Worked for about a week7/27/2017 1:33:57 PM

Pros: Looks nice

Cons: Didn't last long

Overall Review: Ultimately the issue I have is the device came without a retail box. That's not a big deal to me as it worked initially for about a week. I went on vacation and came back to see that it would no longer function. I return the item to have it denied for a refund/replacement. I call and state my case that there was no retail box. The first person sad they'd put it though and made it sound like the return wouldn't be an issue. A few business days go by and no resolution so I call again only to get the same response, different person. Still no resolution I call a few business days later again and this time they state they cannot do anything about without the retail box. Over the last 5 years I've spent 5k to 10k at newegg. Sure I've had to return some items do to malfunctions but this is my word against theirs ultimately. I have no reason to lie about something this petty and they can keep the drive. I'll be taking my business elsewhere.

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My personal favorite8/22/2016 7:40:41 AM

Pros: Great optical sensor (Avago 3320), light weight without feeling Razer cheap, good DPI on the fly location without accidental button presses, and aesthetically nice without looking too gamey. The Xornet II also has software that allows for firmware updates. Within this software you can change the color of the mouse wheel dependent on the DPI used, you can change the button latency as well as the specific DPI associated with the 3 on-the-fly profiles.

Cons: You must plug the mouse into a USB 2.0 port in order for the software to function properly. Especially when performing a firmware update! If you use a USB 3.0 port and perform a firmware update here's what happens. Your mouse-wheel will blink red and the wheel itself will be useless. The software will also ask you to plug in the mouse every time you load said software. Simply unplugging and plugging the mouse back into USB 3.0 port or any other port for that matter will not fix the software asking you to plug the mouse in. Do not worry, you did not brick your mouse. Just plug the mouse into a USB 2.0 port, reboot and load the software again. Continue with the firmware update and everything from here on out will work as intended.

Overall Review: Mice are subjective so whichever one works for you, works for you. I have large hands and can palm a basketball (barely). With that said you'd think this mouse would be too small, but for me it's perfect. I've been PC gaming for a very long time and my recent experience over the last 5 years are these few notable mice... Deathadder of several variations, Xornet original, Logitech G303 (great mouse) and the M65 PRO (too heavy and clunky).

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Strong contender but W7 installers beware8/21/2015 1:12:03 PM

Pros: Great board with overclocking features necessary to get the job done as good as anything else your above average Joe could possible need.

Cons: CHRISTIAN R. is 100% correct with his issues as I experienced this just the same. ASRocks reply to his review that this is not an issue with installing W8/8.1 is also correct and thank goodness I had a copy of that on hand too.

Overall Review: I'd rather have USB 2.0 ports on the back instead of PS/2. Just make sure you plan ahead as this is something that can be easily overlooked.

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All Bios are in Alpha and needs serious attention3/1/2015 7:23:56 AM

Pros: This looks nice and has bolt-on heatsinks. The Soundblaster audio could be very nice.

Cons: Every Bios from F2, F3 and the beta Bios F4e is flaky at best. Forget setting XMP 9 out of 10 times. Don't power it down/put it to sleep either or be prepared to troubleshoot. This is with optimized defaults. After fiddling about for 10+ hours, if you set the PCI-e lane to gen 2 it seems to work well enough as if this were a beta bios. But, the jury is out on this yet. I went back to F3 bios because the beta didn't change anything over the latest "certified" bios. Then there is the realtek audio drivers combined with the Soundblaster driver/software. What a headache. Just when I get things working correctly, I get "does not recognize audio device" garbage. Following the directions per Gigabytes site is correct (install Realtek first, reboot then install Soundblaster software) but that's only half the battle. There are a few settings within windows that you'll have to sort out before this is stable too and not giving you incompatibility messages every time you boot up. Also, 2 fan headers is lousy but I knew this going in. However, I did not see this one coming...the USB 3.0 port on the board is extremely close to the pci-e lane. Now the plug itself pushes on the back of the GPU putting unnecessary stress on the pci-e lane. All of the other Z97 itx boards have their plugs a bit farther away. I'll remember this for next time.

Overall Review: This build is using an i3 4160, GTX 960 G.1, 2 x 4 G.skill 1600 mhz ram and a Seasonic X650 psu. My 2 egg rating is generous and only shows my desire to badly want this board to work. I like what it could ultimately offer if it worked like it should. But as of right now, stay away and if you're considering this board, send me a message. I'm on OCN with the same user name I use to review this board. Feel free to check my experience level on OCN too. I know my way around all of this hardware. You can do this Gigabyte! Put down your smartphone, get off of facebook and get to work. I have faith in you :)

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Cool as a cucumber1/26/2015 6:01:55 PM

Pros: The all-in-one closed/open hybrid loop this great to look at, offers easy expansion into further cooling options and keeps your CPU as cool as the best AIO coolers while looking better doing it.

Cons: The CPU block cracked in shipping. So a quick message to Raijintek on their facebook page, a few short emails and a few days later...I had my new replacement part and I was good to go.

Overall Review: Raijintek is a stand up company that has made an excellent product and stands behind it. Their fast communication and speedy service has won my two thumbs up. I'm a big part of some very high traffic computer forums and when a company makes things right the way they did, I make sure the right people know about it.

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Verified Owner
Ownership: 1 week to 1 month
Nice improvement7/19/2013 9:51:54 AM

Pros: Nice directional sound improvement with its build in EQ. Pro-mode (top left had corner light) provides excellent directional audio especially enemy footsteps. I've had the 2012 model without the EQ and surprisingly, this is quite the upgrade.

Cons: None

Overall Review: I use this on a Xbox 360 mainly playing BF3. I have 10 hours online with this mixamp and love the fact that I can hear sneaky people trying to take my dog-tags. Lots of hate mail claiming I'm cheating. Well done Astro :)

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Almost awesome6/27/2013 4:45:17 AM

Pros: Reasonably sturdy, massive side window, tool-less design, quality power/reset buttons

Cons: Front panel to motherboard cables could definitely be 4-6" longer. I had to move the DVD-RW to the bottom slot and run the cables behind the motherboard in order for them to reach. It's as if you were given enough for a straight shot hook-up with 2" to spare.

Overall Review: Little to no cable management but knew this going in. With a little patience and creativity any case can have great cable management. However, with this gorgeous and massive side panel it's odd regarding the lack of cable routing.

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Decent value but read on6/17/2013 11:28:13 AM

Pros: The Classic White color looks awesome. All other advantages the PS3 has you should already be aware of.

Cons: The "Free" games mentioned on its box are unavailable. PSN cycles their free games monthly so the games on the box are not currently available. Instead, the current games are X-COM, LBP Karting, and Uncharted 3. Once downloaded, the "FREE" games are available as FREE for as long as you have a PSN+ account., regardless if you delete it of the "FREE" game is no longer free.

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Amazing bang for buck5/30/2013 11:31:40 AM

Pros: Voltage unlocked via Sapphire Trixx up to 1.225. Dual bios switch. Rock solid stable 1200/1375 @ 1.225 with a custom fan profile, card hasn't hit 70c yet. 3D Mark 11 performance test at 7900+ graphics score at these clocks. That's just about stock 7950 for half the cost (depending on this cards sale price)

Cons: None.

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Artifacting4/18/2013 9:51:55 AM

Pros: Reference 7970 PCB. Solid build quality like I've never seen on a gpu before. Voltage unlocked. Overclocking monster that'll play with a 7970 at stock all for $100+ less. If you're looking for a 7950 to water it is.

Cons: HOT HOT HOT. First time playing BF3 hit 90C in 10 minutes. I immediately shut it down and started to balance out a fan profile via Afterburner. Stock clocks and voltage (1.250) and a strong but jet engine like fan profile I could keep temps under 70c. Regardless of voltage adjusting and underclocking this beauty artifacts like a Pink Floyd light show around 3 hours of use. It'll do this like clockwork.

Overall Review: It's long and heavy. However, the build quality is so strong the card has zero sag in your case. That's awesome!

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Replace the TIM4/18/2013 9:41:20 AM

Pros: Great build quality and aesthetics. Quiet under heavy load and fan settings below 70%. Plays well with my i5 ivy bridge. @ 1080p Crysis 3 multiplayer HIGH settings with SMAA runs 60fps 99.9% of the time. BF3 ULTRA with MSAA x 2 60 fps 99.9% of the time in 64 player servers.

Cons: Playing BF3 for 5 minutes resulted in temps 75c+ I removed the 4 screws, cleaned off the factory thermal paste and replaced it with IC Diamond 7. Temps dropped to 66c and after break-in I can't get this card over 59c during heavy benchmarking with max fan setting at 66%. Quite and cool now. Just be prepared to replace the paste. It takes a whopping 5 minutes :)

Overall Review: When this card hits the sweet spot on sale, buy it.

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Big and basic3/15/2013 7:02:52 AM

Pros: Simple and effective. One wire from the pump to the cpu fan header and nothing else. Cooling a 3570k at 4.4 running Prime95 for 10 hours and the hottest core hit 71c. Compared to the EVO I was using in push/pull same bios settings hit 87c in 90 minutes.

Cons: Bracket assembly to mount cold plate to the motherboard is very unusual and cheap. 75% of those parts are plastic and flimsy. The Corsair H60 (2013 model) I used a few months ago had much better mounting parts. The back plate sits crooked and bends around components on the back of your board. You also can't orientate the beauty plate like you can on the other corsair models. That means if you want the "CORSAIR" logo to read upright the hoses will come out of the right side of the block.

Overall Review: Using a Corsair Vengeance C70....fits up top only and if you want the hoses off the radiator to run from right to left you'll need to bend a useless bracket a bit. Mounting the radiator with the hoses running left to right required normal installation. The C70 will not accept the radiator in a push/pull configuration. Not enough space between the motherboard and the top of the case. This means you'll want the fans on the inside pulling case air through the radiator and out of the top of the case. With this setup CORSAIR doesn't include screws to mount the radiator to the case. You'll need 8 screws, size 6/32 @ 3/8" in length with washers.

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Quality PSU right here8/20/2012 3:59:33 PM

Pros: Quiet, efficient, modular and a great price if you can catch it at 20% off. This powers an: i5-3570k stock MSI 7870 8 gig ram SSD DVD ROM Plenty to spare with the current mid-range power efficient graphics cards.

Cons: Nothing

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Fan-tastic8/20/2012 3:54:40 PM

Pros: Make no mistake about the overall "egg" rating. This would be a 5 "egg" product if it were not for the rebate issue in the past. It keeps my i5-3570k idle temp at 22C. I'm using the very tiny Fractal Core 1000 case. This runs cooler overall then my previous 2500K and 212+ cooler. Which is suspiciously surprising. I personally like the mounting hardware/setup better on this over the 212+. This is more secure. You can't rotate the heatsink at all once it's mounted.

Cons: Just remember that a 92mm fan that this has will be slightly louder than a standard 120mm per the same RPM. Not an issue since my setting is on level 2. Just FYI :)

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Great card8/20/2012 3:43:44 PM

Pros: After 5 hours of using this excellent card I thought I'd share some real world info on how it performs in BF3 My specs are: i5- 3750k Stock EVGA 660ti Stock 8 gig ram Fractal Core 1000 case (very small) 1080p Played all CQ and all large Vanilla maps 48 player servers across the board. With everything set to Ultra the frame rate average is 60 with a minimum of 49. With everything set to ultra minus motion blur and MSAA off 80+ everywhere all the time. Temps reach up near 77C and Idle around 30C I would seem that a simple GPU overclock would put this at 60+ all Ultra on the maps I've played on so far. This beats the stock 7870 I tested using the same settings by 15+ frames. However, since the 7870 is the MSI version its temps never breached 60C.

Cons: It's a tad hot compared to AMD's 7000 series cards of similar design.

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Great performance/small package3/25/2012 6:50:30 PM

Pros: Excellent performer especially for its small size. Runs just a tad better then the 6950 I had a few months back. Idles at 30C and Played BF3 on High 60+fps at 63C max.

Cons: Had to R.M.A. Strange fuzzy screen after boot up between the bios option and windows logo 100% of the time. Also, locks up after 1 hour of use, sometimes instantly after windows logo. Cooler was loose from the start and the board had a slight warp to it. All errors occurred without touching overclock options.

Overall Review: i5-2500k w/212+ Asrock Z68 Pro3-M Seasonic X650 8gig G.Skill 1600mhz

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Performance per dollar can't be beat3/13/2012 11:05:25 AM

Pros: Excellent frames per second for your money. Overclocks and overvolts excellent. Easily 150mhz core increase. Ran BF3 on ultra 1080p achieving 60+fps average on most maps. Just Cause 2 maxed bench with the overclock puts out 60 fps average too.

Cons: Hot! Runs 95 degrees in the winter. Loud, I game with headphones on I I can still here this card. Power hungry. Probably the worst power consumption to performance ratio out there. Uses 1 8pin and 1 6pin power connector as a heads up.

Overall Review: Benches and performance achieved with an i3-2100, 8 gig ram and Seasonic 650X psu.

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