Pretty good, while it works8/30/2013 10:29:28 AM

Pros: Pretty good while it works. I really enjoyed being wire free.

Cons: Manufacturing defect? Poor customer service on Eagle's part.

Overall Review: They're pretty good, not great, but they aren't terrible. Mine lasted only about a month before it would suddenly turn itself off. After closer examination, I noticed the ribbon wire that comes from the right earpiece would not tuck back into the headband or the earpiece when the headphones are unfolded. This resulted in that ribbon wire getting creased when you go to unfold the headphones. I didn't notice this was happening until the ribbon wire on mine was creased to the point of cracking. NewEgg only has a 30 day policy for exchange so I tried to go to EagleTech themselves, who have a 1-year warranty. Except, you have to pay to ship it back to them. Making me pay to send back a DEFECTIVE item is just bad form. I will not be buying any more Eagle items because of this policy. So enjoy being wire-free while it lasts! I just have little faith it'll last very long, and they probably know it.

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