Good stuff MSI6/21/2015 8:24:45 AM

Pros: Looks good MSI software not to bad to work with...

Cons: Lost one Egg for lack of fan headers....would like to see a couple of more fan headers throughout the board.

Overall Review: So far, board is running strong with the Athlon X4 860...rig was built for HTPC purposes and is doing fine. Wish the world supply of brown PCB material would go away...

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Lost the lottery11/6/2014 6:13:33 PM

Pros: Aesthetics are sweet....great looking card.

Cons: Seems this one was o/c a bit to much at the factory. Artifacts in everything from SWTOR, BF 3/4, and WoT. These are playable on Ultra with my venerable Dual X 7970. Using 14.9 drivers.....Under-clocked this one to almost nothing...cleared up after I got to 900/1300. Paid for more so it goes back...

Overall Review: Have used Sapphire for many moons. Honestly, this is the second time that a new card had issues (since the late 6000 series). Guess my 7970 will have to do until I get over the 15.00 dollars had to pay to send it back....GRRRR. Oh well....

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NZXT does it again....great value tower!!!10/25/2014 12:46:16 PM

Pros: Great first full tower case. Fit under my son's desk with no problem....lends itself to both water and air cooling with ease. Very sturdy structure... with rear I/O light and fan hub = added value for your dollar.

Cons: Cable grommets (none)....had to buy from NZXT. But at least they do offer them...already knew this though.

Overall Review: Wish it would have been offered in white...

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Good stuff....1/18/2014 4:07:00 PM

Pros: Well....where do I a PC case, in a small town not so long ago, lived a man who only used really, this thing is great. Might not be the "best of the best" when it comes to SSDs, but it is from Kingston, falls into their HyperX category, and is faster than any Hdd i have owned (of course). Difference of night and day between HDD and this small piece of awesomness (huh?)...good stuff Kingston, well done.

Cons: As most say, was not free and there were no unicorns bearing bags of fun candy flying from the package....

Overall Review: Marshmellows and fuzzy....oh...not those thoughts...wish I could have had enough coin to buy the 400 plus GB variety to place many games on.....(curses...unicorns taking my cash).

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Uhhh...say whaaat?12/16/2013 4:51:54 PM

Pros: Ok...I know that the R9 270 is less expensive, and can be oc at a decent rate...but lemme tell you guys that this thing is great...this is my second Gigabyte card for crossfire and it works, plain and simple. AMD needs to tweak their drivers (who doesn't) a hair but they are far improved from the early 7000 series days.

Cons: None so far....everyone cons it for being large, gotta pay attention to Gigabytes website, YouTube reviews, etc. Ordered it on a Thursday night and had to wait until Monday to get it....oh well, the price we pay.

Overall Review: The first Gigabyte product I have owned, always went with Asus and XFX for graphics. Not disappointed at all....was going to go with the 280x but man, the price went from 299 to 400 (seems like overnight). Will wait for the price to stabilize before giving these things up.

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Quality....8/9/2013 9:22:25 AM

Pros: Even though its not overclocked....keeps my son's 3470 cool...with two Corsair SP120s in push/pull temps on average idle at 25C and at load 42C (dependent on load).

Cons: Wish hoses would come in the non-corrugated variety.... and be rubber vs. plastic.

Overall Review: Good for the money spent....

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Verified Owner
Ownership: 1 week to 1 month
Quality....8/9/2013 9:17:14 AM

Pros: Fits in with other components in front of case....sturdy construction and holds my 3.5 card reader well.

Cons: none

Overall Review: none

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Great Product....does what it says8/9/2013 9:14:59 AM

Pros: Splitter has one pin removed from fan header....this allows RPMs to stay constant and not jump around.

Cons: None...

Overall Review: Another winner from Silverstone....I have 3 of these linked to my son's fan controller...this frees up the other headers on the controller for other devices.

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Works for me.....9/17/2012 6:25:09 PM

Pros: Card runs cool Good asthetics, well built

Cons: Price No bridge with card (but they do include a case badge with sticky

Overall Review: Runs at average temps while playing WoT and similar games (for many hours.. :). After updating to latest CCC, no issues noted at this time. Long time Nvidia user, decided to see what AMD is about and so far, not bad. No issues to date with any aspect of card or XFX and will be getting another for Crossfire configuration. HAF 922 Mid (3x 200mm, 1x 140mm, 1x 120mm) AsRock Z75 Pro 3 MoB Corsair X3 8GB CM Silent Pro 850W PSU Intel I5 3470 3.2 Ghz CM Hyper 101 CPU cooler XFX Double D Black Edition FX-777A-ZDB4 Radeon HD 7770 GHz Edition 1GB 128-bit GDDR5 PCI Express 3.0 x16 HDCP Ready CrossFireX Support Video Card x1

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Good PSU8/25/2012 8:04:57 AM

Pros: Good power distribution to all components Runs cool and "silent"...Expect some minor noise...(moving parts and all) Modular cabling feature Fits/looks good in case

Cons: Price (to bad its not free)

Overall Review: First time using CM products in groups..(case, psu, etc) and not disappointed. PSU does what it is supposed to do...provide power and so far has not blown anything out of the case nor have I summoned the blue genie...will last me a couple of builds moving forward. System (as of this post) CM HAF 922 Mid ASROCK Z75 Pro3 MoB Corsair XM3 8GB Ram CM Silent Pro 850W PSU CM H101 CPU Cooler XFX Black Edition Double D 7770 GHZ Edition Intel I5 3470 Ivy Bridge 3.2GHZ CPU

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