The colors!5/28/2020 5:57:53 AM

Pros: - Spins - Lights up

Cons: None

Overall Review: Bought this to pair with my Cooler Master Hyper 212 RGB Black Edition, since the fan that comes with the cooler is the same model. Works flawlessly.

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Good replacement for the Hyper 212X5/13/2020 3:46:04 PM

Pros: - Matte black - RGB! - Extra fan hardware

Cons: - Very tall. Might not fit in some cases.

Overall Review: I recently upgraded to an AM4 socket motherboard, so my Hyper 212X would no longer fit. I decided to get this as a replacement and it worked perfectly. I also decided to get a second fan (Cooler Master MasterFan SF120R) that matches the one it comes with and was pleased to discover that they include all of the hardware needed to mount a second fan with this cooler, including a Y cable so both fans can be powered off the same header.It is a very large cooler, so beware if you have smaller case or one with fans in the case panel.

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A little noisy for my desktop4/16/2020 8:32:41 AM

Pros: Lots of storage for not alot of spend.

Cons: When idle, it makes a soft beep noise as it parks and unparks the heads. Was irritating initially, but you get used to it.

Overall Review: Got these to RAID them together in a RAID 10, but my motherboard's RAID controller can't do RAID AND regular disks. So, I put these together in a Parity Storage Space under Windows 10. Write speed tanks when using Parity Space but it's not terrible for what I use it for. I also have a pair of these in a file server for mirrored in Linux and they work flawlessly.

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Great bang for the buck4/16/2020 8:32:12 AM

Pros: - Runs all my games at their high/ultra settings with the lowest frame rates in the mid 30's. - Red LED "Sapphire" lettering on the side for that extra "cool" factor.

Cons: Not really

Overall Review: This replaces my Radeon R9 280. Runs all my games at high or ultra settings with the minimum frame rate in the mid-30's.

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It's RAM4/11/2020 10:24:20 PM

Pros: - 16 GB - DDR4

Cons: None

Overall Review: Compatible with the GIGABYTE X570 AORUS ELITE motherboard

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Ryzen on up!4/11/2020 10:22:47 PM

Pros: Included cooler has built-in LEDs that are manageable by either the motherboard's LED controls or via a USB header to control via software.

Cons: None

Overall Review: It finally became time to replace my aging AMD Phenom II X6 1075T as it had served me well and was able to run just about everything I threw at it. This was the successor I chose to replace it.

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Descent board but RAID is terrible4/11/2020 9:56:16 PM

Pros: - Binking lights! - Plenty of ports, both internal and external

Cons: RAID sucks: The RAID can either do AHCI OR RAID but not both at the same time. I already have a new SSD drive running my OS and wasn't about to swat it out for an M.2 drive, but the RAID controller built in will not allow me to set up an array with only some of the disks and boot others.

Overall Review: The board seems to be designed around using the M.2 slots for your primary drive and the SATA for RAID. This seems to be endemic to the RAID controller Gigabyte uses, as I recall this being the case on a system I built for someone else. Great board, just shoddy RAID implementation. Buyer beware. If you are going to be doing any serious RAID implementation, get a separate, dedicated controller card. Overall, I am happy with the board, just wish the RAID controller had a better implementation.

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