watch the heat2/4/2016 9:36:20 AM

Pros: -very sleek and stylish. hard to find one that looks this good externally. -as a first build, it's held it's own for quite a while. I slapped it together in May/June 2015, and now in February it still holds its own in terms of outward design. -bays were easy to slide parts into, i have a dvd drive in the top slot and an HDD in the bottom

Cons: -my cables are a clustered hellhole at the bottom -there is no cable management (see prior) -my graphics card (Radeon R9 280x Sapphire) pretty much divides the case in half in terms of air flow -takes a while to get a good fan configuration to make it quiet (i added an additional 120mm aftermarket fan to help) -side panel doesn't dock fans effectively(had to screw them onto the air grate itself instead of the provided holes -no space for expansion (like with an aftermarket CPU fan for instance) -as such, airflow is shoddy at best. be careful with your core temps on the CPU.

Overall Review: -good if you're starting out, bad if you plan to expand -as a barebones computer, it does the job well -as a "this is my baby and it will grow", save yourself trouble and find something at least an inch and a half wider. -as a "i use hellfire as parts", find something else. this case's airflow is literally chopped 3 ways between cable clusters and graphics card.

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