Dead after 1 1/2 years5/6/2013 1:45:27 PM

Pros: Lots of connection options Sturdy well built- very heavy = good parts. 650 Watts is good for most standard builds.

Cons: Died after 1 1/2 years of 2-3 days a week use.

Overall Review: Out of the box back in November 2011 I really liked this PS. I have always purchased Antec. I had a Neo 620 years ago that burnt out, so I then replaced with a cheaper Green power and that one is still going in my kids computer (my 1st build) after 4 years. When I purchased this one in November 2011 this was for my Quad Core, and a Radeon 6570, so it was plenty powerful for the build. I'm a little disappointed that my second higher end ($$) Antec has failed me! I just purchased a OCZ 750 and are going to try that route instead! This has a 3 year warranty and I'm now going to deal with that headache and will see what that brings me my supply back.

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Manufacturer Response:
Hi DD, Sorry about this but we'll get you a replacement as fast as we can. Please visit our support page and file a trouble ticket: Once we receive that, we'll have a customer rep contact you for RMA details. Thank you. Justin Antec Support Team
Great Bang for the Buck!5/1/2012 11:12:20 AM

Pros: Fast, great to overclock, low temps! Everything is a plus!

Cons: None found!

Overall Review: Great processor for gaming and video encoding! Great price!

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Good video card upgrade/ for price.2/4/2012 8:17:53 AM

Pros: Works well on my Core i5 computer I just built. Gaming is a pleasure again. I'm finally first to load into multiplayer games! Great price/ preformance ratio!

Cons: Does not support 1366 X 768 natively, (which is an odd resolution, I admit) so I had to buy a new monitor instead of using my HD Vizio TV, that I was on my WinXP machine, oh well ;-p. Not really a CON if you can upgrade!

Overall Review: Don't notice too much difference between DX 10 & 11 yet, guess I need to buy more games and test further!

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Great Monitor2/4/2012 7:50:45 AM

Pros: Great contrast, really sharp images, great response time for gaming! No Dead pixels. Nice stand, goes up and down easily.

Cons: Glossy stand is a bit of a dust & dog hair magnet. I prefer matte finish.

Overall Review: I upgraded as I was having some picture issues with Dead Island and Wow I'm impressed by the quality of this picture with gaming, movies, photos, you name it! This is worth the price, I bought on a Shell Shocker deal and wow what a steal! I would by an Asus product again based on this product.

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Great for old tech!4/30/2009 11:23:52 PM

Pros: Kingston ram is always reliable, IMHO! I brought life to an old Compaq 6023, 1.6ghz Pent 4 {Willamette}, 0784H motherboard that only had 128m originally! Worked great in fact I'm gonna get another for a Max of 2 gig as this motherboard on has 2 slots and ditch the old 128 stick.

Cons: Is it me or is it because this is old tech, seems kinda expensive?

Overall Review: Playing Left 4 Dead on this and a PowerColor X1650 Pro :-p

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Nice gaming mouse.4/30/2009 11:14:43 PM

Pros: Great look and slim design, very comfortable for long gaming sessions. Different DPI settings on the fly, scroll wheel lights up different colors for each DPI setting, no extra software. I like the orange "triple threat" button it acts like a double click button in most things but some games it supposed to be 3 shots, well not in Left 4 Dead?

Cons: I wish that the button on the left {backwards button} was on the right side, like Microsoft multi-button mouses. There is that and the one on top of it are kinda small {thin} and I have normal size hands? Had to learn the color schemes for which DPI settings on the scroll wheel, small learning curve.

Overall Review: There is not red laser in this I thought it was broken at first but it's an invisible laser? No red glow on the bottom, nice!

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Brought life to an old Compaq 6000 series PC.4/30/2009 10:39:54 PM

Pros: Worked out of the box, updated to the lastest Catalyst driver set and better frame rates. Plays Left 4 Dead and other Half-Life Source games on the lower settings. Enough for my son's sake ;-p Works well w/ an old Compaq 6000 series pc with the latest bios [ver 3.04] for the 0784h motherboard. I also upgraded the mem to 2 gigs. Now the bottleneck is the proc! 1.6 willamette P4 on Win XP.

Cons: None for the price and lifespan of AGP?

Overall Review: I've also been dual booting into Windows 7 to test this low end system and it works with the same driver set!

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Too Short3/25/2008 2:00:36 PM

Pros: It's a DVI for the best hookup to a computer! It works!

Cons: Too short to be much good, I did not realize how short 3ft really was till I received it, but that's my bad!

Overall Review: Go for the 6- 10ft one from Link Depot it'll worth the couple of bucks!

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Goodbye CRT!3/25/2008 1:57:44 PM

Pros: I've been hesitant since I have a 21" S*ny CRT and like to game, this 19" does not have much ghosting for an LCD. LG is a leader in LCDs. I'm using a DVI cable so it's a digital picture, very clear. Get this and you will not be sorry, I love mine!

Cons: 60HZ versus the 120hz my CRT had has taken some getting used to {Slight headaches}, after long gaming in CS:S.

Overall Review: Newegg as usual rocks! Make sure you get at least a 6'cable as I made the mistake of getting only a 3' and it's too short.

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