Six Eggs!!11/3/2011 12:03:18 PM

Pros: Shopping for a 17'' laptop backpack can be a pain. Especially if you need something rugged because you climb towers or do installs for wireless equipment on a daily basis. This product works just like the description says. A pocket for everything makes me feel like Mary Poppins in a good way, I have quick and easy access to whatever I need, the backpack can hold over 20lbs with no problem and even less stress on the user than just about any other backpack out there.

Cons: No way to put in six eggs for a product that deserves it.

Overall Review: Cost effective for what you are buying, not many backpacks are rated to hold 17'' backpacks, when I was reading reviews I was skeptical since my laptop is technically a 17.5'' rated and I was not sure if SwissGear meant anything in the 17'' range. Well i'm here to tell you if you have an 18'' laptop, because the backpack secures the device with the elastic strap you might just make it fit. There is even a compartment for you to store your charger and wireless mouse. If you are in need of a backpack that can hold a laptop you just cant go wrong buying this one! I might even buy this backpack for my kids to take to school. Its that awesome!

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It does the job.11/3/2011 11:20:55 AM

Pros: Setup is EASY. You take them out of the box, plug them into the wall anywhere in your house, check the activity lights (Power/2nd Device/LAN) and its just like running a cable from your upstairs router that is tucked away in a closet down to your main living room without the mess, hassle, or time that is normally necessary.

Cons: Ethernet over power is not very well known, the technology has not been perfected. When I was shopping for my needs I found many mixed reviews, most of which were negative to the product. This made the job harder but I went out on a limb and bought these and tried them in several different buildings to test the reviews about the EoP not working across systems that were wired differently, I only had one time that I could not establish a link and it was not difficult to move the two units to a solution that worked.

Overall Review: Gigabit Ethernet ports are a plus but don't be confused the devices do not run gigabit between each other. Check the product specifications before buying. (Side note, the final solution is currently working like a champ with no downtime over 1 month solid on a very old wiring job. The house is almost 100yrs old and very little of the wiring has been upgraded, my fuse box is an old 30amp fuse system in case anyone has this issue and wanted to know how it worked)

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Cost and Quality come together at NewEgg11/3/2011 11:08:10 AM

Pros: The HDMI Cable performs just as well as the expensive name brand you can buy online or at your local superstore. Big enough cable to get the job done and cost less than the average meal spent at McDonalds.

Cons: None

Overall Review: Free Shipping? It kinda makes you wonder how much NewEgg does to keep customers coming back. I'm sold.

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Nice TV!10/11/2011 7:38:11 AM

Pros: Easy setup, did it on my lunch break from work, still had time to eat. Other reviews stated that you would need a long screwdriver to get the job done but I just used the first one I grabbed with no issues. If you have tools on any level you pretty much should not have to worry about that.

Cons: None so far!

Overall Review: Everything about this tv impressed me. My first look into the HD world of gaming/television and it was nice. It looks like I may be able to fine tune the display settings on an advanced level, and although I have not had the time to do so yet the function is surely going to be used.

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