Easy install, great performance, questionable reliability9/16/2019 7:07:02 AM

Pros: - Easy to install - Great performance - Relatively inexpensive

Cons: - Failed after 1 week

Overall Review: I was loving this product for the first week that I had it installed in my ASUS Zephyrus G laptop. But then after that week, my laptop suddenly would not POST -- couldn't even enter the BIOS. When I remove the Corsair SSD, it boots no problem. So not only did the drive die, it actually help my laptop hostage until I took it out. Unfortunately I threw away the packaging after that first successful week so I can't return/replace through Newegg -- I'm about to find out how Corsair's manufacturer support is. The drive is worth the gamble for the price but hold on to that packaging in case you get a lemon.

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Be careful if you have a dual-band router9/25/2012 11:16:15 AM

Pros: Easy to set up Noticeably extends effective wireless range Also includes LAN ports to act as a bridge for non-wireless devices.

Cons: Does not repeat 5ghz bands Actually requires that dual-band routers DISABLE the 5ghz band altogether

Overall Review: I'm not sure if my situation was unique, but it was driving me crazy trying to get this to work with my Belkin N600 dual-band router. I had no problem with the fact that the SR300 wouldn't repeat a 5ghz band, but I couldn't get it to connect to my 2.4ghz band, either. Finally, I found on the FAQ on the Amped Wireless website a note that suggested disabling the 5ghz band on the router altogether. This worked, but that's a bummer. Basically, if you have a dual-band router and are counting on that 5ghz band for any devices anywhere in your network, steer clear. This device works great for 2.4ghz networks, but it may require you to completely disable your 5ghz band altogether just to get it working.

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