MB is not damaged.

Overall Review: I figured grabbing a 1200 watt PSU when I only needed 600 would help the PSU last a long time. Big mistake. I will not buy a Coolmax product from this point on. I also am within the warrantee and could get a replacement but after reading all the reviews I dare not place any Coolmax products in my puter case.

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