Great Mouse - Under Appreciated9/17/2010 2:54:33 PM

Pros: - Generally Comfortable for a claw grip - Cool color options - Incredible software - fully customizable, can bind keys to any of the buttons except the profile switch button - side-by-side buttons below the mouse are great and easy to access while also covering left click - most buttons click very clean - nice texture where you grip - stores settings in the mouse memory

Cons: - thumb buttons are too high - no button on the right side - profile switch button is hard to access - wheel is to easy to turn, it activates to easy - wheel click is to hard to press - only 7 buttons - a little pricey

Overall Review: This is a very versatile mouse that goes under appreciated by razor and logitech users. I was using a Habu but got this on a whim after my Habu broke. It has some nice color features that are best used to show what profile you are in, but since I bind keys I only need one profile. I'm looking at the new inferno that just came out and I am expecting that to be great too.

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So far so good11/24/2009 9:23:59 AM

Pros: - I built my Win7 system and the board works great. No problems finding anything other than the wireless adapter. Overclocking is easy enough with some research. I have a 4.2ghz OC on my i5. - lots of external USB & USB 3 - Nice having SATA 6

Cons: - I have having issues getting my wireless adapter to install, cant tell if this is a windows issue or if the board is contributing - still uses foxconn socket, very high overclocks may still be affected by socket burn - installing the usb and lan updates from included disc can take some time and also needs about 4 reboots. - only 4 internal USB sockets - I had to manually set a drive letter for my storage drive not on the SATA 3 bus

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Good Stuff11/24/2009 9:18:10 AM

Pros: This stuff overclocks great. I have a 4.2ghz clock on a i5 and this has no trouble keeping up @ standard 1.6 vdimm. I'm gonna try to fine tune the OC and see if I can get the VDIMM down to 1.3-1.4. FurMark and 3DMark06 both run flawlessly. This is a great product for the price. Higher clocking stuff is still much more expensive.

Cons: price keeps rising...

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