DO NOT BUY wrt120n8/14/2011 6:24:53 PM

Pros: Relatively inexpensive router

Cons: Very faulty router! I have been dealing with this router in my home for about a year and I work in a uni bookstore (tech center) that sells these routers. There is a serious issue with these not being able to keep a consistent broadcast due to its inability to dynamically adjust to changing ips. Many people will find that it will die after a few hours at which point you have to reset to possibly get it working again. Upgrading the firmware helps in that it will increase the uptime to about a week as oppose to 6 hours. I have worked with our cable company who have been to my house 11 times. The technician who I trust has told me about this router and how many customers have the same problem. As a tech sales man in our school store, I get calls about this particular model once a week. Cisco/linksys had some incredible routers but these new series of routers must not be bought! Seriously, get anything else...I wouldn't use this router if it was given to me for free.

Overall Review: I would give this zero eggs if I could. I promise you, this router is a head ache. Just read other people's reviews.

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