ATI compatibility issue5/3/2012 10:39:32 PM

Pros: Same as everyone else has said. Nice features for the price.

Cons: This board does not seem to like my HIS 6950 ATI GPU. The GPU works just fine in an AMD build with a different brand of motherboard, but with this specific build, the GPU beeps 5 times before the system posts. It does display, and seems to work fine, but upon some research it seems like there is some sort of compatibility issue between some HIS GPUs and ASRock MBs. Deciding whether I should just return the MB at this point.

Overall Review: Originally I had the 6970 bios flashed to the GPU, which worked fine in another build, but this system wouldn't even boot at all with those bios. I flashed back to the 6950 bios and it does boot and display, but those 5 beeps at every boot are very disconcerting.

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear AsRock Customer We sincerely apologize that you having difficulty with mainboard. In some case, 5 beeps come from VGA signal to mainboard that connection issue. For instance, some VGA has 2 display ports (D-SUB and DVI) the monitor has connected to DVI port the mainboard will 5 beeps but if connects to D-Sub port will solved the issue. Please try another display ports and see the symptom still occur. If you have any technical questions or warranty issues in the future please contact us at Thank you AsRock SUPPORT Tech Support Email:
Great while they lasted2/2/2011 8:34:43 PM

Pros: I bought two of these drives to run in a raid 0 set up, and they ran at spec while they ran.

Cons: The array failed after about 2 weeks, so I re-formatted both disks, and re imaged them. They lasted for another week and failed again. After that the drives wouldn't even hold for over 2 hours. I tried running the SSDs in AHCI in a non-raid array, but they still failed after a given amount of time. I am beginning the process of RMA now.

Overall Review: I would advise to stay away from these drives and cough up a little more money for something like the G. Skill drives. I have a 120 GB pheonix pro that has been running 24/7 for half a year without a single hiccup.

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Great product1/4/2011 3:15:34 PM

Pros: Runs as it is supposed to.

Cons: none

Overall Review: I bought 2 of these and put them in RAID 0 for a boot drive and am getting 490MB throughput for both READ and WRITE. I don't know about the longevity of these drives as I haven't had them for long enough yet, but if they don't deliver in the long run I will be back to let everyone know.

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Great product1/4/2011 3:12:31 PM

Pros: Works as it is supposed to. Haven't tested efficiency claims, but it does deliver the power, and is stable.

Cons: None

Overall Review: Don't go with a cheap power supply, I have learned from past mistakes that it is not a place to skimp.

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Great product1/4/2011 3:10:55 PM

Pros: Runs great, at a 20% overclock it runs stable, even with stock cooler.

Cons: None

Overall Review: I can run COD black ops, and Bad company 2 both full graphics on a 1080p monitor at 60fps capped (AMD phenom II 955, 1600Mhz G. Skill ram)

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Great product1/4/2011 3:07:35 PM

Pros: Overclocked easily to 4.0GHz on air and standard voltage.

Cons: None

Overall Review: Runs great.

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Great product1/4/2011 3:06:10 PM

Pros: Overclocked to 1750MHZ with 1T and 9-9-9-30 timings, very impressed

Cons: None

Overall Review: Have put G.Skill Ram in the last 4 builds (for a total of 10 sticks of ram) and have yet to see a bad stick.

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Great product11/18/2010 8:54:03 AM

Pros: So far so good. Speed rating and IOPS for this product are accurate, with a sager np8662 I get ~283MB/s reads and ~271MB/s writes, and boot times are very fast. The price/GB and price/speed for this drive were the best at the time I bought the drive. I do not regret buying this drive as it has saved me considerable wait time already.

Cons: Wish it was bigger, but there seems to be a large price jump from 120GB to 160GB or higher.

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Do not buy this RAM2/6/2008 7:26:48 PM

Pros: It was cheap, and lasted for a couple weeks.

Cons: After intermittent system crashes that got more and more frequent I started testing my system and found that the fault was in the RAM. When I ran memtest-86 v3.4 I found that this RAM couldn't even pass 10% of the test without halting. Errors showed up like crazy when i used memtest, i would not recommend this memory to anyone.

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