Superb cooling *if* you do a little research2/18/2011 10:30:29 AM

Pros: - Excellent cooling, much much better than the stock cooler (ref HD6970) - incredibly quiet, barely noticeable even at 100% fan speed *with stock cooling, my HD6970 got to ~84C at 100% load with 65% fan speed (as loud as a hairdryer). With AXP, at 65% fan (quieter than stock cooler at 23%) the temperature never went past 52C.

Cons: - HUGE! I can no longer use the Air Duct in the HAF-X with this installed, and its still a tight fit. - does not come with ram/vrm sinks. - takes up 3 slots

Overall Review: I really recommend installing the your stock backplate because the AXP may sag your card: it is held on by only 4 screws around the gpu. For my HD6970 I used #4-40 x 1.6mm nuts with the stock screws to secure the backplate onto the card. For ram/vrm cooling I got the VR001 kit. I used 8 ramsinks, 3 long vrm sinks and 1 small vrm sink for the chip at the top left (look at where the thermal pads are placed on the stock heatsink as a reference for where they should go).

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Also useful besides gaming! Great for pc enthusiasts.1/14/2011 6:41:41 PM

Pros: - sturdy construction - good key placement, comfortable for my hand - completely re-mappable keys - thumbstick can be used as a joystick, mouse, or any 4 keys. - very useful LCD, tons of support and pluggins

Cons: - the cap on the thumbstick is too small. If you have an old Logitech gamepad around, replacing the cap with the the one from the gamepad is certainly a way to fix that problem, just make sure you re-calibrate it afterward. - some keys are sticky on mine, especially g20. - joystick don't work in all games, but that is hardly the g13's fault. - I wish there is a mechanical key version, yes the blackwidow spoiled me.

Overall Review: Even though I mostly game on my Blackwidow Ultimate these days I still find some uses for the g13, mostly its nifty LCD. I mainly use it to display cpu/gpu clocks/temperature/power etc from Aida64 or other benchmarking software that supports it. Its a great way to tell if your SLI/CrossfireX is correctly working everytime and all your temps are in check. This is more efficient than overhead these info on your monitor or 2ndary display while you're running full screen 3D. HOWEVER, if a game does support the joystick, I'd always use the g13: You'll get to control movements (especially vehicles) with the fluidity of a console controller + the accuracy and speed of your mouse, best of both worlds! More developers should allow this option in the future.

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Incredible quality!1/14/2011 5:51:57 PM

Pros: - sounds incredible on all speakers, even the cheaper ones like the Logitech z5500. - sounds incredible in all modes (game/entertainment/audio creation). But for flawless untempered audio use audio creation mode with bit-matched playback. - EAX alchemy for older games - finally a creative software that works perfectly out of the box in win7 64-bit. - blows my old X-Fi Elite Pro and any onboard audio away. - shroud to keep the heat from the video card below it away from the x-fi. - comes with cables

Cons: - no analog connection for multi-channel surround sound - requires external decoder

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May be my last keyboard for a while!1/14/2011 5:30:40 PM

Pros: - sturdy construction - clicky feedback, great for rpg/mmo/rts games + apps that has many hotkeys like adobe or 3d modeling software. - re-mappable keys - nice simple, compact design, looks professional - no gimmicks - cool back-light to impress guests

Cons: - would prefer the usb ports to be in the front of the keyboard instead of the right, as for now its useless since my mouse is so close to it. - the F keys are a bit too far to the right, would prefer them to align with the number keys. - can be a bit noisy late at night when your family is asleep, hope your pc isn't in the same room.

Overall Review: The keys were a bit noisy at first compared to my old Razer Reclusa but it only took me a week to get used to it. Now I don't even notice it. Once you play with it for a week, try going back to a membrane keyboard, it will feel like your typing on gel. Like many people have said, once you go mech there's no going back!

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works great!1/14/2011 4:57:16 PM

Pros: - does what it is supposed to, keeps my expensive power hungry equipment running. - had a few short frequent power outages during this weeks snow storm in the northeast, this thing kept my pc going. - quiet

Cons: none

Overall Review: After making a $5k upgrade on my pc this Christmas I thought such big investment needed good protection, so I bought this after reading mostly favorable reviews. So far so good.

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Very Satisfied!1/14/2011 4:43:42 PM

Pros: - eSATA + USB port - sturdy construction - metal shell keeps hd temp down, fan quickly cools the shell - power switch for fan - looks cool

Cons: - noisy fan. good thing it has a switch.

Overall Review: One of my WD 2tb external harddrive died one day or so I believed. I nearly threw it away but instead cracked it open and noticed that one of the capacitors on the power supply board fried and further inspection showed that the "external" harddrive was infact just an internal drive in an enclosure. So I bought one of these for that drive and it still works, saved me the $$$ to buy another external hd, awesome!

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immediately satisfied1/14/2011 4:26:29 PM

Pros: Easy to apply, non conductive, and no cure period, easy to clean off. Works better than Arctic Silver 5 for me.

Cons: none

Overall Review: My thermal paste of choice from now on.

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works great!1/14/2011 4:19:51 PM

Pros: - Quiet - looks slick in my HAF-X case - Pretty blue light

Cons: none.

Overall Review: Just got this to replace the dual-fan that came with my Corsair Dominator ram kit (ball bearing gone bad in 1 yr). Its also bigger and sturdier, lets hope it will last longer than the Dominator fan.

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Best Mice I've used for 3 yrs1/14/2011 3:22:41 PM

Pros: - Solid construction (3 years of heavy use without fail) - Accuracy, still awesome for gaming - 5700 dpi great for high resolution monitors (I use a 30'' IPS) - Profiles stored in mouse - Works great on Razer Mantis pads - Precision Grip - Weights - A fine companion for lan parties

Cons: The wide-load grip started peeling in just a year.

Overall Review: I've spend hundreds on mice over the years from MS, Razer to Logitech, and this is my favorite by far. In fact this is the only device from my old pc that I have not replaced for 3 years and I usually upgrade my pc every year. The G9x may be the only mouse that I will use until it malfunctions, it is a keeper!

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Best 120mm Fan I've used so far1/14/2011 1:50:19 PM

Pros: Ultra Quiet on max rpm. Pushes a lot of air. very low vibration/less noise from your case. Solid construction. no LED I got enough lights in my case already so tyvm.

Cons: As mentioned by other reviewers, these don't work that well with lower than max rpm: they make some rather noticeable clicking noises. They also tend to be less silent if you lay them horizontally pushing air upwards.

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Great card...but becareful!1/3/2011 3:31:32 PM

Pros: -faster than my HD5870, 2GB, Display Port, Great CrossfireX scaling and if configured correctly, great CX in all games.

Cons: I bought 3 of these cards and one of them had heat issues out of the box: the temperature climbed to ~92c under 5 mins with ~90% load, while the other 2 identical cards are ~78c (all 3 idles at 36-38c with gpu250/mem150). Same issue even after I switched its pcie slots or isolated it. Even with its heat issue it worked "fine" because its fan kept the temp from going past 92c, although it becomes noisy as hell at that point. I immediately sent it back for an replacement. So...I urge anyone who buys this or any video cards to check their load temps right out of the box or it may burn up sooner than you hoped.

Overall Review: For configuration software you should definitely check out RadeonPro. If you're running CrossfireX and certain older games don't run as well as a single card try Forcing on a CrossfireX Profile in the Tweaks section before you attempt to disable it all together, doing so fixed my fluctuating framerate problem in Dragon Age and Mass Effect (both using Mass Effect CX profile). Also make sure you enable Triple-buffering (for Direct3D) if you use VSync. If you use a wide gamut monitor like me (Dell U3011), enable "Use Extended Display Identification Data (EDID)" in the color settings of Catalyst Control Center if the over-saturated colors in games bother you so. Enjoy your new card!

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