My PC actually feels faster7/13/2021 9:33:30 AM

Pros: Upgraded from a 3700x which was a great chip and I know it's most likely in my head but my system "feels" faster. Won't get to game on it until this weekend but everything is just... Quicker. Just remember to update your bios before you swap chips.

Cons: None so far.

Overall Review: Excellent for the money

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An excellent product3/5/2021 11:48:09 AM

Pros: this is the third time I use this board to build system. This time I used it as the base for a Minecraft server for my kids. It is wonderful to build on easy simple on the fact that it has an m.2 drive makes it ideal for quick small builds. I have yet to have any negative outcomes with this board.

Overall Review: An outstanding board with excellent features that can take a wide range of AMD CPUs

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I only use Gskill, now6/13/2020 1:35:40 PM

Pros: Just what it's says on the box Everytime.

Cons: None as of the s review.

Overall Review: I build custom gaming PCs as a side job and I have not had a single issue with any speed of g skill ram or any issue with the g skill series at all. It is now all that I buy.

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So Sexy1/4/2020 5:02:50 PM

Pros: every game i have played in my new build is pegged to ULTRA R7-3700x ROG x570 Viii hero 32gb or Gskill 3600 and this card are amazing

Cons: Have not found any as of this writing

Overall Review: Buy it, love it, live it

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Exceptional card10/26/2019 9:46:14 AM

Pros: First. This card will not work in older computer. I run an i7-3820 on a DX79TO mobo and it is not compatible so I'm building a new system. It is currently in my friends pc and I'm using his old 980ti. It looks amazing. It runs amazingly well and when I get my new AMD build finished I cant wait to drop it in to the new system. Make sure you have a newer system with a fully updated bios. If you get an '0_' and a black screen after boot then enable Uefi and CSM in bios and restart. You may also need to reinstall your OS to update some settings but if that doesnt work you need to build a better box. Excellent card though.

Overall Review: Excellent card

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