Almost bought a Surface!9/24/2020 8:12:26 AM

Pros: Have an older Surface pro that I like. Have been drooling over getting a Surface Laptop or Book. Saw this with the great specs and the high res display. Very happy with this choice. Does everything I need with storage and memory rivaling Surface products costing much more. The display is great for colors and crisp easy to read text. The intelligent touch pad is also a nice addon.

Cons: I didn't give it 5 stars due to the bloatware. Although it was minimal at the point a PC with Windows Pro is considered the purchaser is serious and doesn't want unwanted extras. The McAfee is most unwelcome. I don't want to pay for the subscription and try as I may to remove there are still pieces of it doing things I don't want. I could also do without some of the ASUS stuff.

Overall Review: On sale this was a great value. Compact size with a large screen and still has a number pad. It looks awesome. Definitely would recommend.

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Perfect workshop Laptop9/1/2020 7:39:51 AM

Pros: This is a somewhat "hardened" laptop making it a good choice for a dirty environment and it should hold up well to being carried while open and being used as a mobile device. Having Windows 10 Pro was a bonus in this price range. It does everything needed for work order and inventory systems and the display is surprisingly vivid. The wireless and Bluetooth work well and the SSD hard drive is also nice at this price point.

Cons: For this price range this is an awesome choice. Miss not having the web cam for Windows Hello. It is a bit thick and heavy.

Overall Review: For a "Work" Laptop this is a deal. It does the job, very well and it appears that it will be durable and take some light abuse.

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Ownership: less than 1 day
What a dehumidifier deal.8/25/2015 9:03:20 PM

Pros: Got this for a great price. Has a lot of flexibility for drain options, bucket, gravity, and built in pump drain. Easy to use and flexible controls. It is doing a fast job of lowering the humidity in our basement.

Cons: Only disappointment is the country of origin. Would like to see American made.

Overall Review: As usual Newegg had this for a great deal. Delivery! Ordered on Saturday and was at my home on Tuesday. Wow! I did a lot of research before choosing this unit. for the price it can't be beat.

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Sounds great!4/7/2015 4:40:11 PM

Pros: I have two of these. Waiting for a sale to get a third. Sounds great on desk or small room. Mixes-works well with a wired PC and Bluetooth phone at the same time. Pairs easily. Sound is surprising for such a small set and the satellite speakers allow for true stereo sound.

Cons: Wires are thin and can tangle easily. Sound can crack if turned up too high. No tone adjustment. Waiting for another sale new or refurbished.

Overall Review: This is a great set up for small room or office. Works great watching movies or listening to music while still supporting PC sounds.

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WD 1TB Hybrid Drive12/31/2014 5:59:07 PM

Pros: Laptop 7mm (Slim) drive with 1TB capacity. Reasonable price. Western Digital name and warranty. Hybrid drive performance (?).

Cons: This drive is a power hog and it runs hot. I have tried in three different laptops. In an Asus X202E lost 1 to 1.5 hours on battery. When on AC battery charge level does not increase while PC is in use. Yes it is so power hungry the AC adapter barley keeps up. Drive runs 65C to 75C. Perceptual performance is not any better than the HGT 1TB 7200 rpm drive it replaced. Will be going back.

Overall Review: This drive requires the WD Boost program to use the SSD feature. This loads the processor and memory. The Seagate solution is transparent. When Seagate offers a 1TB SSHD in a thin version I will try it. This drive is a disappointment especially for the operating temperature and power consumption.

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Saves the Cable Stuff1/21/2013 7:34:32 PM

Pros: Lets you save the stuff off your set top box-DVR in 1080i format. Picture and sound quality is very good. You can record as you watch, pre-schedule. If you have stuff recorded on a DVR this can save it to your PC.

Cons: Software could be better, especially the conversion options. Have to use the RCA audio. Can't get the Optical to actually record sound.

Overall Review: Works well even over the USB connection. Have WinTV-DCR-2650 on the same PC and both can work at the same time. Editing software is very limited. Does work to transfer stuff to DVD.

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The perfect size1/21/2013 7:24:10 PM

Pros: Perfect size to fit on my TV stand. Sitting next to the center channel speaker. Can use standard power supply, 3 hard drives with a great mounting system, Can take a full size graphics card, even double wide although the fan(s) may be blocked. Quiet, can't hear fans or even the drives. Good cooling. good looks.

Cons: Quality could be better. Cover screw holes don't quite line up, various threads can strip easily. The supplied tie wraps break as you tie them! Which it take a micro-ATX instead of the mini ITX limit. Need some anti-slip cushions on the feet. Slides just by pushing the power button.

Overall Review: The hard drive mounting system is awesome! And room for three. You know an HTPC if used for recording stuff will use a lot of hard drive space. I'm using a raptor system drive and 3TB green for storage. Have room for another 3TB! Have a Blu-ray burner in front.

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Works with FIOS1/21/2013 7:09:34 PM

Pros: It works with FIOS! I set a up a media pc, I3 processor using the on chip video and Windows 8. Had to add the Windows Media center which you can get for free now, Otherwise it is $10 or so for it. Picture quality is stunning. Ability to view/record two shows works very well. The USB connection is very convenient. Also using the HD PVR on this same PC to get the pay per view and other premium stuff off the FIOS DVR.

Cons: Appears not to support any of the premium stuff like HBO, Showtime, etc. Needs the Windows Media center to use it. You need a PC to use this as your TV tuner. File sizes are huge. You need a very fast wireless to stream these files to other PC's. FIOS support had difficulty getting the card to work. You need to rent the cable card to use this.

Overall Review: If I get the rebate I will have this for a really great price. Even without I am very happy with the way this works. There are many choices to get these files onto other PC's or even DVD to play anywhere. If using an HTPC and you don't need the premium stuff this gets you out of the set top box.

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Impressive8/6/2012 2:35:29 PM

Pros: Very fast overall performance. HD tune results do not give this drive credit for perfoamnce in actual usage. Changed the personality of my PC without the cost-limitations of SSD. No Raid, No nosense. Cloned original WD Balck and no problems. No Advanced Foramt issues either.

Cons: Cost is high compared to other mechanical drives and becoming obsolete as SSD come down in price.

Overall Review: Would like to see this available with a hybrid option but so far pleased with the results and simplicity of a straight drive set up. Some day will try the 1TB Raptor if the price comes down.

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Amazing12/22/2011 5:04:41 AM

Pros: The card works. Experimented with all three supproted RAId modes. Completley transparent to OS. Does not suffer speed limitiations of PCI or even PCU express. RAID O doubles speed of any drive pair used. RIAD 1 has been extremely reliable.

Cons: Only has two ports.

Overall Review: Prt multipliers like this seem to an overlooked solution except for external enclosures. This card has surprised me at its simplicity, reliabilty and performance. For a two drive RAID set up seems just as good as many high price alternatives.

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Not all that fast10/17/2011 10:39:56 PM

Pros: Was on sale for $129.99. Great deal. Works as it should. PC does seem to respond faster than the older WD Balck 640s running RAID 1 with Asus Drive Expert.

Cons: Noisey! Can hear it working like mad. Cost/GB.

Overall Review: 1.5TB Black almost as fast except for access time. The performance of those products obsoletes these. Glad I didn't pay $200 for this. Hope this lasts. Missing the security of the mirror Raid. Might need to get another.

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Gee it's BIG!10/9/2011 12:18:51 AM

Pros: It is big, bright, clear. No missing pixels. The price was great. Delivery was super fast. Like the 1920 X 1200 resolution.

Cons: Stand is not adjustable. Would be nice to lower and tilt it.

Overall Review: I still remeber paying like $750 1994 dollars for a 17" CRT. I also remeber when 26" TV was considered huge. Getting this delivered for $239.99 is just awsome. I hope someday higher resolution monitors would become affordable for an even sharper display with these larger monitors.

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Such a deal!9/18/2011 8:23:10 AM

Pros: Crazy fast. HD Tune 150MB/S! 5 year warranty. Large size and great warranty. Trumps all need for Raptor. Super value @$89.99 for a fast drive like this. Working wonderful for media drive.

Cons: It wasn't free!

Overall Review: I used this drive to upgrade WD 1TB Blue that was filling up. That drive also worked great. This one suprised further with the speed. Much faster than my 640 blacks (RAID 1) I used for my OS and programs. Very happy for thei drive at this price. Just hope it doens't fail.

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Very Happy8/22/2011 6:00:53 AM

Pros: Works, Fast, Quiet. Changed the personality of my Aspire Netbook. Succesful Clone usnin WD Acronis. Was a good price on sale.

Cons: Maybe runs hot and might educe battery run time. Not yet noticable to me.

Overall Review: I really wanted the 750Gb drive was not able to get it tosuucesfully clone and have everything work properly in this Netbook. I went with this drive due to sale price and not being Advanced Format. It is just working as it should.

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Nice enclosure.8/12/2011 5:46:08 AM

Pros: Very nicley built. Secure drive mounting. Switch selectable JBOD/Big. Fully integrates into Windows Drive Management. I JBOD can support Windows RAID functions. Was on sale-Outstanding Value.

Cons: Be nice if it had USB or eSata support.

Overall Review: For the cost on sale why buy a single enclosure? This allwed me to uese some older smaller drives. More back ups!

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Clone issues8/12/2011 5:38:48 AM

Pros: Yes its fast, cool, and large. Works very well in a USB enclosure.

Cons: Due to advanced Format does not work properly when cloned, restored form Windows or Acronis back up whatever. I bought this for a future netbook drive upgrade. No matter how I try There are isuues after transferring the image to this drive. Microsoft says do a clean install. The OEM recovery doesn't recognize this disk. Did the upgrade from starter to home premium. Still no good. It boots and runs but many functions do not work.

Overall Review: There needs to be a way to get an image to work properly on these drives. I do not want to buy an OS to do a full clean install and I don;t want to re-install the programs, license keys etc. There has to be a way.

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Wow its big!4/10/2011 7:35:47 AM

Pros: A lot of space. Perfect for backing up my system multiple times, all in one place no RAID or other complexity. Price!

Cons: I needed to download and use the utlility for thier website. Had some difficulty getting it to install. Once past that all is good. P75QC main board.

Overall Review: 3TB for this price and a 7200 rpm also. HD tune does not recognize the full capacity or get the SMART status. I use wndowx backup and now I can let it keep multiple images so I can go back in time if needed.

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Great Value2/13/2011 5:51:52 AM

Pros: Great price for case with power supply. $34.99 at MC. Fairly compact for holding full ATX Board. Lot of space for a small case. Front panel for Audio and USB. I like the blue lighted power button.

Cons: Materials are thin. Be carefull not to strip screws. Drive mounting screw slots easily distort. Did not have enough standoffs for MB. Breakout tabs for expansion slots can not be put back. I don't like clear side windows. Power supply gets warm and fan is noisy. Drive LED is a bit bright. Power Supply seems cheap, thin wires, only one SATA connection.

Overall Review: This is a real nice looking case for a low cost, childs, family room PC or HTPC. Great value with the power supply. You get what you pay for but with care this case will do the job.

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Wow!1/26/2011 6:30:20 AM

Pros: Sounds really good. What an upgrade from the Cerwin Vega Passive sub I had form the 80's.

Cons: Size. it is bag and heavy. But that is why it works so well.

Overall Review: Unusually fast delivery from the Egg again. A price that could not be beat. Wish I got it in cherry wood to match my other speakers.

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Sounds Great for the price.10/23/2010 8:01:30 AM

Pros: Sounds great looks good. Great deal for this price.

Cons: None

Overall Review: Nice sound improvement to go with the new YV.

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I'm impressed!8/11/2010 11:47:45 AM

Pros: Price! 59.99 daily deal. Fast! I have two older 640 blacks and some Seagates and this drive blows them away. My guess is that they have similar guts to the cureent Blacks. Peak at almost 145 mb/s with HD Tune.

Cons: Not 1.5 or 2 TB!

Overall Review: I popped this drive into a drive tray, quick formatted and tested. I could not beleive the read speed. No errors SMART status. This is a great OS or medial drive. Was packed extremely well. Received in 1 business day! I woner if the Balck series really work much better. maybe the 64MB Cache units do. For the price paid this is a real bargain.

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Great Portable Drive8/6/2010 6:45:49 AM

Pros: Works, very well. I like the autorun file to get it started on most system. Works as well as any other USB drive without the size and cluter of a power supply. Made an easy way to get capacity for my older laptop. The large size is also great as a back up device.

Cons: None.

Overall Review: Case feels like it might easily break if dropped. I'll get a soft case to put it in. Great back up solution as it is easily transported away from home. Improtant stuff should be off site in case of fire or something.

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They just work!7/23/2010 6:29:45 AM

Pros: Great OS drive. Thye do work in Raid !. Succesful with Sil3314, 3124, and Asus Drive Expert on P5QC main board. WD Balck has inspired confidence for me.

Cons: None ecxept for price/GB when I purchased them. In real world use do not seem much faster than the Blue 640 these replaced.

Overall Review: I think the major probelm folks have with using these for RAID is keeping them synced during shutdowns. I had this problem running RAID 1 with both PCI based Sil 3114 and 3124 cards. The on board drive expert on the P5 has completley eliminated this issue for both RAID 1 and 0. Two of these in RAID 1 make for a real secure OS set up.

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I like it!7/18/2010 3:08:50 PM

Pros: Low cost. Does what it should. Easy drive insertion and removal. Cooling fan. Trayless design. Works better then expected. Hot swap feature works well on remove and install. Windows 7 is assigning different drive letters foe each drive. Very convineient.

Cons: Not impressed with the self treading screws. However, works fine and feels secure on the Antec case mounting rails. Lights are a bit bright and the power light is on all the time. Not a problem after the case door is closed. Feels like you have to gentle so as not to break it.

Overall Review: I have two of these on two different PCs. No more limitatioon of USB speed or hang ups for external drive enclosures. Going to get more. I didn't buy from New Egg. Was on sale at local store. Would like to see free shipping if combined with other purchase.

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Great exchange service10/4/2009 6:20:04 AM

Pros: Card worked great and provided great performance for an older AGP set up. Very happy. If you want to watch full screen video or DVD on a high resolution large monitor you need a card like this.

Cons: Card failed in less than a year.

Overall Review: Newegg took care of the warranty exchange. Simply fantastic. For the cost of shipping I got a brand new card. Thank you.

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