Very good deal2/5/2015 5:37:02 AM

Pros: Large storagecapacity Low price Quiet operation decent warranty Typical newegg fast delivery

Cons: None I can think of..

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Bought a second one8/20/2011 12:34:21 PM

Pros: I have a previous review and that still stands..This ones for my sister in Law

Cons: I have discovered one picky item on the keyboard..The pesky Caps Lock has no led to show if it's on or off..

Overall Review: As to the internal mouse being very sensitive..It is true, but I discovered you can go into windows mouse settings and de-sensitise it..Most onboard mouse(mice) are a pain anyway..

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New Life for old lappy7/26/2011 10:44:57 AM

Pros: Old Dell Inspiron 8600, XP sp3, with A11 BIOS,and M710 processor(1.4GHZ) with the default 2X256 mhz sticks installed ..Purchased one stick (1.024GHZ) and it passed with no errors of, 5passes of Memtest86(v4.2) and 4 passes of Windows Memory Diagnostic software..The computer is much much faster now..I used the one purchased stick(1gb and also used the old 256 mhz stick)..As mentioned above still passed all tests with flying colors..

Cons: Only thing I could mention is that all the previous complaints that complained about slow delivery is true IMHO..Further investigation revealed that New Egg shipped it out fast VIA DHL..It went from NewJersey to Kentucky then to Orlando Florida..It sat there for 5 calendar days including Sat&Sunday and Finally delivered by the US postal service Monday..Since it was 99Cent shipping I guess I deserved that wait..You get what you pay for..

Overall Review: If you buy one stick and use just one or two matched sticks there is no problem ..If you mix sticks like I did it matters which slot you place them..On my computer if you multiply the memory amount verses memtest speed you will get a figure of merit..Example in my case 1.279GHZx 908MB/S = 1161..When the sticks were reversed it was 1.279GHZx780MB/S=997..So placement did matter in my case.. All in all very good memory so far..

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Nice value for $7/16/2011 3:27:14 PM

Pros: Matt finish,bright screen,overall fast computer for a modest priced laptop.. Passmark rates the CPU as better than average laptop speed coupled with3GB memory, DVD works well..Fired up and no issues with Windows7 home 64bit OS. Went online(wifi) with no problem at all.. Thin package but not ultra thin..

Cons: The only thing I would point out that this PC is full of, for lack of a better description,"trial software"..Not just Acer but most all mfgr.'s do it..Spent most of the time removing that add on(trial) software.. Finally: I am not a fan of the shiny screen..I can live with that..

Overall Review: The performance of this computer is comparable to a much higher priced unit.. I would purchase this one again if I needed another.. New Egg shipped it fast as usual and with free shipping..Thumbs up New Egg

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Verified Owner
Ownership: 1 week to 1 month
Excellent Quality heat sink2/7/2011 6:42:43 AM

Pros: This unit is made with very high quality..It is well designed and comes with mounting hardware including TIM material....I purchased this unit to cool my Northbridge on my GA-870A-UD3 motherboard.. The quality is why I gave it 5 eggs.. New Egg as usual gave fast delivery..That alone is worth 5 eggs..

Cons: This con is not for the HS itself but for the lack of detail specifically that the specifications did not reveal the diameter of the mounting push pins..It turns out that the diameter is too small and thus will not work in the above motherboard..Their webpage does give a detail footprint of this device but not push pin diameter. It seem to be one of those un specified areas..It also comes with a small foam square material which will not prevent shorting if the HS is tilted from the two pin mounting design that Gigabyte and others use.

Overall Review: I finally got this installed but it took many modifications..First I had to make a mask of mylar to fit over the seat of the HS and cut out an open area so the Chip itself would make contact to the copper..This was to prevent the copper from shorting the adjacent capacitors next to the Northbridge..Then I had to scrap the push pin idea because as mentioned, they would not fit this board hole diameter..I had to use tiny Nylon Nuts and bolts to fasten the HS to the motherboard..Of course this all had to be done with the motherboard removed from the case..It would have been nice to see somewhere "Compatable with XYZ Motherboards...It was my fault for not questioning the Mfgr. B4 the purchase ..Overall there was some additional cooling but not a dramatic amount. Hope this will help others in their decision..Go to the manufactuer and question them about your specific need..

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Works for me1/17/2011 7:31:27 AM

Pros: Nice Features(Specifications),Low Price... 2 ounce copper used on the board.

Cons: This Board Has numerous knocks about the lack of cooling..In my case the Infamous North bridge temperature ..This appears to be a common problem in modern Motherboards and in this MB, particular attention is required. It needs either air blowing on it directly and or making sure the Heat sink is tight/flat against the chip..Many also included reapplying new TIM.. The FET's also tend to get warm on my unit(approx 55C).Some have included a FET Heat Sink. My drop of one Egg is because GigaByte should have paid more attention to the cooling factor..(in my opinion)

Overall Review: Not all instability and or boot problems can be laid on the doorstep of this Mother Board..AMD it's self should share some of the blame( in my opinion).The Phenom 2 series of processors/chipsets are very very picky about memory and memory clock speeds and brands..You must read the specifications carefully and if you clock over the default 1333Mhz, it is considered over clocking..Many have and got away with it, many did not. All in all not a bad board and with the heavy 2oz copper seems stable after attention is given to the various above points..If you throw it together and have absolutely no problems,you are a lucky individual,and I need to get together with you for some Lottery numbers..

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Works as Advertised1/17/2011 6:20:44 AM

Pros: Low cost for a reasonably fast Hex core processor..I do not plan to do gaming, so I will not need the last ounce of performance but looking at the PassMark reviews shows it to be in the upper range..How fast is fast enough? You have to make your own choice..I will do video rendering so the Hex core will come in handy.. The Black edition is reported to easily over clock if so desired..

Cons: Not sure this is a con but the memory controller is in the CPU and needs to stay cool.. Thus I purchased a large third party Heat sink..The memory choice is somewhat critical, so be very pickey about which memory to use..

Overall Review: Generally it is not advisable to clock the memory above 1333 Mhz apparently due the the onboard Memory controllers..Many have with success.. 1333Mhz is the suggested default on my GA-780A-UD3 motherboard and it works fine there..Stability is more important to me than maximum performance thus no overclocking for me..

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Ownership: 1 month to 1 year
Works fine and flexable Mounting Design1/17/2011 5:53:34 AM

Pros: This thing really cools my AMD Phenom 2 1090t (125W)..I purchased it because of three things.Low cost,Great reviews ,flexible mount..I run about 32 to 34 C but have not done any hard stress testing yet..Fan is whisper quiet too..

Cons: Not really a con, but this thing is Huge and of course has a big thermal mass.. Very sharp thin Fins..They warn you about protection when handling it..

Overall Review: My system has the CoolmasterTO5-UB case,AMDPhenom2 1090t CPU,mounted on a GA-780A--UD3 motherboard..I needed to blow the cooling fan to the rear so that it would work in tandem with the large rear case fan..It can be positioned that way without a problem..One downside on all this type of mounting is that the Northbridge HS does not get a lot of moving air..That's a point to consider..The HS has a sleeve bearing and I would rather had a Double BB but at the rate it spins I may never wear it out..On cold boot, the fan barely spins at all and picks up speed but never above a whisper..You need to use their backplate so you have to install it with the MB out of the case..After it was installed and in the case, I found it prudent to attach a bracket to help remove the weight off the motherboard and back plate..

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Passed Memtest 4.1 (12 passes)1/14/2011 6:42:19 AM

Pros: This kit just passed Memtest 4.1 in a GA-870A-UD3(F4 Bios) motherboard.,The CPU was the AMD 1090t hex processor with a Scythe Mugen2 Heatsink.. The test did last over 20 hours(12 passes) with no errors..Hooray!!

Cons: I had to RMA the first set back to Mushkin as the first kit seemed to have a bad stick..Numerous Memtest errors..Since i purchased mine the price has really dropped..Bad for me Good for you.

Overall Review: I realise that memory is extremely critical and there are many things that can cause it to fail..The only knock is that it cost me an extra 10 bucks to send it back and their support did not have any feedback as to when they received it or to when it would be shipped. New Egg has spoiled me.. However they did get back with a new kit in about 2 weeks total round trip. Read the Rebate fine print on how long it takes..10 to 14 weeks

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Buyer Beware of what you get6/25/2010 5:26:35 AM

Pros: New Egg and Gigabyte both have good reputations.. I have dealt with New Egg for years and years they have always treated me courteously.This was my first Gigabyte product..

Cons: This board has very good specifications and value but Gigabyte has saw fit to retool their manufacturing at great cost and come out with a new version..It went from 1.0 to 2.0..They must have felt it was worth it to do so. When I received the board along with other items I discovered that the board is Rev 1.0. and not the current 2.0..The 2.0 board had physical modifications as well as an updated BIOS..I wanted that board as most of you would..I called New Egg customer service and talked to two service reps and for the most part they said there is nothing they can do about it..I also contacted Gigabyte service and through a series of conversations on line Gigabyte tried to convince me that rev1.0 and 2.0 were essentially the same thing..

Overall Review: This is the most unpleasant experience I ever had with a New Egg product...New Eggs customer service told me they have no control over which version they sell and they cannot do anything about it..To New Eggs grace they did provide me with a RMA to send the board back...I truly appreciate that..But to me this compares to me going into an new car showroom and purchasing a new car only to find out that I got an 2010 model when the 2011 models were out and being sold and the dealer telling me there is no difference and We do not know which model you will get..Shame Shame on both of you..

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Manufacturer Response:
Thank you for your comments. Honest and constructive opinions are always welcome. We apologize for your difficulty with your Gigabyte product. Please contact us at with the case number 2010062803 in the subject line. We will provide personalized service and analysis to help solve your issue as soon as possible. If the matter is urgent, please send us your contact number, and we will contact you ASAP. Gigabyte VIP Support Team
I was a bit doubtful at first10/14/2009 3:47:33 PM

Pros: Very good specifications and an attractive price too..The unit already had a good price and, I used their promo code for a discount..No shipping cost either..I looked a Rosewills reviews and had to really think about it but this unit proved to be everything they said..It came promptly too (thanks New Egg)..

Cons: Not really a con but finding a place to tuck all the unused cables was a bit of a problem to me..In the future I might just go modular..

Overall Review: Like all power supplies I tested the unit Before I committed it to the tower..I used an Antec power supply tester which puts a light load on the supply..I then loaded each main supply voltage with a 100watt 0.5 ohm resistor..Each loaded supply was rock solid and stayed within spec...I varied the routine at high and low line voltages and the power supply kept working like it should..Tried various start/shutdown routines at different line load conditions..No Problems.. The fan was super quiet and I had to put my ear to it to confirm it was actually running..It is in my tower now and hopefully it will run for years..

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Worked Fine!!10/14/2009 3:28:09 PM

Pros: Great overall specifications, and at an attractive price, especially with the rebate.. It came on time(thanks New Egg) in an attractive Box with all the goodies.. Corsair enjoys an excellent reputation for good reason.. Also got my REBATE when they said I would..Hooray!!! Thanks Corsair!!

Cons: The only thing that in my particular case was a bit of a problem was trying to find a spot to tuck all the unused cables..Not actually a con because Corsair wanted to make this unit available for most folks..I am thinking my next supply just might be a modular..

Overall Review: I tested the Unit before I actually installed it in my computer,with an Antec Power supply tester..That unit puts a light load on the supply..Then I loaded it with an 0.5 ohm 100watt resistor on each main supply noting if the tested supply voltage fell out of specs..I tried it at the highest specified line voltage and the lowest specified line.. There were no problems..Rock Solid!! Tried various shutdown and restarts again with no problem..Unit was later installed in the tower and has worked over a month now..

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Verified Owner
Ownership: 1 month to 1 year
Works Great!!7/15/2009 12:00:15 PM

Pros: Can't beat the price and easy to install.. Nice feature is to push the power switch to enable or Disable the drive.. I use it with both a ATA rack and a SATA rack installed in the same computer.. When I switch drives I simply turn off the power on the one I don't want and turn on the power to the drive I want to use..Fan keeps the drive much cooler and that increases the life of the drive..

Cons: Made of thin Plastic and looks like it will not stand much abuse..

Overall Review: I have put in several SATA drives with WindowsXP,and Vista and several Linux distros..Had it amost a year now..

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OK But7/8/2008 11:45:46 AM

Pros: I ordered this mainly for the specifications vs price(Value)..It worked both for XP and Mandriva Linux..This is version 2 PCIx and is backward compatible with my version one Mother Board..The performance is not for extreme gaming but normal desktop use.. It does just that..Very quiet too..

Cons: As others have mentioned the large heat sink takes the adjacent slot so if you need all your slots beware.. The software drivers had a error in my XP device manager, most likely due to the version difference..Tried downloaded software from MSI but still no go for the device manager error.

Overall Review: I have since replaced this card with another PCIx ver 1 card (Nvidia chipset) and the device manager error is now gone.. I hope I live long enough to get the rebate from MSI...(rant) New Egg has been great..

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Ownership: 1 week to 1 month
Works for me6/21/2008 3:19:14 PM

Pros: Hello, I installed this pwr supply in a newly constructed tower..Before I installed it I tested it with a power supply tester and recorded all the voltages..They were correct..It does what the specifications say and also it runs very quiet..Plenty of cable connectors also for my needs..

Cons: No Problem for my system, but I can see that in other circumstances the cable length could be a problem..

Overall Review: Note before the purchase I noted the requirements needed to power the system and made sure each voltage did not get overloaded..The supply has been in use for about a month with off/on usage..

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More than expected9/8/2007 5:41:24 AM

Pros: Easy to set up,Extra software you would normally have to purchase from a third party..For instance,a DVD/CD burner package,DVD player and backup/restore image program..Much more I have not yet investigated.It even has a Wi_FI adapter built in so you can go wireless if you choose..

Cons: The sata hard drive is a bit noisy but not all that bad..

Overall Review: I can think back when I had to shop for hours to find the best price and delivery..Now it's just a click to New-Egg and it's that easy..

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worked in Linux for me7/27/2007 8:39:07 AM

Pros: worked out of the box for kubuntu 7.04 but needed the mad-wifi driver for mandriva 2007.0..Did not use it for adapter used the atheros chipset AR5213.. The adapter is priced right too..

Cons: None I can think of

Overall Review: None I can think of

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