Yep, it's the Microsoft Office Suite3/25/2018 7:45:53 AM

Pros: Always up-to-date All the Microsoft Office Apps I wanted, and some that I may play with, but don't use. Comes with OneDrive cloud storage included.

Cons: It appears that functions are not installed into your computer until the first use. That is my perception, anyway. I haven't actually disconnected from the Internet to see if everything works and to use some function that I haven't already used. I just notice a HUGE pause the first time I use uncommon functions. For instance, the first time I used TIMEVALUE() in Excel, there was about a 30 second delay after I had typed in "TIMEVALUE(" before I was allowed to choose the field to convert and enter the closing ")" . On subsequent use, this did not happen.

Overall Review: I am on the fence regarding whether this will be good enough to pay an annual fee to use. I've been using LibreOffice and purchased this for compatibility with my work environment, specifically Outlook. To me, Outlook is the next best thing to Mozilla Thunderbird, but Thunderbird isn't appropriate for my work environment. So far, I don't see any particular advantage or disadvantage relative to LibreOffice, at least for my uses.

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It may be for gaming, but it's also excellent for touch typing!3/25/2018 7:33:27 AM

Pros: Does not require software to change lighting configuration or record macros. Great for those of us using Linux, BSD or OSX. Aural feedback is not too much, not too little. If you are a touch typist, you soon learn that keys don't need to travel all the way to the bottom of the stroke to register.

Cons: If you are coming from an ergonomic keyboard, the spacing will seem a little cramped until you adapt. This keyboard has the normal layout, so if you are used to wider spacing between your hands, this will seem awkward at first. I switched from a Microsoft Ergonomic 4000 keyboard. It has taken a couple of weeks for the lack of space between my hands to feel correct and to automatically place my hands correctly on the home keys.

Overall Review: USB 3.0 or USB 2.0 port would have been nice for mouse or trackpad, but that's just a personal preference.

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Works natively with Window 10 and also with Linux using exFAT tools2/23/2018 1:10:20 PM

Pros: The exFAT-formatted space is 3.8G. Natively accessible from Windows 10. Read/Write accessible from Linux using exFAT utilities. Box isn't tool large. Box doesn't get warm, at all! Box does not have lights...outstanding!

Cons: Power brick plugs directly into power outlet ... a waste of an outlet if plugged into a power strip or UPS. I can easily purchase a short cable to alleviate this, but why spend more money when WD could have spent a very tiny bit more and separated the plug from the actual brick? I am guessing the box utilizes a USB-to-SATA chip to handle drive-to-PC communications. If you are plugging the box directly into a computer's USB 3 port, expect very good performance in Windows, but mediocre performance in Linux. The fault lies in the Linux kernel UAS (USB Attached SATA) driver. Its performance is not nearly as robust at the UAS driver in Windows 10.

Overall Review: This drive is connected to the household TP-Link Archer C5400 router. It provides a place to backup the household computers, tablets & phones to storage separate from the individual devices being backed up.

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Look, but don't listen2/4/2011 10:04:35 AM

Pros: Big screen. Loud speaker - good volume range. Good backlight intensity range. Mounting ring is very stable, and suction cup works very well on a CLEAN windshield. Touch screen is sensitive enough that a light touch is registered, which is good when it is mounted to the window. Lifetime traffic works well, so far. 8GB flash memory. Ability to correct them map, add points of interest, change speeds.

Cons: (1) Abysmal vocal directions. Here in Houston, TX, the vocal directions are frequently wrong. For instance, saying "exit right, then keep right" when the correct directions are "exit right, then keep left". When there is a left, center & right choice, vocal directions are ALWAYS wrong if the correct answer is to stay in the center lane. (2) Re-routing around traffic congestion sometimes takes one right back to the point of congestion. (3) Although map updates seem to come out quarterly, I can't tell that they are really updated. There are entrance/exit ramp changes from 2 years ago that still have not been corrected on the map. Maybe this is my punishment for paying for lifetime map updates. (4) Changes one makes to the map are lost when the map is updated. (5) Routing is sometimes strange. But, I've figured that out. Aside from the Interstate highways and US highways, TomTom has hit-or-miss speed limit data, so how can it route you correctly? (6) Processor is s-l-o-w.

Overall Review: My first TomTom experience was software loaded to my Windows smart phone. That was 5 years ago, I think. The software was great, and had relatively accurate maps. What a shock this has been. TomTom: If you cannot have at least relatively recent maps, get out of the US market!

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Great Memory8/6/2010 7:06:45 AM

Pros: Gigabyte GA-MX790 motherboard recognized DIMMs at 1066MHz memory with no intervention on my part. Any combination of pairs or DIMMs tests fine using MemTest 86+ and the Win7 memory diagnostic.

Cons: Due to the limitation of the on-chip memory controllers of the Phenom II 985, 4 DIMMs cannot be used at 1066MHz. I knew this before I ordered the 8G kit, but had read "somewhere" on the internet that the 985 was capable of driving 4 DIMMs in 1066MHz mode. This is apparently not true. The system drops back to 800MHz with all 4 DIMMs installed. **THIS IS NOT A PROBLEM WITH THE MEMORY**

Overall Review: I am a bit surprised that G.Skill did not include an EPP for 800MHz on DIMMs that clearly work well at 1066 MHz. This 8G kit was to replace a dual set of pi-series F2-6400CL4D-4GBPI-B DIMMs. I reinstalled the older DIMMs, looked into the BIOS timings screen for memory and recorded all of the EPP settings from the SPD. While I was able to manually set the memory timings and voltage to match the older memory, I could not achieve error-free operation. That's okay. . .I'll split this 8G set between two systems, and revert to the older DIMMs when I actually need 8G system memory.

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Understanding 16GB3/5/2010 12:00:35 PM

Pros: I purchased this on a whim in a retail store. I have not been disappointed. It works fine in my AT&T/HTC Tilt2. Its speed is good enough that applications stored on it load/run quickly, and it's a great place to store music and video.

Cons: I didn't buy it from Newegg. Ouch!

Overall Review: For those of you getting up in arms due to your misunderstanding of capacity: In storage terms, whether hard drive or flash drive, 16GB means 16,000,000,000 bytes. To convert this to the gigabytes that operating systems report, devide the 16,000,000,000 by 1,073,741,824...a "true" gigabyte in computer terms. So, a 16,000,000,000 flash card is, in fact, a 14.9 gigabyte drive, when viewed the way operating systems report such things.

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Great Drive, mediocre controller11/29/2007 3:33:40 PM

Pros: 500GB! Hardware encryption on board, if you choose to use it.

Cons: (1)USB 2.0 interface bandwidth cannot be fully utilized because the controller chip is a SATA-150 controller. (2)Under Linux, access programs to a password-protected or encrypted disk can only be accomplished through wine, but once accessed, it performs as well as in Windows. (3)Even though the case is aluminum, the drive still heats up enough to be uncomfortable to the touch.

Overall Review: During a system backup, the drive when locked up and never came back, even after powering down and rebooting. Not being one to return a disk loaded with personal data, I opened the case and discovered that internally, there is a small card with a TI interface chip and a SATA-150 controller. The drive itself is a 500G SATA-II drive. I used partition/file recovery software to bring most of my files back, and the drive now resides in my computer functioning at its full SATA-II capability. Sadly, I purchased this from a national retailer for about 20% than what I would have paid at Newegg.

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Good surprise10/20/2007 8:06:23 PM

Pros: Stated specs are 5-5-5-15. The specs pulled from the SPID are 4-5-4-15...a little bit better.

Cons: None.

Overall Review: Good, reasonably priced memory.

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Ownership: 1 week to 1 month
Good when you aren't ready to upgrade to PCI-Express10/19/2007 5:13:38 PM

Pros: For the price, this is an excellent motherboard. It allowed me to upgrade my memory and processor to the current state-of-the-art, and still use my $400+ AGP 8x video card. It took about 20 minutes to install the motherboard into its case and add all the other components. It booted up fine on the first try. Both the onboard video and the installed AGP 8x card work seamlessly.

Cons: BIOS manual is terse, at best. Not enough information for some options. There does not appear to be BIOS access to tweak the various timing parameters of the DDR2 memory.

Overall Review: Using Windows XP? Have the VIA Hyperion drivers ready to install on first boot. Using Linux? Use a boot disk and rebuild your system as x86_64. Use the VESA framebuffer driver, and the via (unichrome) driver for xorg-x11. If you are switching from a 32-bit processor to a 64-bit x2 processor, be prepared to be impressed.

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Good, but watch out if you use Linux6/11/2007 8:56:47 PM

Pros: Large capacity (500G) and a 128M read-only partition with software that will run directly from the hybrid drive.Works fine with WindowsXP, and supposedly works fine with Mac OS 9 and OS X.The 128M partition comes up as a CD-Rom drive.

Cons: (1)So far, I have been unable to mount the 500G partition in Linux even after turning off password protection from a WindowsXP system. (2)Purchased in a retail store for $50 more than Newegg price. Ouch!

Overall Review: Running from XP, it's not too shabby of a performer. The drive comes formatted FAT32. If you will not be using this on a Mac, reformat the 500G partition to NTFS to handle larger file sizes. If you are using only on a Mac, reformat with one of the Mac OS extended partition times to allow for file sizes in excess of 2G.

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I luv it! I luv it!2/4/2006 11:24:01 AM

Pros: 640x320 screen resolution. F-Prot antivirus software included at no extra charge. Very good sound from relatively large speaker, and outstanding sound from the included earbuds. AV software included does an outstanding job or rendering music and video. Character input via stylus is SOOOO much easier than on PalmOS-based devices. The phone offers "always-on" e-mail using GPRS or eGPRS.

Cons: System startup is S-L-O-W. This particular model apparently isn't supported in the US. On the Nokia website, you have to go one of the non-Western hemisphere sites for support. Bluetooth is only Bluetooth 1.1. You cannot connect a Bluetooth keyboard.

Overall Review: This is replacing a Treo650 that I dropped into water and killed. I loved my Treo, but I love this even more. The screen is double the size of virtually any PDA out there, and even larger than Nokia's 9300, which is 640x200 resolution. This is "only" a tri-band phone. If you are using Cingular, this might be a problem. However, with subtle hints of changing carriers to the right customer support personnel, all problems can be resolved. The "always-on" mail even works, but one would expect that with an "unlimited" pda data plan.

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Bad module pair12/30/2005 2:10:39 AM

Pros: Fast booting. Good price.

Cons: Could not pass Memtest86Plus test #5 (block moves). This wasn't a single error. 10432 errors were reported from the beginning of memory to around 1956M. The error is in the same bit on each location.

Overall Review: I've already shipped this back to NewEgg for replacement. I'll re-rate the modules after I receive the new pair.

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Not one of Microsoft's better products7/24/2005 11:05:10 AM

Comments: Like anybody who buys the keyboard, I was excited about the fingerprint scanner. What a great way to log into XP. BUT, the included software only works reliably with Internet Explorer, not Mozilla or Firefox. Further, the keyboard and the mouse both feel flimsy. I'm sure it's a powersaving issue, but I noticed that both the mouse and the keyboard show a response lag if either has been inactive for a few minutes. Worst of all is Microsoft saying that the fingerprint scanner is only for convenience, not for security. There are other ways to be lazy...The left button on the mouse also gave out after about 2 weeks. I returned to my Logitech Optical Desktop Pro keyboard and my Trackman FX trackball. It was an interesting, but expensive experiment.

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3/25/2005 3:51:38 PM

Comments: I installed this in conjunction with a Zalman CNPS6000-Cu processor heat sink. Due to the way A-Bit mounted the northbridge chip relative to the processor socket on the AN7 motherboard, this heat sink compresses the last three leaves on the processors heat sink. Still, the temperature of the northbridge is now cooler than it was with the stock A-Bit heatsink/fan combo, and one source of noise was eliminated.

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3/18/2005 9:01:56 PM

Comments: Excellent motherboard. Excellent software from ABit. My only complaint is the lack of a Linux version of the ABit uGuru.

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