Good Specs, Affordability/ Cheap Build Quality9/15/2018 10:49:21 PM

Pros: -Great performance for the price -Powerful CPU and GPU -True full bandwidth Thunderbolt 3

Cons: -A limited number of connection ports -Bulky power brick for the charger -Cheap build quality for frame/housing -Bad graphics drivers/network driver support

Overall Review: This is a decent little laptop that I use on a daily basis and frequently take with me back and forth from work to home. It packs a good amount of performance in a 15.6' frame and has run everything I've thrown at it as far as games, multitasking, and general use. I specifically chose this model because it met the specs I was looking for of a high-end i7 processor with a decent integrated GPU while having true thunderbolt III connectivity to use with an eGPU down the road. I never got around to testing that out but may in the future. I would not recommend this over its alternatives which you can find by looking for an i7, dedicated GPU and true thunderbolt III. My biggest complaint is that the frame/housing of the laptop does not seem very sturdy. The bezel around the screen and body both appear to already have had internal plastic tabs wear loose and even break since parts of the housing frequently have to be pressed back together. This usually requires a light amount of pressure until a click is heard. This has also jointly had the effect in what appears to be loosing on the USB ports. I do not use USB devices often or frequently so it is not something from general wear and tear. The same can be said of the HDMI and Display port connections, although they are used more frequently. Another huge detractor is that the left fan burned out within the first month of use and no longer works. This was remedied by the fact I only ever game at home, and my home setup includes a laptop stand with a built-in fan to supplement temps. Additionally, the drivers, it came with the required excessive amounts of adjustment to get the laptop functioning. Initially, the drivers for the Killer-N network card would cause intermittent screen flickering if used while connected to a wireless network. This was fixed by using an alternate generic driver, however, it took hours of research and tinkering. Ultimately it comes down to a "you get what you pay for" situation. I was disappointed that the MSI brand I had heard so much positive about did not live up to its hype. I thought they had a quality product that was affordable with this laptop but it appears to more so be a budget performance catered device that you have to take with a grain of salt. I was able to get everything working but it was not seamless out of the box experience I had hoped for.

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