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No download links, Customer Service not helpful9/3/2013 7:34:17 AM

Pros: Not sure - never got to download it. 3 stars because I didn't want to ding the game for the bad customer experience.

Cons: I received the activation codes but no links to download the game. I contacted customer support but after several emails they still did not seem to understand the issue. I think maybe better English proficiency needs to be required of the reps. Even after bringing in a supervisor, they recommended that I contact the manufacturer. Really? For a downloaded software-only game? So I asked for a refund.

Overall Review: Great idea, but really, the people I talked to showed several signs that they had NO IDEA what I was talking about: answering questions I didn't ask, giving me nonsensical advice, etc. It was like they were using google translate or something.

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