Outrageously good for the price.3/19/2013 12:02:47 PM

Pros: - GT650M SLI chews most things thrown at it - I can run most games on all high with no issues at all. Some of the more recent games like Planetside 2 require me to tone it down a bit (still gets 40+ fps on high, but I reduce . There are slight micro-stutter issues. - Strong i7 processor. - I like the keyboard. Without any 'pits' there is no chance dust and other ungodly materials could enter under the keys. Nice warm backlit (red). - The laptop feels robust.

Cons: - The 15.6" tag is deceptive. In terms of dimensions of the laptop as a whole, I feel there it can actually carry a 17" screen. There's a thick border all around it. But this is nothing new in the industry. Macbooks and HP laptops have had such borders. So there's a wastage of space on the screen. - Horrendous trackpad. I guess I am lucky to get the 'Synaptics' trackpad. But it still has issues. Nowhere near as bad as the 'Elan' trackpads. It frequently locks up. The physical button will work, but the trackpad will not. Also, the physical buttons are poorly placed. - Although the build feels solid, the thing gets fingerprints ALL over. From the front cover of the laptop, to the palm rests to the border around the screen. If you care about how your laptop looks in a crowded room or to others - then be careful and get a lint-free cloth. - Comes with bloatware. Get CCleaner and get rid of them. - Slow 5400RPM drive.

Overall Review: It's a great laptop. All of the negatives together still doesn't warrant a reduction from 5/5. I'd advise anyone to buy this laptop and later on wait for SSD prices to drop. The 5400RPM drive isn't painfully slow, but it's noticeable.

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