a few things come up short7/13/2020 7:17:28 PM

Pros: it works.

Cons: BATTERY LIFE. when running on a battery I barely get 2 hours doing just basic stuff. My bios is up to date, and i've read there have been changes that can be done to help the battery life, but just basic computing, i get abysmal battery life. when the fans kick on, they.are.loud. if you want games to run optimally, you have to be plugged in, so turbo mode can kick on

Overall Review: i mostly grabbed this laptop up to run some older emulators, but the fact that i cant run them sped up and for more than an hour running on battery is a bummer. theres probably better out there for the price.

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear Nicholas D, It's unfortunate to hear you're not completely satisfied with your laptop. Please make sure you've closed out any unnecessary applications running in the background for improved performance. You can also try setting your laptop to power saver mode: 1. Open the Control Panel. 2. Click Hardware and Sound. 3. Click Power options or Change power-saving settings. 4. Click the Change Plan link under any of the plans to get the Edit Plan Settings window as shown below. If the issues persist, feel free to contact me if you have any technical or general questions. You can reach me at cl-adrian@asus.com. Your case for reference is N200755299. Thank you for choosing ASUS! Best Regards, Adrian ASUS Customer Loyalty – US Support
Super happy with this monitor11/13/2016 7:37:39 AM

Pros: size is great the curve is nice playing games in ultrawide is a game changer. its hard playing anything that doesnt support it. love that the height can be adjusted just by pushing it down or sliding it up.

Cons: im not a fan of the ports on the back/bottom. the monitor is pretty heavy and kind of hard to move in order to connect cables to the ports. it would be nice if it could swivel left and right, but thats no big deal.

Overall Review: this is my first monitor that has a refresh rate higher than 60. in order to take advantage of that you need a displayport cable(which it comes with but was too short). so i has having the issue where just a displayport cable i was getting a no connection error. it would only be noticed if i had both an hdmi and dp cable plugged in at the same time from my computer to monitor. i went as far as chatting with Acer customer support, but they were clueless and wanted to send someone out to service it. i knew it wasn't that big of deal and asked on reddit. there weren't really any notifications that i had to change the input settings on the monitor itself. went into the input, changed it from hdmi to displayport and boom, beautiful color and 144hz refresh rate. there just needs to be better instructions on how to take advantage of that.

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glad I bought 2!7/4/2016 4:06:42 PM

Pros: These cards are awesome. I didn't need 2. But I wanted 2. I could never afford the best in high school, so almost 10 years after high school I wanted the best of the best (at the time when I bought in February 2016) They run super quiet. More power than what I needed. But like I said, I wanted to spoil myself.

Cons: 3 months after I bought them the 1080s came out. Price has dropped 200 bucks since then.

Overall Review: So 2 days before 4th of July, where I live had a bad storm. The storm shorted out my TV, my PS4 and 1 of my cards, because they were all connected to my TV (in a surge protector). All the products turned on.. Didn't quite fry them, but shorted out anything connected via HDMI. $500 TV , $150 to service the PS4, and then a $680 video card. Took out the fried card that was connected to my TV, and put the 2nd one in its spot and it booted up. Also put the fried card in the second spot and the bios didn't notice it. Thankfully EVGA has me situated to RMA it and I'll be sending it out this week and hopefully get a new on in about 2 weeks time after all said and done. So took the opportunity to get a new 4K TV and tried some games out in 4K. Notice a difference with just 1 card. So can't wait to get my other one back.

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great.6/11/2009 11:35:11 AM

Pros: Rated a 7.5 out of 7.9 on Windows 7. It's my highest rated piece of hardware on my computer.

Cons: I wish I had 2 more to put in my system.

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Thumbs up11/27/2007 3:41:18 PM

Pros: Works. Price.

Cons: None.

Overall Review: That's it really.

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To the people complaining about the 8pin mobo connector!11/27/2007 3:28:51 PM

Pros: I still really like it.

Cons: As I've stated before... none.

Overall Review: The 8 pin connector snaps into two pieces for for a 4pin motherboard connection. I thought I had this problem too but the connector snaps in half if you need it to. Don't worry it's supposed to snap in half.

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I don't know what you people are talking about it's great.11/17/2007 9:21:15 AM

Pros: The card is great. Runs every game I've thrown at it at highest settings. Bioshock, Oblivion, Dark Messiah which I might add crashed my previous computer every time I tried to play it because it needed a beast of requirements to play.

Cons: None. Size isn't an issue in my case. My Tep gage on my fans is on my card and highest reading I've gotten is about 35-38 degrees Celcius which I isn't too terribly hot. So that's not a problem.

Overall Review: I can't wait for my second one. Once I my second one the only con I'm gonna have is I'll be missing a PCIe slot so I can't put a physics card because the card takes up two slots.

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It's great!11/13/2007 4:04:49 PM

Pros: This thing is great! comes with plenty of connectors, they're sleaved in a mesh like netting so wires aren't everywhere. It's quite, powerful, comes with an anti-vibrating pad to put on it when screwing it into the case.

Cons: None!

Overall Review: Where the holes are for the screws to go are in a diffrent spot at each corners. They're not symetrical. I don't know if that's common or not just seemed wierd.

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I need to do my research better11/13/2007 3:50:00 PM

Pros: Does what I need it to for the most part. Good layout.

Cons: Not enough IEEE spots on the board. only room for 1 on the board and I need two more for my card reader. Only 4 SATA spots on the board. might not end up being enough for me. I didn't have anything connect through IED. My GPU takes up two spots. I have no problems with my first one, but I'm going to be getting a second one soon for Crossfire. I'll be missing a PCIe spot once that happens. and It would have been convenient to have that later down the road.

Overall Review: This was included in a brand new from scratch build I did. I didn't even notice or pay attention that there wasn't a spot for a monitor. I was afraid I wasn't going to be able to disable any onboard gprahics in the bios so I could enable my Diamond HD2900XT, because of previous cards I've owned I've had to do that for a couple. But I went for it anyway and plugged my monitor into graphics card and things started up.

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Wish I didn't have only 111/13/2007 3:32:35 PM

Pros: It's nice. SATA. quick.

Cons: Widh I didn't only have 1...

Overall Review: I bought a completely new build. My first build too. Since It's OEM, and the Hard Drive is the only thing it came with, I wisn't sure If I had the connectors. But they came with my PSU. Sometimes it's kind of loud. but it's quite for the most part. Can't wait to get my second one.

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Big!11/10/2007 7:02:02 AM

Pros: This case is huge. I could fit my current mid-Tower in there if I tried. It looks great. I can't wait to test it out. It, along with half my other parts for a new computer got to my house on a Friday. The other half get here on Monday. blehhh. Waiting the whole weekend sucks. Very sturdy with the fold out legs, I'm not afraid it's going to fall over with how big it is.

Cons: From the thigs I've seen right now, the only things I don't like is the USB and firewire piece on the front don't feel sturdy enough. When taking the side panel window off, I feel like I'm going to break it sometimes. I always want to open as a door as if it had hinges, but it doesn't. But that's not really a con.

Overall Review: Once I get everything in the case and up and running and connected I will try and write another review. but as of right now I'm pretty happy with it.

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