Ultra fast!!6/8/2020 8:32:55 AM

Pros: -My goodness this thing is fast. I have 2 of these installed on my AORUS X570 Master and run like a charm. -Heatsink that comes with it is better than the one from my motherboard.

Cons: -None

Overall Review: -I highly recommend using the heatsink that comes with it. It keeps it cooler than the one from the motherboard you have. Not by that much, but hey every degree counts in my book.

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Use the right drivers!6/8/2020 8:30:59 AM

Pros: -Runs everything I have in ultrahigh without breaking a sweat... -A perfect match for my ASUS ROG Strix XG49VQ 49" Super Ultra-Wide HDR Curved Gaming Monitor.

Cons: -Make sure you download the right drivers. 20.2.2 works perfectly for me.

Overall Review: At first my games were crashing, but I had an old driver installed which was clearly a mistake on my end. After installing 20.2.2, I haven't had a single issue and this thing runs like a charm!

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Do I have even need to write a review?6/8/2020 8:27:08 AM

Pros: -uh... it's a Ryzen 9 3900X?

Cons: -None

Overall Review: -This CPU is an absolute beast, I honestly don't even know what to say... lol

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An absolute pleasure to have...6/8/2020 8:25:44 AM

Pros: -The quality, especially after changing refresh rate to 144hz and enabling FreeSync 2, is out of this world! -Ultrawide screen with gorgeous 4K display. -Very easy install. -Outstanding cable management for graphics card cables.

Cons: -NONE!!

Overall Review: -When installing the stand for the monitor, keep the monitor inside the box. It makes it a lot easier, and then just lift the monitor out of the box with the stand. -I wish it came with a remote control because if you want to mess around with the settings, the button is at the bottom of the monitor and you can't really see it. But this is nowhere near enough to take away an egg. You get use to it after a bit of practice. -

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So far so good!6/8/2020 8:20:49 AM

Pros: -They look fabulous and you can control the lighting with iCue software very easily. -They perform the way they are supposed to. At first they weren't running at 3600 but that's because I didn't enable XMP in BIOS.

Cons: -None whatsoever. I've been a huge fan of Corsair products for 9 years now.

Overall Review: Don't forget the latency is 18 not 16 for these. Know what you are buying before buying it. This is what I needed and so far I've had no issues whatsoever.

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I am sad and disappointed6/8/2020 8:17:29 AM

Pros: -Absolutely gorgeous case. -Huge fan of Corsair products, 70% of my build consist of Corsair products. -Plenty of room for big graphics cards.

Cons: -The reason why I am giving this a 2 star is because 2 of the 3 RGB fans that came with the case do not work. The fans do spin, but the RGB lighting does not work. Only 1 of the 3 fans works completely.

Overall Review: I was very excited when I got the case, as well as my Corsair Vengeance RAM, Corsair PSU, Corsair MP600s, Corsair Keyboard, Corsair Mouse, Corsair Virtuoso... But the fact that I had to order new Corsair SP120 fans because 2 of them don't work made me really sad =(

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Manufacturer Response:
Hi Siavosh, That's indeed unfortunate, but you didn't have to buy new fans. We can help! Please reach out: support.corsair.com -Art
Love it!7/30/2012 10:31:35 PM

Pros: I love G.SKILL!!! They've always made amazing memory modules... This works flawlessly on my ASRock Z68 Extreme3 Gen3! Scores a 7.8 on WEI :)

Cons: none

Overall Review: Don't forget to go into BIOS and change the timing to 10-10-10-30 to get max performance @ 1600 ;)

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Dead On Arrival...7/30/2012 10:27:54 PM

Pros: none

Cons: I was told to never go with EVGA, and I did... so there's a slap in the hand for me. Card came dead on arrival, nothing on screen. Returned it and got a refund. Got me an ATI HD 6950 instead and I'm MORE than happy with it :)

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Manufacturer Response:
Hello, I do apologize if you didn't get any video signal from the card. If you ever have any issues with an EVGA card we are available 24/7 to support you with technical assistance or to setup a replacement (888)-881-3842 Regards, Matthew Hurwitz Assistant Product Manager Matth@evga.com
Amazing!7/30/2012 10:24:44 PM

Pros: This case is absolutely amazing!! The cable management is as easy as it can be, lots of room, love the black interior and the cooling potential is ridiculous!! It fits the Corsair H100 unit FLAWLESSLY!! Please read other thoughts in regards to that...

Cons: none!!

Overall Review: Listen carefully, if you want to do a push/pull configuration on a Corsair H100 unit, DO NOT buy this case!!! You will have enough room for a push/pull configuration!! If you want to be able to do it, then go for the 500R instead because that case was MADE for a push/pull config!! The top of the case can come off and you can add 2 more fans there for the pull ;) Thank you Corsair for making such amazing products!

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Perfection7/30/2012 10:21:19 PM

Pros: There's a reason why this processor destroys EVERYTHING in its path for the price range... What can I say... I overclocked this technological perfection @ 4.5 Ghz WITHOUT BREAKING A SWEAT! I could go much higher since I have the H100 unit by Corsair, but there's really no need to. I'm more than happy with 4.5 Ghz. On idle I'm at high 20s, on full load I'm at high 50s, I never even touch 60 degrees.

Cons: absolutely none

Overall Review: If you buy this processor and you don't overclock it, then you are wasting your money... It's like having a Ferrari, are you really going to drive slow when it has the potential to go fast?? This was BUILT for overclocking so don't hesitate. I HIGHLY recommend the H100 unit by Corsair for cooling ;)

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Flawless Victory!7/30/2012 10:17:13 PM

Pros: I'm gonna keep this simple... I have the H100 unit setup with my 2500K Sandy Bridge processor overclocked @ 4.5Ghz and on idle my temps range from mid to high 20 degrees, and on full load my temps range from mid to high 50 degrees, never touches 60. Absolutely flawless!!

Cons: none

Overall Review: Let me ask you this... why in the HELL would you want to stick with air-cooling when you can just buy this unit, have lower than ever temps, and you NEVER have to maintain it!! Once installed, you are DOOOOOOOOOOONE!!!! THANK YOU CORSAIR!

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Flawless victory!!6/27/2012 10:33:03 AM

Pros: I absolutely LOVE this motherboard! Thank you ASRock for making us such a great product for such a great price! Works like a charm, overclocked my i5-2500K to 4.5ghz fully stable! You can't go wrong with this motherboard take my word for it ;)

Cons: Absolutely none!!

Overall Review: I wish it could blend...

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Amazing laptop!!!7/21/2011 12:28:16 AM

Pros: I honestly didn't know what to expect once I opened the box because the price for a piece of hardware like this is just too good to be true! And when I opened the box, it was even better than I had expected. The keys are smooth and have textured it feels really nice to type. The trackpad works great, and truthfully I don't know what some of these other reviewers are talking about but to me the display is AMAZING!!! It's so clean and smooth and the quad-core processor really does its work. Boot up time is extremely fast and it doesn't run that hot at all unless you like to use it on your bed and just leave it on your blanket...obviously!! The volume is pretty decent considering... and I can play games like Team Fortress 2 without any problems whatsoever!!

Cons: I would've really liked dedicated volume buttons and perhaps a light for the CAPS button but I mean really it's not that necessary... You don't really need a light to tell you whether CAPS is on or not, but it wouldn't hurt neither.

Overall Review: You cannot go wrong for the price. And what made me a little angry is that a couple days after I bought it, they brought the price down even more!! It's 499 now I believe... Gee thanks a lot NEWEGG!!!

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