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good mouse(on sale for $9) for a back up however...10/24/2018 9:15:44 PM

Pros: was on sale for $9. good for back up only

Cons: - side buttons are already thumb level, making me do some unnecessary actions. i'm playing BO4 and it's making me deploy equipment because i sometimes grip my mouse hard making me press the side buttons - button 4 is placed exactly on my thumb that means button 5 you need to curl your thumb to press it or press it using the middle part of your thumb

Overall Review: - if the side buttons are higher, this would be excellent at sale price point($9) - if this was $50, i would return it

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dead...10/19/2016 9:54:06 AM

Pros: good while it worked

Cons: R.I.P. 09/09/15 - 06/05/16

Overall Review: i will not recommend to a friend.period.

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear Value Customer, We are sorry to learn your experience with our product. Your satisfaction is very important to us. To help serve you better, please kindly contact one of our customer support representatives at Toll-Free number: 1-888-962-3282 Our team member will assist you with replacing the faulty units. Thank you ADATA Web Service
easy install but....6/30/2015 10:21:02 PM

Pros: very easy install on FX-8320. no back plate needed. easier than the Cooler Master Seidon 120V. radiator is low profile so blocking of top case fans

Cons: ONE EGG OFF. doesn't include long screws to install second fan for push pull config. Cooler Master Seidon has included one, good thing i have extra screws

Overall Review: overall very good cooler but i wish the extra screws were included. i used to have a Cooler Master Evo Plus, temps on FX-8320 are lower by 5 deg on average. want to buy again but no extra screws are included.

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make no mistake4/15/2015 9:22:10 PM

Pros: cheap

Cons: as others have said, over all length is 8" but...if you plug both ends then you lose 1" on both ends. so that means you end up with only 6" cable. the only reason i gave one egg off is the price other than that this is useless if you use only one. you might need 2 or 3 more if you need to go back of the motherboard.

Overall Review: must buy another one....

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better than cooler master sedon 120v3/21/2015 3:47:54 PM

Pros: i used a push pull config for this. my G3258 was overclocked at 4.9 and idles at 28c. i bought this from a different site and it didn't come with extra brackets for a second fan. i emailed customer service and they gave a brand new cooler. HOW GREAT WAS THAT! EXCELLENT CUSTOMER SERVICE!

Cons: none

Overall Review: i interchanged my cpu cooler with a cooler master seidon 120v. the seidon idles at 31c, the gamaxx 400 idles at 28c. gaming, seidon @ 75c, gamaxx 400 72c. how can you explain this and i thought liquid cooling was better. just make sure you have headroom on your case as this is large. might take some space off your memory slots.

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very good3/21/2015 3:39:06 PM

Pros: does what is says. quiet and push air efficiently

Cons: not really a con but it is a pwm fan, when it gets hot it really blows air and you will notice the noise. i don't mind the noise as long as it moves air.

Overall Review: bought this for deepcool gammaxx 400 cpu cooler. the cpu cooler is huge and i need a push pull fan so i bought this and it fits nicely since it is low profile. will buy more

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awsum board, BUY IT NOW!3/1/2015 11:56:56 AM

Pros: cheap motherboard that competes with other $100+ motherboards. solid overclocking features. just don't use the OC genie.

Cons: none, nada, zero

Overall Review: i bought a gigabyte h81m ds2v, paired it with a G3258, got only 4.2 stable and it was more expensive than this board. i bought this msi board from an auction site, new, put THE SAME G3258 and i got a stable 4.6! what????yup, i got more juice from this fantastic board than gigabyte. i think i get more from this board so i bought another G3258 AND I GOT A 4.9@1.385v stable!!!!wohooo!!! i can even get 5.0 but my temps in prime95 are going beyond 90c so i had to stop because i'm just using a Deepcool Gammaxx 400. i'm thinking of buying a liquid cooler, no money yet, i'm a budget gamer. i'm playing Titanfall @ high, COD AW @normal, 1360x768 Intel G3258, 4.9 stable, can be 5.0 with liquid cooling MSI H81m P33 EVGA GTX 750 SC 1gb Kingston Hyperx DDR3 1600 8gb Deepcool Gammaxx 400 cooler Raidmax 530w

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second one and absolutely beautiful2/15/2015 12:44:22 PM

Pros: overclock fun fun fun. able to game in high/max settings, titanfall, cod aw, evolve using 29" insignia tx @ 1360x768.

Cons: nada, zero, nothing

Overall Review: i bought this using a combo deal with a gigabyte h81m ds2v but i just got a stable 4.2. i got a new board, msi h81m p33 and i got a stable 4.6@1.375v. using a $20 cooler Raijintek Aidos red. Aida64 69C, idle 29-33C, gaming 47C. hehehe G3258 MSI H81m P33 Gskill Ripjaw 1333, 8gb Asus R9 280x Raidmax Hybrid 2 530w Raijintek Aidos red

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good cooler2/7/2015 3:34:38 PM

Pros: fits my matx. extra bracket to add one more fan.

Cons: not a cooler master plus or evo

Overall Review: i got a combo deal for an intel G3258 and Gigabyte H81, i have a matx case lying around so i need a small cooler that would fit my build. i'm a cooler master fan so when i saw this cooler which looks like a cooler master evo or 212, for $20, why not. on Prime95, max temps @ 63c, idle 30c-36c. gaming @ 43c-47c. though i got another fan to create a push-pull effect. as a side note, the other place holder was sitting on top of one the capacitors, so i had to put the fans vertical. but my matx doesn't have a exhaust on top so i decided to file off to make it thinner and place an electrical tape on top of the capacitor so i can reconfigure the holders to make the fan horizontal. works perfectly. if your case doesn't have a cut out, this cooler has a back plate which means you need to take out the motherboard.

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best budget gaming pc2/7/2015 3:22:06 PM

Pros: price, simple not too complicated. perfect for my matx case that was lying around. bios is excellent. nice layout, USB 3.0. got this thru a combo deal with an Intel G3258.

Cons: easy overclocking options are greyed out and are only available on Z8, Z9 motherboards overclocking needs to done thru bios using trial and error

Overall Review: after so many attempts in getting a stable overclock, thanks to one of the reviewers, chistopher t., i got a stable setting @ 4.1. i may try to go higher. used prime95 for 2 hours using simple and blended, reached 63C temps with a $20 cooler Raijintek Aidos, but i added another 92mm fan to create a push-pull effect. i missed the combo deal with another board that has more OC options but this would fit the bill. used a spare R9 280x, played Battlefield Hardline Beta at high settings using 29" Insignia TV @ 1320x768 res.

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follow up...11/18/2014 9:06:57 AM

Pros: .......

Cons: after a response from MSI to check everything, which i did, i took off everything and started from scratch. BIOS not showing after pressing the OC Genie button still happens. when it shows it will work. sometimes just a simple BIOS change on the north bridge settings from AUTO to DUAL GRAPHICS, no BIOS would show i even changed my monitor cable from PCI to motherboard just to check. i have to reset BIOS everytime.

Overall Review: if your going for SLI or Crossfire, forget about using the USB 3. if your case has a thick cable for the USB 3, it won't work as the graphics card is very close to the USB 3 connection, you can't install a graphics card with a USB 3 cable underneath. you can use the USB 2 connection only.

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card is ok but...11/7/2014 10:25:48 PM

Pros: this can run most latest games med - high at good frame rates, say 35-40. titanfall was at 35 ave., cod advanced warfare at 30 fps using automatic settings

Cons: crossfire was useless. used crossfire on titanfall and advanced warfare, everything starts to lag and stutter. single card was way better

Overall Review: I BOUGHT MY FIRST CARD AT ANOTHER SELLER THEN NEWEGG. FIRST REBATE WAS APPROVED. NEWEGG REBATE WAS DENIED, REASON:REBATE LIMIT REACHED. but it was from another seller!!!!! my set up; A6-7400K MSI A88XM Gaming Gskill Ripjaw 8Gb, PNY 4gb Raidmax 650W MSI R7 260 Crossfire (diabled due to framerate issue)

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear Valued Customer, If you have any questions or concerns regarding the product, please do not hesitate to contact us directly at or at our support number 626-271-1004 m-f 6am to 6pm pst. and we will be more than happy to assist you, thank you. Best Regards, MSI Review Team |
BIOS problems10/29/2014 7:44:17 AM

Pros: good layout.

Cons: everytime i make adjustments to the BIOS and reboot, hitting F2 or DEL to access BIOS again to make sure settings are ok, BIOS won't show anymore. screen is Black/Blank. i have to reset CMOS everytime to access BIOS again. the battery and jumper are covered by the video card, so i have to take it out all the time. in so doing, the PCIE lock broke off because of the many times i have to take it off. support ticket says ask dealer first. REALLY? if you use A-Tuning to check for updates, it will show updates even though you already have the latest versions.

Overall Review: will send this back and maybe stay away for awhile from ASROCK boards.

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear ASRock Customer We sincerely apologize that you having difficulty with mainboard. For the issue, Please load the BIOS default (press F9 in BIOS), save and exit. If you have any technical inquiry or warranty question, please contact us at We will assist you shortly. Thank you ASRock SUPPORT Tech Support Email:
limited OC settings10/13/2014 12:26:48 PM

Pros: pretty solid card. price.

Cons: settings for overclocking is limited especially for the cpu voltage.

Overall Review: i only bought this because of budget constraints. i have a MSI Mpower Z87 SP and it is pretty amazing. so, MSI for sure has quality boards but i need more settings that i can manipulate. if you have some money, spend a little bit more on a board if you're planning to overclock.

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rebadged HD 777010/13/2014 12:20:28 PM

Pros: price if rebate is to be considered

Cons: this is just a remake/rebadge of an older card, the HD 7770. at first when i ran Firestrike to benchmark it, it would identify it as HD 7770 and not an R7 250x. there must be a mistake. then i made some research and Firestrike was right. as compared to GTX 750 SC, i would choose GTX 750 SC as i have it also and plays everything in high settings without the extra power. the "R7 250X" needs a pcie 6 pin power and both are 128 bit.

Overall Review: still fence sitting if i'm going to return it.

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not good9/26/2014 8:59:07 PM

Pros: price

Cons: my son playing world of warcraft at good settings, 44 C temp, really??? it's not even overclocked. my son's case has 5 120mm fans. 39 to 41 C at idle??? i have a a CoolerMaster 212 plus, 33 C at idle or just surfing the net.

Overall Review: i should've spent a little bit and got the CoolerMaster

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fits everything9/16/2014 10:40:33 AM

Pros: roomy for my needs. COOLER MASTER 212 Plus fits barely tho but fits. stylish for my taste nothing fancy but not bland. usb's, audio in front is perfect. it also has a sata input in front also. you won't be disappointed.

Cons: nothing

Overall Review: as a budget gamer, i need something that's not so fancy but looks good. this one fits perfect for my needs and also the hardwares i put in. the COOLER MASTER 212 Plus fits just fine.

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hey, hey, hey!9/16/2014 10:34:32 AM

Pros: this card is amazing. requires no additional power. smaller than i expected, half of what i used to have, in length that is. superclocked!

Cons: none whatsoever, maybe no SLI?

Overall Review: this comes already superclocked. i can play TITANFALL with high settings, the reason why i upgraded. i used to have two GTX280 in SLI but lags when i play. but only one of this blows the two out of the water. i got a good deal for a MSI Z87 MPOWER SP and and Intel G3258. i would say i'm a happy budget gamer.

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very nice, quite9/16/2014 10:27:47 AM

Pros: quite, price. moves a lot of air.

Cons: nothing really

Overall Review: i hope the rebate comes in faster

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good not great12/18/2013 10:09:57 PM

Pros: price

Cons: sound

Overall Review: don't expect it to be in a level such as sony or samsung. refurbished at a good price point, expect it to have a catch. the picture is good, need to make screen adjustments, don't use standard settings. sound is like listening to somebody talking inside a tube far away. i use it for pc and gaming. just hook up an external speaker and full blast it and you're good to go.

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ok card1/2/2013 6:27:38 PM

Pros: it is an OK card. i mean you can play games at medium settings. don't expect anything like a high end video card. the price says it all.

Cons: WEI for graphics= 6.7 = 8800 GTS.

Overall Review: i bought this to replace my old 8800 gts. however, when i ran WEI, the graphics index never changed, 6.7. so i decided to return it and use my old 8800 gts. just save some money and get a more high end card.

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Manufacturer Response:
Hi Stormshadow777, Although the WEI graphics index can be a good indicator of potential bottlenecks, it is generally not a very measure of the actual speed of a graphics card or the actual performance you can expect to gain from it. In this specific instance though, a GT 630 and an 8800 GTS actually are very close in performance in an apples-to-apples comparison in older benchmarks like 3dmark Vantage. This does not tell the whole story, however, because the GT 630 has newer technologies and capabilities that the 8800 will either be much less efficient at running or completely incapable of altogether, such as DirectX 11. In summary, the GT 630 is a great midrange graphics card with nice performance for a nice price, but if you're looking for the kind of monstrous graphics power the 8800 GTS offered in its day, you'll want to get yourself a GTX series card. Feel free to contact me directly at if you need help picking one out. Best, Andrew Fischer Galaxy Product Manager
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good game, slow ship11/23/2011 3:32:06 PM

Pros: got it cheaper than anybody else.

Cons: not really a step up from mw2. i would say it is just modern warfare 2.5. unlike battlefield 3 which has a new engine.

Overall Review: not the game that is a con but the shipping. newegg prides itself with fast ship but small stuff like this they tend to use ups mail innovations. ups drops it off at a usps location and then it stays there for days before usps ships it out. why not use usps directly get it faster? took almost a week to get and i'm located less than 50 miles from newegg shipping location.

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arrgghh...8/18/2011 10:47:40 PM

Pros: 2 hdmi, spdif output...that's it

Cons: right off the bat, 2 hdmi input don't detect any signal. speakers made a crackling sound. no component video as described, so if you're xbox doesn't have hdmi, you're out of luck.

Overall Review: sending it back for replacement, second times a charm? and i thought i got a good deal.

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got it working10/12/2010 10:52:46 PM

Pros: nothing yet but i just want to share how i did it. it is kind of dangerous but it will be your call. i found it on a forum, so, first set your bios to boot on the on-board video. your monitor cable should be plugged in to your on-board video vga. also, your zotac ion should be installed before powering on the machine. power on the machine, when you see the windows xp logo, pull the video card out and put it back in after two seconds. wait for your windows to load then you will see that xp recognized the new hardware and asks for you to browse for the driver. that's it! after installing the driver and software that came with the cd, reboot the machine and set the bios to boot "auto". transfer the monitor cable to your zotac card and boom!

Cons: no drivers included in the cd for the hd audio. had to download from zotac website.

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can't get it to work10/11/2010 11:01:15 PM

Pros: can't really say because i can't get it to work on my dell dimension e310.

Cons: some people was able to get it up and running. i would like to know how. i saw in one forum that he pulled it out and placed it back in while the computer was booting. which i think is dangerous but i did try it but still no go. updated bios, removed ati drivers(i 'm using a pci ati radeon) , upgraded my power supply. no dice. any help?

Overall Review: help!!!!!

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Manufacturer Response:
Hi stormshadow777, Please contact our technical support team and we will be more than happy to help you with installing your new VGA card. You can contact us at or one of our other available methods.
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