It's not load at all!2/4/2015 12:42:58 PM

Pros: Plenty of power, well made, love the flat cables, they bend and move anywhere I wanted them to and I think they are much cleaner looking than round cables. Plenty long enough for my bottom mount Antec Twelve Hundred Case. Quiet quiet quiet! Even when the fan spins up the noise level isn't anything that big.

Cons: Other than it's not free I can't think of a single con - I've been building custom PC's for 15 yrs and I don't know what the big fuss is about the fan noise, it's nothing that's off the hook or totally out of the ordinary, I have an Antec 900 High Output that makes more noise than this thing!

Overall Review: I'm running an AsRock Z97 Extreme6 - i5-4690K overclocked - 16 Gigs DDR3 2400 - three SSD in a RAID 0 - WD 1T SataIII HDD - 2 power hungry ATI Radeon R9 270X video cards crossfired - Sound card and multiple big fans - with all that this thing rarely even kicks the fan on! Most of the time it runs without even spinning the fan at all - Five Stars from me!

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Nice Card1/17/2015 3:27:37 PM

Pros: I'm impressed with this video card, I bought this as a refurbished card for a gaming PC build for a Christmas gift. So far it has run flawlessly and runs almost all games on high graphics settings, even runs Call of Duty Advanced Warfare on all but a couple high settings. Quiet and runs cool. I used MSI AfterBurner GPU overclocking software and overclocked the GPU 100Mhz which made a significant difference in performance.

Cons: Seems to use a lot of juice, we built another rig with two of these crossfired and had to bump the power supply up to keep it running without issues, but once they weren't starving for power they ran flawlessly.

Overall Review: Like everyone else has stated these cards are BIG and LONG - measure twice buy once :)

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Very Satisfied1/17/2015 3:07:09 PM

Pros: Lower profile, I have a Cooler Master after market CPU fan and it's big and it sits right close to the memory slots, these fit just underneath it, any taller and they wouldn't fit - Fast, BIOS found them quick and installed as expected, bumped the voltage a little and overclocked them 200Mhz without issue on first attempt.

Cons: No cons, I'm very satisfied with the memory

Overall Review: My MB Asrock Z97 Extreme6 will handle up to 32Gigs of memory, personally I've never seen my memory usage go over 6-7Gigs at any time and I do lots of heavy gaming and video processing, so I'm good with the 16Gig package.

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Worth it!1/5/2012 10:13:09 PM

Pros: Finally able to stream 1080p/dts video from my computer to my tv on the end of the house with absolutely no lag or stutter - its just like I was playing a blue ray disc - I had spent good money on the best 5GHZ dual band wireless routers and still couldnt stop the lag/stutter effect in very high rez movies with dts sound - this did it and it only took a minute to Setup - did everything and more that I wanted it to do.

Cons: No cons at all - I cannot think of a single con.

Overall Review: I wish i'd of seen these before spending all the money on things that didnt work as well.

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Very Happy10/19/2011 9:45:50 AM

Pros: There are a lot of pros to this board, price, layout, Z68 chipset, everything that brought you to read these reviews is a plus on this board. I was able to overclock my i5 2500k up 4700Ghz without too much messing around with BIOS settings and it runs strong and solid. The Intel SRT technology worked fantastic with two SATA II HHD's on a RAID 0 plugged into the SATA II ports and a 64Gb SSD SATA III plugged into one of the SATA III ports. The Virtu software that ties the CPU to video card boosted my HD6850 video card performance substantially. The BIOS gives you what you need and makes it easy to navigate. I updated the BIOS right off without a problem and installation went without a hitch. For what I was trying to achieve this board has done everything I needed and more. I am very pleased with it.

Cons: There are a couple of things I would like to have had but do not warrant deducting and egg because the board is considered a budget board. It would have been nice to have 4 SATA III ports. The manual leaves a lot to be desired although the board itself is labeled very well on all the jumpers, but no where in the manual does it mention how to enter the RAID configuration which for a first timer could be frustrating. Also the info for installing the Virtu software is extremely vague and the technology is new enough that there's not a lot of info on the net, for those wondering follow the manual for BIOS settings then you have go to Intel's website and download and install their "Intel HD Graphics" software which is in their driver download section under "Graphics" then scroll through until you find the "HD Graphics" driver software. Overall I am pleased with its performance and options.

Overall Review: There's a nice review and overclock settings for this board at - search "reviews" for TZ68 and you'll find it. Only setting I changed was disabling the speedstep technology and using the Intel XMP for the memory settings - board runs fast and strong that all I could want.

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Good3/15/2009 6:15:01 PM

Pros: This is about the 4-5th XION case of this model i have bought, they are all good, I always keep in mind what I'm installing before I build, they dont have big monster PSU's but then they are only $59.99 and they tell you exactly what the do have. as far as I know all of the PSU's are still original and running in all the computers. The cases are nice and have decent fans and plugs, I like them because they are "Fairly Light" so they dont weigh a ton after adding all the components.

Cons: This last build the client wanted to add 2 more HDDs after I had already received the case, this was a small problem because the PSU doen't have enough molex or SATA plugs. Just had to add a few "plug-through" plugs and that solved the problem, I would have used a different PSU if I had known in advance, but it worked out.

Overall Review: 4 HDDs SATA DVD-RW SATA PCI Card esata PCI-E Video card with power all in this box and on stock PSU - no problems.

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E0 Goodness3/15/2009 5:58:41 PM

Pros: Everything - Ordered on 03/07/09 along with a bunch of other stuff and was shipped to me from the CA. warehouse and received on the 11th an E0 stepping Q9550 Whoo Hoo! I upgraded from a Q6600 G0 that ran its little heart out out for me, this CPU does the same only better! I have it overclocked and running at 3.8MHz 448FSB with only 1.20VCore just finished an 8hr prime95 with no errors and never went over 59-60c - idles at 33c I am using an Artic Freezer 7 Pro. I could never get the Q6600 to go much more than 3.6 on air and I was always pushing 1.33 - 1.39vcore and always fighting the heat issue. This CPU runs much cooler and with alot less vcore, it'll run 3.6MHz at 1.10vcore without errors...I am Happy :)

Cons: No Cons, None! only point being that after running the Q6600 at 3.6MHz 24-7 there isn't any HUGE noticeble difference. its like going from 4Gbs of RAM to 8Gbs, benchmarks prove the big difference, but with everyday use its not large. That being said I would still buy another one.

Overall Review: Q9550 E0 Biostar TPower I45 G.Skill DDR2 1100MHz Mem 8Gbs (2 x 4) Sapphire HD4870 512Mb Seagate Barracuda 160G x 3 RAID 0 XCLIO GREATPOWER 850w

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All That I Expected2/6/2009 11:28:19 PM

Pros: Very Nice! I also researched this board and a lot of others, I actually bought this one as "Open Box" for $84.00 The only thing it was missing was was the rear I/O cover, everything else was still in plastic along with the chipset cooler all never opened. I was a bit nervous about it but for the money I couldn't go wrong. I'm glad I bought it, I can easily run my Q6600 G0 @ 3.5Ghz / 1.27v on air without even really trying, this thing is very stable. some talk about the limitations of voltage control but it doesn't matter because it overclocks so easy you usually use lesser voltage than with other boards. I can run up 485 FSB prime95 stable, with a Q6600 quad that's flippin awesome!

Cons: None at all except the clear cmos jumper, but that was an easy fix, bought a $2.99 micro slider switch from Radio Shack and wired it up to the 3 prong jumper before I installed my video card, drilled a 3/8 hole in the side of the case and mounted the switch. Now if I need to clear cmos I just unplug power - flip the switch - switch back again and add power back - simple. Otherwise I dont have any cons that worth speaking of. I am very happy with this MotherBoard.

Overall Review: Q6600 G0 Artic Freezer 7 WD 160Gig HDD x3 RAID Stripped 0 Sapphire HD4870 512Mb GSkill DDR2 1100 (PC2 8800) 4 x 2G (8Gigs)

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Very Nice!1/22/2009 10:21:51 PM

Pros: Has all the power I need. The cables are a lot more flexible than some other power supply units I've worked with. Has all the same plugs in a string instead of a string of mixed plugs. Quiet! Extra plugs are modular. Cables are easy to bend and tie down to create a nice neat cable managed system.

Cons: Not much of a con but its not completely modular, it has the basic set of plugs hard wired into it, but any extra plugs can be added modularly, Didn't matter much for me because my set up used all the basic plugs plus a string of sata plugs.

Overall Review: I bought this PSU to make sure that the Sapphire HD4870 Video Card I bought with it had enough juice to run right, it needed two 12v independent rails just for it alone, and this power supply has four 12v independent rails with individual plugs, so I can add another video card later with crossfire if I so choose. I have no regrets, I would buy another if needed.

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Very Nice Card1/6/2009 8:54:54 AM

Pros: This is a very nice card, runs everything that I throw at it without any problems, installed easily, I recommend using a driver cleaner to remove all other ATI drivers if you've had a different model installed before. Runs VERY cool for me, never over 62c and fan rarely kicks into high on auto settings, and when it does it's very quiet for me.

Cons: It's a bit big, but it fit in my medium size ATX case just fine. It doesn't seem to want to overclock past a certain point without artifacts (errors) on testing even using the auto CCC Overdrive overclock settings. But then again it doesn't need to overclock because it'll run everything anyway!

Overall Review: I did buy a good power supply to run it just to make sure it has enough power and just in case I wanted to crossfire it later on, so I made sure I had four 12v PCI-E lanes with individual plugs for another card. I'm glad I bought it.

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